Frenemy Fire

girl boxing gloves

[Blind Gossip] These two young female celebrities have been frenemies for the past few years. One day they are best of friends,  hanging out and laughing together... and the next day they are ready to absolutely scratch each other's eyes out! They have been on good terms [More...]

A Tremendous Breach of Trust

best friends 5

[Blind Gossip] These two actresses, who have had very similar career paths, are fairly close in age with the first actress being just a bit older than the second. They have been good friends for years, even though they have occasionally come up against each other for [More...]

BFFs Quarrel Over A Guy

women arguing 2

[Downfront 2] Did these BFF's lose their friendship over a guy? Word on the street is the friend thinks her girl will get treated badly again by this guy. Since her friend won't listen, she's keeping her distance. Girl 1: Girl 2: Guy: [More...]