Priscilla’s Ex is Holding a Grudge

EOnline – Who Is Priscilla’s Burnt-Up Ex? Priscilla Desert may have dated more gay men than most gay men have, but she has a few semi-straight ones under her belt.

Ms. P was in a relationship a few years ago with an equally talented and age-appropriate counterpart, but things didn’t exactly end so smoothly.

So are the two cool now? Um, hardly…

While out at a Hollywood party recently, Desert’s ex was hanging with a bevy of beauties.

“Isn’t my friend cute?” one of the babes hanging with the dude asked him. “She looks just like [Priscilla Desert]. People tell her that all the time.” » Continued

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He’s Shopping for a New Beard

BlindGossip – The last one worked out well for him, but he’s ready for a new beard. He’s been meeting with potential candidates for several weeks now. In case you’d like the job, here are his criteria:

  • Female, pretty, age 25-40ish
  • Actress (No musicians or models)
  • Established in your own career (But don’t outshine him)
  • Feminine but athletic (He would like to have a workout buddy)
  • Primary residence in or around Los Angeles (Bonus points if you also have a New York pad)
  • Previous experience as a beard preferred
  • Available to start within the next three months


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King Swings Both Ways

EOnline – Totally lovable (but totally sl*tty) King Schl*ng is a heartbreaker on so many levels, certain Hollywood women are now discovering. Not only has King stepped out on his current super-hot GF (many times), turns out he’s also been rather adept at stepping out on the whole female race!

Here’s what went down just this week:

Schl*ng’s never been any good at keeping that extremely popular salami of his zipped up » Continued

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Three Actors Getting Some Action

BlindGossip – Actor A, Actor B, and Actor C worked on a film together. Actor A and Actor B are well-known, and Actor C is gaining popularity. At least one of these actors is married, and at least one has a young child.

Over the course of filming, Actor A and Actor B developed a very close, trailer-rocking, stress-relieving kind of relationship.

Then Actor A started hanging around with Actor C. Next thing you know » Continued

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Funnyman’s Marriage is a Joke

StarMagazineWhich funnyman’s recent marriage may be one big joke? An insider says he goes on weekly date nights with his boy toy at a trendy NYC bistro. And his man on the side isn’t even a secret — he’s met the family! Guess the new wifey doesn’t care.

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Women in Public but Men in Private

NewYorkPost – Which actor recently linked to a series of starlets has been secretly sleeping with a man?

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The Bisexual Olympic Star

PopBitchWhich still-famous Olympic star is not quite the beloved figure he is often taken for? He has been steadily gaining a reputation over the years for being a gold-standard sleaze, conducting an impressive number of illicit bisexual affairs.

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He Will Cheat With Either Gender

CDANThis B- list actor who deserves to be a D, but for some reason keeps getting roles is married. Good looking guy. Definitely a ladies man and will cheat on his wife in a second. Cheated on her before they got married and has not slowed down. She will not leave him though because she wants fame so bad she will do anything. Wow, this was not actually about his cheating, but about how when he was hitting on guys the other night, he said, he always likes guys when there is not a woman around.

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His Marriage is a Mystery

BlindGossip – We really thought that this successful funny man was done with the whole bearding mishegas. After all, he did get a divorce and has been pretty much living as an openly gay man. So why in the world would he get married again? Well, consider this mystery solved. He is still gay, but he believes he was more successful when people perceived him as a heterosexual man. His next live-action film is scheduled for release in 2012, so we’ll see then if the whole married man act pays off at the box office


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Insomnia Leads Lastic to Women

EOnline – The secret is that Crotch Uh-Lastic is the real badass in the bedroom. Charlie Sheen wishes he had the originality, hotness and stamina this guy has—no three-minute sex for our handsome Crotch!

But there remains a problem with Crotchy, and it isn’t that he’s not getting enough sleep or that he picked up some muscle dude who didn’t exactly sign a confidentiality agreement. » Continued

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