Heiress Believes Husband is Plotting Against Her

thurston howellNYPost – Which heiress who married a mob-connected artist years ago is now claiming to old friends that her husband is conspiring with shady lawyers and doctors to declare her insane and seize all her money?

She Valued Card Game Over Friendship

canastaNYPost – Which Palm Beach faux-cialite has more money than class and a very busy schedule? When a close friend » Continued

Restaurant Owner Does the Dine and Dash

man eating food 2NYPost – Which novice restaurant co-owner table-hops, orders food and drink for the table, partakes with gusto, then moves on before the check comes? Old friends are horrified to end up paying for the owner’s dinner.

She’ll Fake Christmas Reunion for a Reality Show

christmas tree 1NYPost – Which lady who recently filed for divorce is trying to lure her husband to a Christmas reunion? Friends suspect she hopes to generate footage for a reality show.

We Wonder if It Ends with a Clockwise Swirl

fusilli jerryBuzzFoto – This hip-hop ‘rapper’ is so confident of his moves in bed, he is currently in the process of having one trademarked. We kid you not, the man is trying to put a copyright on a » Continued

Toothy’s Guy Friends Say He’s in Love

james marsden 2EOnline – Something our dear, closeted Toothy Tile most certainly does not share with his also-in-the-closet brethren like Lloyd Boy-Toyed, Crotch Uh-Lastic and Jackie Bouffant is a virtual cornucopia of straight buds.

I don’t mean the pretend kind, but the ones you never see Toothy photographed with. Yeah, you heard me right: These are heterosexual bros with whom Toothy loves to » Continued

Men's Relationship Turns Romantic

BuzzFoto – We have heard from a friend of this gay male escort that the escort is claiming to be involved in a romantic relationship with this Television and Film actor (whose sexuality remains ambiguous). The escort has been snapped with the star before, and even gone to events with him, but is claiming to have been in a relationship, one that is on and off. Not Chace Crawford.

SOLVED! » Continued

Second Helping of Dessert During the Holidays

pumpkin pieUPDATED!

BuzzFoto – This married B List Actress (Film and Television) had a very good Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’re only hearing about it now, because soon the snow is going to hit the fan so to speak, but the whole story started back last November. Our Actress was at Thanksgiving with the family when she and her brother-in-law went for a so-called ‘grocery run.’ Someone claimed they had run out of something silly like pie or whipped cream » Continued

Actor Plans to Break Up His Friend's Relationship

matt damon 2BuzzFoto – These two actors have always had a friendly rivalry in the press. We hear it’s more friendly for one than the other. The bigger star, who has had more high profile movies and relationships does not know that the lesser celebrity is » Continued

They're More a Marketing Strategy than a Couple

chace crawford 1SOLVED!

BuzzFoto – We’re not even sure why the magazines keep pushing it, but this couple who are said to be romantically involved, are actually [anything] but. Sure, they’re having fun playing with the press, but it’s mostly because they are told it would be a good marketing strategy for their career. Everyone around them knows however, that they are just good friends, not lovers. One in all the media buzz is actually rumored to swing the other way. Not Chace Crawford.

» Continued

Rock Legend is Riding the Horse Again

horse whiteNYDailyNews – What rock legend is said to be » Continued

This Actress' Girlfriend Feels Left Out

woman blonde 1CDAN – This B+/A- list closeted television actress from a hit network drama was having drama of her own in the bathroom as her girlfriend was complaining that she felt left out and wanted to meet our actresses friends. Our actress kept her head on a swivel while trying to keep the conversation as quiet as possible. The girlfriend is very, very young and a gorgeous blonde.

Suri Cruise Welcomes You

suri cruise 3CDAN – This B+/A- list movie actress has been considering throwing in the towel on her long time religion in favor of Scientology. Her B list movie star significant other has been introducing her to some of his friends who are big proponents of Scientology and she has been giving it a try.

An Actor On Line at A Bakery

bakery pastry 2CDAN – I was picking up food … and a B list television actor with A list name recognition on a hit network drama walked in and was standing next to me » Continued

Couples Tiff Has a Long History

david victoria beckham 3 wBuzzFoto – Remember how we told you about the two celebrity couples who were good buddies until a little ‘incident’ happened that split the friendship up? We’re now finding out there’s a little more to the story. Apparently » Continued

Actress Comforts Another With Her Lips

lips 2BlindGossip – Actress 1, an Emmy nominee/winner, is married to a man. We’ve never thought that the marriage was fake, or that Actress 1 was anything other than straight. That’s why it was rather puzzling as to why she was in the » Continued

Couple Doesn’t Want You to Be Their BFFs

david victoria beckham 2BuzzFoto – The two celebrity couples are fairly publicly known as friends. They’ve been snapped going out together before and been known to double up or hang out. We’re told that the two couples are no longer such BFF’s since one of the » Continued

Dancing With the Stars Celeb Planning Injury

ballroom dancers 3JanetCharlton – Friends are worried because they think THIS star signed up for “Dancing with the Stars” HOPING to be injured! Twinkle toes has long had a penchant for » Continued

Diva Manages to Offend Everyone

reese witherspoon 2BuzzFoto – Last week, this diva got some press again, also due to her newest movie coming out. She did some interviews and played nice, but she’s making more and more » Continued

These BFFs Might Have Been More Than Friends

jennifer aniston courtney coxBuzzFoto – These Celebrity BFFs are now settled in their lives and careers. Over drinks this last weekend, one of the stars told our source that in the beginning of the friendship, the ladies weren’t sure if their budding friendship was something more. So, to test the waters, the two had a little make-out session, and got the urge out of their systems. After the little romp, the two laughed it off and decided their chemistry was strictly platonic. The two have been good buddies every since. Not Jennifer Aniston.


» Continued

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