Tweener Wants to Experiment

CDAN - This former A list tweener actress and now someone we seem to be stuck with for a few more years was recently filming a movie. One of her co-stars is a lesbian and the two started talking about it. At one point our tweener was talking about how it was wrong and blah blah [More...]

Why He Stays In The Closet

man in closet

NationalEnquirer - Which A-List Oscar winner refuses to come out of the closet even though everyone in Hollywood already knows he is gay? The talented thespian says he needs to keep his sexuality a secret to make his straight characters more believable. But his friends say he is [More...]

The Siren and The Sibling

siren 1

BillyMasters - Could it be that a certain siren is sucking up to certain sexpot's sibling? Let's hear Liza try to say that three times fast! Everyone is gabbing about this latest conjunction as if it means something. Honey, not only does he have a famous sister, but he's a [More...]

In The Back of A Limo

women kissing 6

NYPost - Which former supermodel who has a long-term boyfriend was spotted getting hot and heavy with a gorgeous, leggy female blonde in the back of a limo on the way to Atlantic City, causing blushes from the driver who politely "raised the partition"? [More...]

Diagnosed as a Closeted Lesbian

nicole kidman 1

EOnline - So while our fabulously vexed, killer closeted lesbian Butter Pussy has shown she has what it takes to defend herself, now it's her turn to be defended. Though you'll never guess who's sticking up for the megatalented star (who just happens to prefer girls, not boys, in [More...]

Butter Knife Will Cut a B*tch

butter knife 1

EOnline - Before you start feeling too sorry for poor, mixed-up, closeted celeb Butter P*ssy and how the babe's scared coming out will affect her and her loved ones' incomes, listen up. Butter's hardly a saint. Far from it. Sometime ago, Ms. P*ssy, who's really fabulous at [More...]

Singer Beat Out Marlon Brando

marlon brando 1

CDAN - This A list singer who is older than many retired people used to also really want to be an actor. In fact, when he first started taking it seriously, he managed to land a role that was supposed to go to Marlon Brando. Of course Marlon was not willing to sleep with the [More...]