Actress Lives Up to Her TV Image

bathroom stallVillageVoice – Which actress was just caught doing drugs with a friend in the bathroom of an East Village bar, an act that makes perfect sense if you consider her TV show?

Actress Gives Friend Triple Wedding Gift

wedding-1CDAN – This Academy Award winner/nominee actress who does a mix of television and movies has a best friend who recently got married. Her friend is a special education teacher for a school » Continued

Too Much Travel Creates Outcasts

child-crying-1BlindGossip – This celebrity couple hauls the child/ren everywhere with them while they travel. While it may sound glamorous for them to travel from country to country, the truth is » Continued

It Girl Cares About Lineage and Lines

coc1StyleList – Which it girl with a prominent lineage, famous for her friendship with a gay designer, is infamous for sitting down with that designer and three friends and being offered » Continued

She Asked the Paparazzi to Erase the Photos

hayden-panettiere-2EOnline – Most featured Blind Vice babes just guest star in this blolumn, but Morgan Mayhem’s practically a series regular here at the Awful Truth. Truthfully, she should be happy for the work, especially since she’s favored her drama and » Continued

Friendless Girl Wears Out the Phone

woman-phoneNYDailyNews – Which hard-partying rockette has so few friends that she calls up her publicist for lengthy four-hour chats every day?

Reality TV Hottie is Really a Racist

spencer-pratt-2BuzzFoto – This Blind comes from a reader who told us about the time they got to hang out last summer with a certain Reality TV hottie. Our reader says the guy was lots of fun, and very cute and liked to party! They did say that they stopped hanging out with him when they realized how » Continued

Actor Doesn’t Like It When You Block His Car

car-lotCDAN – This actor is C list. He is on a hit cable show right now but was doing primarily movies before this role came along. I expect he will keep climbing the ladder but incidents like the one which happened this past weekend will probably not help. Our actor was at a party and was » Continued

Married Designer Humiliates Model Date

model-5StyleList – Which cheating designer humiliated a “model” date he brought to a party when he was still supposed to be married to his wife? Having paraded the poor girl in front of his friends, he turned on the aspiring model and told her she was too fat, couldn’t “walk” (meaning the runway), and “looked like [bleep].” His New York pals were mystified by the crass behavior.

You Don’t Want Your Photo on This Wall

woman-sleeping-2NY DailyNews – Which creepy dude and his posse of pals take photos of their overnight lady guests while the women are sleeping and tack them up on a “Wall of Shame” afterward?

Feuding Celebrities Calling a Cease Fire

angelina-jolie-11BuzzFoto – These two Celebs who have been known to feud and criticize one another publicly are trying to » Continued

NY Designer is Outing a Hunky Actor

man-hunkStyleList – Which household-name NYC designer, who has dressed and befriended that unbelievably hunky, married, singing-dancing actor, is telling pals that actually yes, he is indeed gay?

Rice Krispies and Chardonnay

He Aimed for the Girl in the Red Dress

woman-red-dress-11EOnline – Man-Slut McNugget Returns! Crawley McNugget is back, but don’t worry, his sleaziness hasn’t gone anywhere. Remember Crawley? The little TV star that could? He racks up bedroom conquests about as fast as he » Continued

This Rumor Nearly Destroyed Their Marriage

man-woman-arguing-3CDAN – This B-/C+ movie actor is married to a B-/B+ television actress. Over the past few months there have been some rumors swirling that their marriage is in trouble. The husband even had to spend several nights away from the family home when his wife » Continued

Celebrity Designer Exploits Michael Jackson

michael-jackson-1BuzzFoto – This Celebrity designer seems to be all about shameless self-promotion. He’s been using the death of Michael Jackson as a terrific marketing scheme, posting pictures of himself with Michael and going out of his way to show what devoted friends the two were. The problem is, instead of looking like a tribute, his billboards and public displays of sympathy are starting to look like a cheap way to cash in. Not Bobby Trendy.

Your Daddy is Having an Affair

baby-surpisedInTouchWeekly – Which actor just had a baby with his girlfriend, but behind her back is having an affair with his fellow actor friend?

Actress Sends Private Video in Mass EMail

email-2NYDailyNews – Which mean-spirited starlet e-mailed a co-star’s sex tape to a lengthy list of mutual friends?

Her Comeback is Hampered by False Friends

christina-aguilera-1EOnline – Princess Powder-Puff has had quite the rocky existence for the past couple of years. Besides being a sizeable tabloid target, Princess P. has had some career setbacks, too. Maybe that’s because everyone around P uses her for something. And whatever goodies those fake pals are » Continued

Two Guys Order Room Service Together

do-not-disturbLaineyGossip – They’ve been friends a long time. Recently worked together. Both family men now supposedly settled down. But not quite. Several times a week, very late at night, they’d call up for room service together. Oh no, not for food, but for » Continued

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