Reality Star has a Sleazy Friend

CDAN – Just goes to show you that a-holes hang around other a-holes. This former A list female reality star was out with her celebrity sister who is not really a reality star. Anyway, the pair ran up a $2000 bar tab and did not even bother leaving a tip. That is not the truly awful part though. The awful part was that » Continued

Mom’s Friend Needs a Job

CDAN – This female C list actress, and best friend of c*ke mom, finally found some work, but it was not easy. Although she does not use on set or go to work on c*ke, she had such a bad c*ke reputation around town that no one was willing to take a chance on hiring her.

He Begs Nanny to Save His Show

CDAN – Nothing juicy about this, or particularly blind worthy, but it is funny so thought I would make it a blind. This fantastically funny talk show host who is now an actor on a struggling to stay on the air television show called up a friend of his. The friend was not home or the friend’s wife, but the nanny was. Instead of just leaving a message, our talk show host decided to talk and talk and talk. It kind of went like this. “This is ______ calling, have you seen my show [the talk show, not the sitcom]? You should tell all of your friends to watch, and then I will have one million viewers. And can you call the president of __ and tell him that you love it? Thanks!” He kept going on and on even after the nanny told him she would take a message.

Goop Wants a Friendship Divorce

Goop – In one of her newsletters, Gwyneth Paltrow asks:

“What do you do when you realize that although you may have years of history, and found real value in each other in times past, that you kind of don’t like a friend anymore? » Continued

Her Husband and BFF Hate Each Other

BuzzFoto – These two celebrity  BFF’s who both got their start on the silver screen, are having to majorly rethink their friendship. It seems one friend cannot stand the husband of the other and it is causing a major riff [sic] in their friendship. The married friend feels forced to choose between her husband and her best friend, because neither one can stand to be in the same room with the other without a gigantic argument ensuing.

A Sticky Situation Between Friends

BuzzFoto – These two comedian costars who are known to be friends off stage but bitter enemies in their popular movie, are no longer buddy-buddy in real life either. It happened on the set of their latest movie when one of the stars decided to play a trick on the other » Continued

Parrish Does The Opposite

EOnline – How does the saying go? Hell hath no fury like a young pretty boy scorned? Yeah, pretty sure that’s it. And, girlfriends, is Parrish Maguire ever pissed!

First, it’s important to note, we rarely, if ever, run the same Blind Vice star on concurrent Fridays. But Parrish must be so peeved these days—as we noted in last week’s installment—that he’s taken to… » Continued

Tween Favorite Had a Secret Adventure

BlindGossip – This tween heartthrob actor enjoys being in the limelight, but in order to stay there, he has been advised to “man up” his image. To this end, he made an appearance at a New York club, and it was reported in all the papers. Another adventure that went unreported, however, was » Continued

Cat Fight Between Two Celebrity Couples

BuzzFoto – This married celeb couple with a singer/performer hangs out with an actor/actress couple. Although the couples pretend to be great friends, the females secretly hate one another. » Continued

TV Star Gets Drunk and Acts Stupid

CDAN – This B-/C+ list actor is the co-star on a network show with lots of firepower, but has been struggling ratings wise. Despite the rumors that our actor is having a fling with his A list actress co-star, the » Continued

Cat Fight Between Mommy and Party

BlindGossip – It’s hard to believe that these two girls were ever friends. They started out with the same dreams and ambitions. However, one has continued down the path of single party girl, while the other is raising kids and starting businesses. Both have been making snippy comments behind the other one’s back. Party girl says she feels sorry for the Mommy spending her day up to her elbows in sh*t.  She swears that her friend ‘s upcoming marriage will never happen. Mommy says that Party is no longer a star and has no real friends and is heading for destruction with her continued association with the druggie crowd.

Blow Blow Blow Your Friend

TheGossipBoy – This A-List name, but B-List actor , spent a whole evening trying to persuade a fellow actor that getting » Continued

Juggling Disco Balls in The Desert

HolyMoly – DELETED went on a drug fuelled road trip around the US where he » Continued

Meet Reformed Rita

TheGossipBoy – Reformed Rita has come a long way in her Hollywood career.  She came from a well known family and appeared to be friends with all the right people. Rita was the kind of girl that all party girls looked up to and everyone wanted to » Continued

She Will Leak Photos for a Role

TheGossipBoy – This actress is trying desperately to sink [sic] another role since her last one is about over.  She is very talented even though she has been stuck to some stinkers.  She is in the running for a role that would boost her to Titanic proportions, but the only way to get it is to sell out her best friend.  They are both up for the role and have been friends since before HW came calling.  But our star wants this role so bad she is seriously considering leaking some pictures that would cast a bad image over her friend. An image that would take her out of the running for just about any role that is coming her way. Not Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.

TV Actor Made Secret Video of Girlfriend

CDAN – This great looking C list actor from a huge hit network ensemble show had a high school girlfriend. Well one time our actor decided to make a tape of the two of them » Continued

Oh He’s Got a Golden Ticket

BuzzFoto – This star has a husband who doesn’t bring in hardly any income [sic] and is fine living off his rich celebrity bride. He told his friends he has married the golden meal ticket and has gotten into the habit of » Continued

Film Star is Getting Help for His Sex Problem

CDAN – The tabloids are all in a feeding frenzy about a celebrity in sex reh*b and it doesn’t involve Tiger Woods or David Duchovny. Instead this has been mostly outpatient. The actor is B+/A- list. Bigger than David. Most of the time he is in movies but he would show up on television if you are his friend. Married because if you are single you don’t really check into sex reh*b. Oh, he is good looking. Child/ren. Actress wife.

Amy’s Actress Friend Wanted a Natural Blonde

HolyMoly – Which actress shagged some woman at Jordan’s fancy dress New Years Eve party then spent the rest of the time going around the room looking for both c*ke and ‘a natural blonde with hair’ to join in with her and her bedmate? People are blaming this behaviour on her bizarre new friendship with Amy Winehouse.

BG Notes: Jordan = Katie Price. Fancy dress = costume party

Disney Star is on Her Way to Trouble

BuzzFoto – We overheard some chatter yesterday that kept us updated on some good blind item material! Friends of this Disney star gossiped that although she is young and cute with a clean image, she’s well on her way to trouble. The star they were gabbing about is underage, but is very talented in taking » Continued

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