Singer Wanted Three

CDAN – This model and C- list female celebrity is telling all her friends that despite appearances to the contrary, her ex boyfriend and current A list singer has no interest in women at all. She also says that he was always suggesting threes*mes with other guys.

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Morgan Only Drinks Clear Liquids

EOnline – Morgan Mayhem Thinks We’re Idiots: What’s a party girl to do when she returns to the scene but isn’t allowed to play like she used to? Hmmm. Poor over-indulged (and over-exposed) Morgan Mayhem is suffering such a dilemma.

But the good news is, she’s back! On the club circuit! Where she belongs!

Problem is, Morgan just can’t lay off the booze—hard as she’s tried. But our girl is making progress, promise. See, to help sorta try and clean up her incredibly filthy act,  M.M. has completely and totally sworn off… » Continued

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Triple Gay Announcement

[BlindGossip] Hold on to your tighty whities, everyone! In what is sure to be the biggest celebrity news item of the year, three of Hollywood’s leading male actors will be coming out of the closet at the same time. » Continued

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TV Star is Cheating on His Girlfriend

CDAN – This host of an A+ network reality show and producer and radio guy was at a club two weeks ago. At the club he started making out with some random woman he had been flirting with. Apparently most people were shocked not that he was cheating on his D list celebrity girlfriend, but that he was actually making out with a woman.


» Continued

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Virile Actor Gets a Job at a Bar

LaineyGossipIt’s not just the super elite actors, the film stars, who need to beard and pretend. Even the lower ranking ones do too. Calling him B List might be a little generous, but he has had his share of magazine covers, is the face of a few shows, and is surprisingly entrepreneurial, with successful projects across several other platforms, all banking on looks and virility. » Continued

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She Really Gets Along With His Mom

Which A-list film actress, who recently split from her handsome actor-beau, is rumored to be having a lesbian affair with a much older woman? The kicker is that the alleged woman is the ex’s mother.

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Cookie Muncher Has a Taste for Lady Parts

EOnline – Last week when we told you King Schl*ng had fooled around with another male celeb for a bit when he was younger, many of you were shocked. Our King is gay?

Just because he diddled a dude once or twice doesn’t mean he’s a homo, folks. As if! Sometimes fooling around with the same sex is a way to pass the time.

Just ask Cookie Muncher. This superstar has everything: a hunky husband, flawless bod, perfect face…and a taste for women. » Continued

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BOGO Girlfriend

CDANThis B- list movie actress who would probably be A if she had any acting talent at all has started looking for a new boyfriend. The thing is since she prefers women it is a little tougher. But, to make things interesting she has offered to throw in her girlfriend too if the guy is willing to pony up and be our actresses boyfriend.

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Lastic Continues Downward Spiral

EOnline – Crotch Uh-Lastic’s Getting Careless: Crotch Uh-Lastic is continuing his downward, totally bizarre spiral.

As if tweaking out in the day and running on zero sleep wasn’t damaging enough to that pretty bod of his, now Crotch is tampering with something we never used to worry about: his career.

Seems those concerned friend’s of his have reason to worry after all…

Recently CUL agreed to make a guest appearance on a friend’s website. Crotch is really quite funny, especially in skits like this. At least he used to be.

A source on the scene dishes that » Continued

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Politician Trolling on Grindr

NewYorkPost – Which politician trolls for encounters on Grindr, a social networking site that connects gay men to other gay men? The lawmaker isn’t even discreet — he uses a profile photo of him self at the gym in a tank, showing off his torso.

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