Actress Gets Overly Eggsited

BuzzFoto - This actress is known for her comedy chops, primarily playing the ditzy blonde role (even though she’s decidedly brunette). We were sad to hear from a former employee of hers that she is in fact a raving witch in real life. She once threw an omelet (yes, the kind with [More...]

She Endorses One Cola but Drinks Another

BuzzFoto - If you’re going to speak for one of the big Cola companies, it’s a good idea not to be caught drinking its rival. Just ask Britney. This little lady did just that, and we doubt that her company will be very happy about it when they see the photos…which surely [More...]

Actor is a Thrifty Shopper

BuzzFoto - This is one of the Hollywood ham and eggers. You probably might know his name, and he works hard in B roles in film and television. Here’s a clue. He has been in a movie with Emile Hirsch. A comedic role. Anyway, our actor has been recently using coupons like mad. Oil [More...]

Ich Bin Ein Casting Couch

NY Post - Which movie producer is finding out bad habits die hard? Despite being married, he asked a gorgeous, dark-haired woman back to his hotel for a "late-night private audition" after a dinner at the Berlinal Film Festival. As the actress accepted, look for her to appear in [More...]

Fashion Girl Says Goodbye to Food

BlindGossip - These two well-known fashionable women were dining out together. Girl A makes her living directly from fashion, while Girl B has dabbled in the business but is more recognized for treating the world as her personal catwalk. Both have been under chronic body [More...]

Home of the Whopper of a Lie

CDAN - This actress is B list. Movies all the way. Never done television. Academy Award nominated/winner. Makes a big production about being a vegetarian and animal rights but at the same time sends her assistant out for Burger King at least twice a week to bring her back a [More...]

Married Actor Likes Them Young

EOnline - S Sleaze-Wad has been in the news on and off, and as with most of the tabloid targets—it ain't good. S's a somewhat happily taken hetero (too hetero) dude who just can't keep it in his trousers. Lotsa folks in Tinseltown know it, including S's wife. And even though [More...]