Two Hotties Are Interested In One

boys high schoolUPDATED!

[Blind Gossip] These two talented under-25 performers are part of the same project. They have been working together just a couple of years, but they are very popular among the young adult crowd.

They don’t look alike, but both guys are very cute and appealing in their own way. Young girls would probably argue over which one is more worthy of her crush, and which one she would want to marry. » Continued

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Pop Star Secret

women kissing 15[The People] Which pop star is secretly a lesbian? Men fawn over her but she’s not at all interested in any of them.

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Dates One Sex But Sleeps With The Other

[Daily Mirror]  Which female singer has a penchant for the ladies of late? This star has supposedly been dating a man for months – but is regularly sleeping with women. Greedy!


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Surprise From A Butch Guy

[Daily Mirror] From Dean Piper, the celebrity and entertainment columnist for the Sunday Mirror: Which male star revealed to me that he is bisexual at an event this week? I certainly didn’t expect that one from such a butch guy.

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Why Christmas Isn’t Jolly For This Actor

[Celebzter] Actors and beautiful women are a winning combination in Hollywood. This actor has had more than his share over the years, including a marriage to a beautiful actress.

Their marriage crumbled on Christmas Eve a few years back. That’s when she walked in on him in bed with » Continued

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He’s Really Into Twinkies

[Blind Gossip] It’s too bad that Hostess is going out of business, because this funny actor is really into Twinkies.

Although he has done tons of films and television shows, this actor is best known for his role on a successful sitcom » Continued

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She Pulled A Liza Minnelli

[New York Post] Which newlywed might’ve just pulled her own Liza Minnelli and married a man who friends insist prefers men?

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The Skeleton In Her Closet

[Mouth To Ears] VH1 is the go-to source for all divorced women these days. This former wife is really a lesbian but is NOT ready to come out the closet.

She will now be  joining her friends » Continued

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Nibbling On Appetizers And Men

[Blind Gossip] This affable man currently hosts a television show.

Back in the day, a supermarket in his town sponsored an unofficial weekly “Gay Night”. The local gays and our Star would go to the Market to nibble on appetizers, do a little grocery shopping, cruise the aisles, and » Continued

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A Torrid Lesbian Affair

[Celebzter] She has the voice, she has the talent, not to mention the vast fortune, but love quickly disappears from her grasp.

It’s your typical Hollywood story of being in the closet and the other person tiring of living a lie.

She has recently been in the throes of a torrid lesbian affair (she likes to » Continued

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