Singer Shared Everything On Thanksgiving

[CDAN] This A+ list R&B singer helped with a food drive for the homeless this week and then afterwards spent several hours » Continued

Sabotaging Thanksgiving Dinner

[BuzzFoto] This A list singer has decided to cook and host her own Thanksgiving dinner at her home for the first time, this year. Her jealous sister-in-law has a different plan. She told friends that she’s planning to sabotage the meal because it’s not fair that the singer ‘gets to have everything.’ 651

Medicine Is Shacking Up With Food

[NationalEnquirer] Which actor on a prime-time medical show is shacking up with his “craft services” girl? The handsome star’s private life – two kids with the ex he divorced last year – was never gossiped about, but that’s all about to change!

I Want Olives

[NewYorkPress] Which sister of pop royalty, an aspiring DJ herself, had to remove her auntie Janelle from the premises at a store opening where she was spinning? The DJ sis, soon to be an aunt to the world’s biggest celeb baby since Suri, noticed her aunt wobbling around after 2 martinis, causing small scenes and crying out, ‘I WANT OLIVES!’

Fat Then Thin Then Gorging

[NationalEnquirer] Which newly thin film star is putting the weight back on faster than you can say “Supersize it?” The formerly fat funnyman, who has a new movie out, has been seen around town gorging on chili, cheeseburgers and greasy fries!

Don’t Go To Dinner With This Star

[BuzzFoto] In the last month you’ve have seen pics of these two C listers, who are famous for being famous, going to dinner together. The rumor is that while one was in the bathroom, the other star » Continued

Sex Food Sex Food

[CDAN] This takes some moxie. I guess this guy is a celebrity. Maybe reality star would be better? Producer? In the world of reality he is an A+. Big name recognition. Anyway, he also is quite the womanizer, but even for him this might set a record. He has a steady girlfriend. He calls her in the morning to say he is running late and goes over to » Continued

Twilight Girl Only Eats Twice A Week

[CDAN] One person made an observation about how skinny the models are at Fashion Week and said something like, “If I wanted to look like that I could never eat.” A Twilight actress who was there said, “I only eat once or twice a week, and my last boyfriend said I should lose even more weight.”

Cruella Drives Marky To Extremes

[EOnline] Poor Marky Sweet-Puss. He’s sweet no more.


But anybody who knows anything about Cruella St. Shackles, Marky’s super-evil missus, knew that it was probably only a matter of time before Marky’s aw-shucks demeanor bit the dust.


I mean, how can you possibly stay genuine and good-hearted with a woman who… » Continued

No Stars For This Celebrity Restaurant

[BuzzFoto] This is the third time we’ve heard bad things about this West Coast Celebrity’s restaurant. This time, a source tells us that they a found cigarette butt in their food. After complaining about it, the management tried to claim the butt belonged to our source (who has never smoked a day in their life) and then after an argument ensued, escorted our source out of the restaurant. 586

How Fiance Paid For Engagement Ring

[NationalEnquirer] Which chatty TV personality’s boyfriend was so broke that he sold fried turkeys out of his home for Thanksgiving and Christmas in order to pay for an engagement ring? It worked – she said yes!

Cooking Superstar In Middle Of Family Fight

[NationalEnquirer] This cooking show superstar is squabbling with her relatives over the future direction of her food empire – and the TV star’s family feud has the popular chef so steamed that she’s even amended her will! Who is she?

Angry Food

[BuzzFoto] This famous celebrity designer was at a dinner party the other night on the East Coast with other rich and powerful [people] and when a hair was found in his food, he threw the plate, dinner and all, at the waiter—who ended up not pressing charges, but needing stitches. 575

Actress Is Starving Her Children

[BuzzFoto] This C List Actress mostly from film and a few network TV cameos is such a health nut, her kids are starting to suffer. After years of hopping on what ever the latest fad diet is popular, she’s forcing her unhealthy habits on her children. Her daughters are underweight and school officials finally complained to the authorities about it out of concern for the girls’ health. 557

Bloody Breakfast

[CDAN] This B- movie actress who has dated one of the biggest stars on the planet has started a new regimen that her shaman says will be good for her. What is it? Drinking blood from a combination of animals everyday. Craaaaazy. Of course she has always been a bit kooky.

How To Pack A Green Lunch

BuzzFoto – This glowing TV star allegedly made a mistake most moms have never had to worry about. Her kids brown bag it at school most of the time and now they’re getting old enough to pack their own lunches. One of her children accidentally packed » Continued

Cupcakes Couldn’t Save Him

NewYorkPost – Which publicist sent us a batch of cupcakes after he demanded “a [bleeping] item!”? The note said, “Sorry I’m an ass.” We’re not sorry we didn’t accept them and messengered them back immediately.

Butterfingers and Buttermilk

BuzzFoto – This is an quirky sort of blind that we’ve been sitting on for a while, but why not? An A List actor in the 90′s was once told by a specialist hired as a joke by his friends that if he mixed crushed-up butterfinger candy bars with buttermilk and made it into a paste it would take away acne scars and blemishes. He put it on his face every day for a year until his friends finally confessed the joke. 522

IPhones In The Bedroom

NewYorkPost – Which Hollywood power duo should keep iPhones out of the bedroom when they’re sw*nging? The fit couple, who already have a reputation for inviting others into their sex life, were recently the subject of a camera-phone photo shoot that’s being passed around at swanky New York dinner parties. Hopefully for them their compromising pictures aren’t coming soon to a computer near you.

We Smell a Rat

BuzzFoto – This “Vegetarian” Television actress constantly criticizes her cast mates and lectures them on eating meat. She then goes back to her home and spends thousands on ‘rodent control.’

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