Crescent Kumquat is Cruising Craigslist

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EOnline - We're clearly not in the match-making business, but if we were, these two closeted stars could totally be a good thing together: Remember Crescent Kumquat and Topher-Hairy Tuchas? Both equally gorgeous studs who have equally big...secrets? If it weren't for their [More...]

Handlers Set Him Up With a Fake Girlfriend

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EOnline - Gorgeous young stud Parrish Maguire is as crafty with publicity as he is shy with his fans. Trust us on this one: He's no tormented Toothy Tile, who can't decide which side of the closet door he wants to be on. Parrish has his feet firmly planted inside his walk-in [More...]

He has Boy Shipped to Los Angeles

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BlindGossip - This A list actor has always dated the most beautiful girls in the world. These girls are his beards. He actually prefers skinny boys. His latest flame is a boy who was involved in a European scandal involving starlets, drugs and high class prostitution. Scandal Boy [More...]

Butter is Betting Big Bucks on Being Gay

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EOnline - Interesting past couple of weeks: Adam Lambert pushes the sexuality envelope by tonguing a guy on national TV, and the world cries yuck. But chicks such as Britney Spears, Madonna and Tila Tequila do the same and everyone thinks it's just so dangerously sexy. Double [More...]