Actor Goes Clubbing In Women’s Clothes

[BuzzFoto] This A list actor (mostly A list in the 90′s) loves dressing up in women’s clothing and having one night stands with men he meets at clubs, but he tells everyone he is most definitely not gay. 570

She Had A Secret Lover

[CDAN] Old Hollywood: This actress had one of the longest careers ever. She starred in what is considered by some to be the best movie ever made. She was also an Academy Award winner/nominee. The thing about our actress is she never got married. She also never really had that many relationships. Maybe one or two that might have happened when the whispers got louder. Oh yes there were whispers about something. Why would I write about something if there were no whispers. It seems that our actress did have a lover. A lifetime lover actually. Not so strange or whisper inducing right? Well, it is if your lover is also your sister.


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Iconic Sex Symbol Ready To Come Out

[NationalEnquirer] Which iconic sci-fi sex symbol with a history of bad relationships has gone lesbian? The once red-hot actress’ life is usually an open book, so it’s no wonder she’s telling friends that she’s ready to come out!

Hollywood Director On Grindr

[PopBitch] Which high-flying Hollywood film director always seems to be on Grindr? He invites men to come on set with him and often leaves with several of them in tow.

Musician Has a Secret Gay Lover

[BuzzFoto] Today, a musician who is known for his wonderful lyrics he writes for his band and for other groups. Guess what? He doesn’t write his own lyrics. His secret-gay-sometimes-lover does. The two are best friends and the real lyricist prefers anonymity, so the relationship works out well for both.

Married Socialite Is Secretly Into Girls

[NewYorkPost] Which polished married female New York socialite is secretly into girls? Her husband doesn’t really seem to mind.

Power Gay Changes Teams When Drinking

[NewYorkPost] Which openly gay power publicist has a habit of picking up women once he’s gotten a few drinks in him? He was just seen last weekend propositioning a hot blonde unbeknownst to his smitten boyfriend.

Attention Hog Wants to Convince You

[NewYorkPost] What attention-starved star has been trying to convince the media she’s finding romance with a hottie who everyone in the business knows is gay?

UhLastic Takes to the Sexy Skies

[EOnline] Must admit: we’ve been pretty worried about one par-tick Vicer lately. See, we adore Crotch Uh-Lastic and his hump-happy ways, but the dude’s been tweaking out of his mind lately. Believe us, we so much preferred dishing on his skanky sexcapades than his dubious mindset.

Which is why we’re très thrilled that CU-L has put the cuckoo crap on hold and is making a sexy splash with his many boy-toys these days. But he’s not into the poolside scene like he once was. No, Crotch has upgraded to… » Continued

She’s Looking For A New Girlfriend

[Downfront2] This famous Rapper/Actress is looking for love since her girlfriend left her. Her girlfriend is becoming a celebrity in her own right with her fitness training.

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