Sandy Guy Wants to Get Caught With a Man

jason priestly 1EOnline – There’s a humpy dude who’s still gorgeous and who used to be on a hit TV show that was often centered around lots of sand, and lots of » Continued

Toothy Tile is Not One of These Guys

zac efron 1EOnline – The hunt’s been on for as long as Angelina Jolie’s been working men—and women. Closeted quasi-hunky movie star Toothy Tile has legions of folks wondering who he is, and he’s become our biggest Blind Vice superstar.

While Toothy’s busy—chatting up fellow not-out gay stars or apparently trying to go straight—we’re gonna help the guessing game along. In more of a, uh, back-door kinda way.

See, we’re going to tell you fab detectives who Toothy isn’t!

Behold our People Who Are Not Toothy Tile gallery! We’ll start updating this more often so you sexy sniffers can see the fellas who most definitely are not the erstwhile closeted T.T. And keep the guesses coming! » Continued

This Actress' Girlfriend Feels Left Out

woman blonde 1CDAN – This B+/A- list closeted television actress from a hit network drama was having drama of her own in the bathroom as her girlfriend was complaining that she felt left out and wanted to meet our actresses friends. Our actress kept her head on a swivel while trying to keep the conversation as quiet as possible. The girlfriend is very, very young and a gorgeous blonde.

Peacock has a Penchant for PVC

latex suit 3BillyMasters – Could it be that a prior peacock has a penchant for PVC? So say several sources who ran into the openly-gay gent at NYC watering hole The Eagle – on rubber night! Yes, our natty Nancy was in full rubber regalia. And he didn’t go home alone. But the first rule of The Eagle is you do not talk about The Eagle. You got that, Jonesy?

He’s More Open Than Ever About Dating Men

nicolas cage 1EOnline – It seems like Lloyd Boy-Toyed is just one example of an über-famous celeb playing the I-dare-you-to-out-me gay dance. We’re bringin’ back » Continued

Why She Hasn't Dated a Man in Months

woman alone 1StarMagazine – Which divorcée hasn’t had a date with a man in months, because she digs the ladies? The housewife introduced her girl as ‘a friend,’ but now that things are over, she’s on the prowl for a new gal to keep her company.

Meet Your EHarmony ManHunt Match Troll

BuzzFoto – This Celebrity couple will soon announce that they are splitting. They will probably try for a little while to pretend the breakup is friendly. It is anything but. Apparently, the male in the relationship has had some troubles. Mostly that involve his many accounts on singles website, both for gay and straight. When his girl found them, he claimed that he was doing it ‘just for fun.’ We think the ‘fun’ he means is when he actually meets some of the people he secretly courts online. Watch for the breakup announce very soon. Not Megan Fox.

New Moon Cast Member Has Two Sides

twilight castEOnline – Good news! Terry Tush-Trade has a sexually uninhibited companion on the Twilight set—and how.

No, not in that way, you dirty-minded A.T. readers (for the record, Terry seems to have calmed down from when we last checked in). What we mean is that another member of the Twilight franchise is getting all kinds of frisky across the gender borders. » Continued

Put on a Fake Smile for One More Year

woman fake smilePopBitch – This Hollywood golden girl is back in the media spinning beautiful stories about the cozy home life that she and her equally famous actor bf enjoy. Bet she doesn’t blab that the pair are contractually bound together for at least one more year. Her paramour’s boy-toy, however, doesn’t like playing second fiddle so this might all not end well.

Dancing The Horizontal Mambo With A Guy

men twoStarMagazine – Which dancing hunk would rather be doing the mambo with a guy? Though publicly straight, he’s been carrying on an affair with a man for years, and he intends to keep it secret.

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