He’s Peeking Out Of His Foxhole

anderson cooper

SOLVED! [BlindGossip] Not all celebrities burst out of the closet. Some just peek out to see if it’s OK to tell the truth. Such is the case of this gay news personality. Even though he’s not an atheist, he has reported from plenty of foxholes. On his new show, he will actually [More...]

Ladycake And Mansnacks

sandra bullock 1

[EOnline] Many of you seem to have been shocked, simply shocked, at the girl-on-girl desires of gorgeous Cookie Muncher. She has a thing for satisfying the ladies from time to time, see, and we don't mean by serving them tea. What's the big deal? She's still much more into her [More...]

Everybody’s Whispering About Nick

matthew mcconaughey 2

[EOnline] The sexy-*ss life (and wife) Hard-N*pple Nick set up for himself years ago is getting so complicated lately. As if agreeing that your wife could have her lovers while you have yours could ever be an easy arrangement for very long! Hot, yeah, but, easy? Not anymore. [More...]