He is Homophobic and Hypocritical

BuzzFoto – This one is short, but let’s see if you can guess who this openly homophobic reality star is, who was recently discovered to have a large collection of gay p*rn in his home. 422

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Wife isn’t Happy About His Wandering

BlindGossip – This former ’80s sitcom star was always very cute and popular and respectable. He married his actress sweetheart, and the couple are two of the straightest and most uber-conservative celebs and parents around. So it pains us to inform you that he’s actually a major closet case. » Continued

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Singer’s Boy Toy is Scared

CDAN – This boy toy of an A list female singer is extremely scared his boyfriend will find out he is with the singer.

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A Delightful Lesbian

VillageVoice – What young actress filming a remake is a gigantically lesbian person, delightfully enough?

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Tinkle Tinkle Little Star

VillageVoice – Which handsome movie star whom a lot of people suspect is gay truly is, and he likes to get tinkled on, by the way?

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TV Star Was Thisclose

BlindGossip – A certain female television star was thisclose to coming out last week. She was quite » Continued

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Judas Goes Hetero Overload

EOnline – Well, screw us with no lube, Judas Jack-Off sure has gotten more ballsy, lately! And we mean that in many dirty ways, trust.

Now, last time we checked in on poor ol’ closeted Judas, he was » Continued

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Breakup on the Set Causes Delay

TheGossipBoy – Which male network star is stalling at committing for another season? It’s not because he wants to try something new. It’s because of the nasty breakup that he and his co-star went through. Not so shocking, right? Did I mention that they are both men?

Not Chace Crawford.

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Crotch is Pushing It to Extremes

EOnlineThere lies a point when the debauched dalliances of our more storied Blind Vice celebs turn from sultry to sad. And it sure is getting that way, fast, for our beloved closeted movie idol, Crotch Uh-Lastic.

Poor Crotch. He used to amuse us all so much, by divining these ultra-elaborate k*nky » Continued

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Kim Z Will Wig Out Over This

CDAN – This one involves a Real Housewife. Kind of. Yeah, that is the big clue. Anyway, this Housewife is working feverishly to try and steal away the girlfriend of Kim Z from RHATL. Apparently our unnamed Housewife thinks it will be great publicity and she does not mind being portrayed as a bisexual if she can make a few bucks off it. Oh, and it is no one in Atlanta or Orange County.

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Toothy Tile Gets Fishy Again

EOnline – Uh, oh. Looks like our handsome, beloved, sexually confused Blind Vice stud Toothy Tile is back to taking bad advice from his short-sighted, money-grubbing handlers. ‘Cause T2′s again trying to make it appear as if he’s actually » Continued

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She is Happy to Play the Family Beard

BlindGossip – This actress and her famous boyfriend make an attractive and playfully romantic couple. However, they are not exactly getting romantic with each other. She is actually a beard for her brother, who is really the one in the relationship with the boyfriend. It’s actually rather sweet. The actress and boyfriend genuinely enjoy each other’s company, the brother and boyfriend get to spend a lot of time together, and everyone in the family is in on the secret and is happy with the relationship. The situation seems to be benefiting everyone for now.

UPDATE: They are taking their relationship to the next level! She’s getting a ring, mega-bucks, and a career boost, and he’s getting a beard and a brother-in-law who he really loves. Everybody knows their role and everybody is laughing and singing and dancing for joy. How sweet!

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He Let His Lady Flag Fly

LaineyGossip – There was a party recently to celebrate the imminent arrival. So he took the opportunity to get dressed up, full lady costume, with his male friends, » Continued

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Stalking at Starbucks


CDAN – This male, foreign born, national television entertainment reporter has been stalking a heterosexual worker at a Starbucks. The reporter comes in almost everyday and has been » Continued

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Her Online Dating Secret

BuzzFoto – This C list actress that is in a movie that just left the theaters is having trouble adjusting to her new-found fame. She’s always been a little socially awkward in the men  department, and although people are linking her with her co-star, she’s secretly dating a woman she met online. The two have yet to meet up, and we hear the actress prefers it this way. So far their relationship is strictly online. 406

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One Singer Pursues Another

CDAN – This male, openly gay B- pop singer has been doing everything he can to get a date with this former A list male singer who still has A+ name recognition. Even though the former A lister has been married to a woman, there have been rumors he is bi and the full on effort by our B- singer has been working.

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In and Out Were Making Out

BlindGossip – Guy 1 and Guy 2 were caught full-on making out at an LA club last week. Normally, two gay guys kissing wouldn’t create that much of a fuss. However, Guy 1, a TV actor who has played a » Continued

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He Wants You to Believe He’s Straight

CDAN – This singer is probably A list. He has had number one albums including one album that holds lots of records for sales. Anyway, he is always trying to be Mr. Straight and recently he even has been pretending to date this B- list actress. Oh, she has done some television but even her biggest series no one apparently watched because it was over in the blink of an eye. OK, well our singer goes through this charade despite the fact that everyone in town knows he just ended an affair with a male publicist.

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Everyone Wants to See These Photos

BlindGossip – Big dilemma over at a major magazine. They are the first to receive multiple photos of a very famous actor in compromising positions with other men. » Continued

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Oded Pulls a Toothy

EOnline – So last time we checked, multi-talent stud dude Oded Good-Head gave his manager the surprise of a life-time by getting serviced in his dressing room by a male fan. Could that be—as we correctly predicted—why Oded was soon thereafter seen going on (and on) about the joys of the female sex in the media?


But, it’s getting weirder: » Continued

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