Married Actress Will Be Coming Out

women hugging 3CDAN – Apparently this married, former B list movie actress from some very big movies and still a very strong C is going to come out in the next few weeks. Her new girlfriend is insisting on it.

Emmy-Winning Hunk Goes Both Ways

man two – Which married soap hunk, who has been known to » Continued

These BFFs Might Have Been More Than Friends

jennifer aniston courtney coxBuzzFoto – These Celebrity BFFs are now settled in their lives and careers. Over drinks this last weekend, one of the stars told our source that in the beginning of the friendship, the ladies weren’t sure if their budding friendship was something more. So, to test the waters, the two had a little make-out session, and got the urge out of their systems. After the little romp, the two laughed it off and decided their chemistry was strictly platonic. The two have been good buddies every since. Not Jennifer Aniston.


» Continued

NBA Star Enjoys His Time in Atlanta

basketballMediaTakeOut – Here’s a report sent in by one of’s faithful readers:

Its gay pride weekend in Atlanta right now and Lenox mall has unofficially been turned into a » Continued

Book Author is Actually Straight as an Arrow

books 3VillageVoice – Which married nonfiction book writer who everyone thinks is gay actually isn’t? (In fact, he’s quite the hetero horndog. What’s the world coming to, people?)

One-Named Star Used to Eat Rabbit

playboy bunnyVillageVoice – And this one will surely become the intelligentsia’s favorite for some time to come: What one-named star used to » Continued

Former Womanizing Hunk Switches Teams

mario lopezEOnline – One Tongue-Shoving Blind Vice: Another weekend, another hidden Hollywood homo to uncover! This week we’re offering up a treat from Team Awful—a fabulous bonus Blind too scandalously dee-lish to keep to ourselves! » Continued

Actor Spends Time with Both Genders

three-peopleCDAN – This permanent B list television and film actor and Golden Globe winner/nominee has had a string of normal sexual relationships with the women in his life. It is only when he is » Continued

He Dumped his Boyfriend for Superstardom

star-1EOnline – You all didn’t really think the hetero-Vice streak would continue, did you? Ted may be gone, but unfortunately, the closeting of some of Hollywood’s most famous isn’t going anywhere. Get ready to meet the guy who will have Toothy Tile breathing easy for a while.

Introducing Jackie Bouffant—a name you’d better get used to hearing. He’s one of the most sought-after actors in the world right now. » Continued

Action Star Steps Way Out of the Closet

men-hugging-1CDAN – This would certainly confirm some long term rumors. This bald, male, former A list » Continued

Horsey Girl has a Special Assistant

horse-3VillageVoice – Which slightly horsey yet sexy young actress is a lesbian, gamely accessorized with one of those perennial girlfriend-slash-assistants? What does that say about her boyfriend?

Her Boyfriend was On The Down Low

NYDailyNews – Which D-list relationship recently ended when the gal found out her man’s secret » Continued

It Girl Cares About Lineage and Lines

coc1StyleList – Which it girl with a prominent lineage, famous for her friendship with a gay designer, is infamous for sitting down with that designer and three friends and being offered » Continued

Actress is Making Claims to Boost Her Image

angelina-jolie-2BuzzFoto – Which Fame-Hungry starlet is claiming to be » Continued

Cable Actress Gets Personal with Co-Stars

women-hugging-21CDAN – So, there is a very popular cable television show. One of the stars of that show is probably a B lister just based on longevity in the business, but in reality is probably a C lister. She was in a recent movie with » Continued

This Hollywood Couple has an Open Policy

open-sign-1NewYorkPost – Which unmarried Hollywood couple have an open relationship? He’s been sleeping with a much less attractive actress, but she prefers women anyway.

Reality Girls Kiss and Room Together

women-kissing-1NewYorkPost – Which reality-TV starlets swing both ways? The 20-something co-stars were kissing at a recent getaway and stayed together in a hotel room.

He Invites Men Over for Dress Up Parties

drag-queen-3DailyMirror – Which chart topper used to invite his straight male friends to try on his female housemate’s dresses… then try to snog them?

Singer’s Secrets May be Causing Breakdown

man cryingDownfront2 – This R&B singer is trying to hide his secret. He won’t come out of the closet, and he keeps having breakdowns on stage. He is currently dating a transvestite, but he is still not comfortable with his life.

Two Famous Girls in the Back of a Limo

limousine-hummer-pinkLaineyGossip – Both former “It” girls, both around the same age, both with body issues, both experts at denial, both » Continued

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