Singer Beat Out Marlon Brando

CDAN – This A list singer who is older than many retired people used to also really want to be an actor. In fact, when he first started taking it seriously, he managed to land a role that was supposed to go to Marlon Brando. Of course Marlon was not willing to sleep with the director like our singer did.

Brock Dabbles with Men in Film and Life

EOnline – Hollywood Hunk Wants to Go Gay! Newbie Vice dude, Brock Rock-Buns, is somewhat of an Awful Truth fixture. His perfectly chiseled bod, impressive hair, and swoon-worthy smile make many of us lust after him, that’s for sure. Brock hit the big time, thanks to his part in a mega successful franchise, and while he has a little Nevis Devine in him (you know, has dabbled with men before but prefers gals), he’s approached those working on his current film to » Continued

Jackie Likes Beards and Poles

EOnline – It really is the new gay to go to sleazy strip clubs, didn’t you know? First, Toothy Tile got into it pretty brazenly. Now Jackie Bouffant—the younger, fresher perkier version of closeted matinee idol Toothy—is pulling that greasy stuff!

And how.

Jackie, who’s so pretty he might be mistaken for » Continued

A Short Gay Affair with a Straight Actor

BuzzFoto – This British actor known for his diverse range of theater, film and television productions made a cult favorite movie in the 80′s that didn’t do so well in the box office. He revealed recently he once had a sordid, “experimental” affair with a straight actor he worked with on that film. It was a short-lived romantic relationship, but the two remain good friends to this day.

He Has a Secret Gay Films Collection

StarMagazine – Which musically-inclined actor secretly enjoys watching gay p*rn? He’s straight — and has dated some of Hollywood’s biggest starlets — but there’s something about watching two guys together that turns him on. As for his long-term girlfriend, she knows about his impressive gay p*rn collection, and she doesn’t mind.

She’s Technically Not Bisexual

BuzzFoto – This actress who can sing, with a sister in the business, just got out of a really intense emotional relationship with another female costar from a movie. She’s technically not bisexual, but she could have been, for her actress costar broke her heart by putting the brakes on their affair.

Gay Singer Divorcing and Coming Out


CDAN – I have written about this couple before, but apparently it is getting to the point where some kind of public announcement is coming. I don’t remember how I described them in the past, but one is an openly gay male singer and the other is also male and a singer and is in a heterosexual marriage. Apparently, now that our married singer has ended his most recent tour, he is going to file divorce proceedings soon. He and the other singer are tired of living in the shadows and want to bring their relationship out in the open.


BG Note: This post is very similar to CDAN’s post titled Secretly Singing Duets, as well as BG’s post titled Leaving Their Spouse and Coming Out. However, we do not know for sure if the three posts are related.

Peter and Horebart Like to Watch

EOnline – Rich Celeb Likes to Watch Boys Man Their Rockets: Never really understood the more voyeuristic side of Hollywood, like Petered Metered, the Hollywood star who lives to watch p*rn or gay boys doing it » Continued

Hook Up at an AMA After Party

CDAN – Last night, these two male, British celebrities hooked up at an AMA after party. No big deal really except for the fact that both are married to women.

Athlete Switches It Up

BlindGossip – This professional athlete, who is based on the coast, is having an affair. What makes this interesting is that the athlete is supposedly very happy in his marriage. And he is cheating on his wife with someone they both know. His teammate. Yes, a man. We actually didn’t know that the athlete had any interest in batting for the other team, so this is totally coming out of left field.

Toothy Finds a Classy New Hangout

EOnline – It’s really gotten to be one of the most vicious, Catch-22 romantic situations in Hollywood: poor Toothy Tile’s love life. Last we heard, Tinseltown’s most notoriously closeted actor last gave his fake-beard ways another whirl—and not in the classiest of ways, either.

Hmmm. Wonder if that chick-patrolling Toothy was up to could be a habit he picked up » Continued

Actor Chooses Stardom Over Boyfriend

CDAN – I don’t know if you will ever get the first person in this blind, but he is a celebrity. He is a gay actor/singer/and bff of one of the biggest A list female singers in the world right now. Anyway, a few years ago our celebrity was involved in a relationship with this A list movie actor. » Continued

Homophobe Channels Bette Midler


BlindGossip – This strait-laced former sitcom actor was at a restaurant/bar with his wife. A fan walked up to him and asked for his autograph. He held up his hand to shush the fan and said, “Shh, we’re listening to this song.” The actor and his wife then held hands and swayed back and forth with their eyes half-closed and sang along with tears spilling down his cheeks. » Continued

One Outing Threatened Two Networks


[BlindGossip] Star A of a popular ensemble television series was tired of living a double life, and was all set to come out of the closet in a very public way.

When they heard about this, Network A saw red, convinced that the disclosure would negatively impact both the cast dynamic and the ratings. They used a research team to analyze the impact the announcement might have on both the star and the show. The results were not good. They pleaded with Star A to stay quiet. Star A refused. » Continued

He is Homophobic and Hypocritical

BuzzFoto – This one is short, but let’s see if you can guess who this openly homophobic reality star is, who was recently discovered to have a large collection of gay p*rn in his home. 422

Wife isn’t Happy About His Wandering

BlindGossip – This former ’80s sitcom star was always very cute and popular and respectable. He married his actress sweetheart, and the couple are two of the straightest and most uber-conservative celebs and parents around. So it pains us to inform you that he’s actually a major closet case. » Continued

Singer’s Boy Toy is Scared

CDAN – This boy toy of an A list female singer is extremely scared his boyfriend will find out he is with the singer.

A Delightful Lesbian

VillageVoice – What young actress filming a remake is a gigantically lesbian person, delightfully enough?

Tinkle Tinkle Little Star

VillageVoice – Which handsome movie star whom a lot of people suspect is gay truly is, and he likes to get tinkled on, by the way?

TV Star Was Thisclose

BlindGossip – A certain female television star was thisclose to coming out last week. She was quite » Continued

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