He’s on a Modified Seafood Diet

shrimpCDAN – Last week, I told you about the actress who was bulimic. Well, guess what. It turns out that bulimia is not limited to actresses. How can I describe this person without » Continued

Teen Queen Comes up with Cash and Apology

twenty-dollar-billBuzzFoto – This teen is a star on a network drama, where she plays a spunky heroine. She was having lunch at a place in West Hollywood this week that has valet. When she went to tip the valet, she found that she’d misplaced her cash, and could only come up with a few bucks. She was very apologetic as she gave him the money. Our buddy’s valet friend thought nothing of it, and was just happy enough that the actress was sorry about the small tip. The next afternoon, our actress personally delivered a $20 bill to the restaurant, and asked for the valet by name. He wasn’t working, but she asked for an envelope so that she could leave the moolah for the valet, along with a short note of apology for not having money the night before. Very few in Hollywood would go this far. See, this is why we love this girl!

We think we’ve made this super clear already. But…of course it’s not Taylor Momsen.

SOLVED! » Continued

Actor Gets Too Friendly with Waitress

coffee-pot-1NY Daily News – Which mouthy actor had a waitress dump a scalding cup of coffee in his lap – right after hesmacked her bottom?

New York Actress Takes the Doggy Bag

doggy-bagBuzzFoto – Nothing salacious today, but we like to reward good behavior when we see it. This New York City-based ‘actress’ may seem like a flippant Ms., but we have witnessed some good behavior from her when she thinks no one is looking. When leaving restaurants, she is always careful to take her leftovers for whatever random bum she spots. It ain’t the greatest way to help, but we think it’s nice that she’s trying. It’s not America Ferrera…she’s much more organized when it comes to helping others.

Actress Sees Her Dinner and Dessert Twice

ice-cream-sundae-2CDAN – This young Golden Globe winner/nominee actress who is probably C list, but with B list name recognition sticks primarily to movies and has won multiple awards. What doesn’t stick to her apparently is food. Last night at dinner, she ate dinner, excused herself and promptly rid herself of it in the bathroom. She came out after and ordered dessert. Another trip to the bathroom and she was ready to go home. To be fair, my spy saw her go into the bathroom after dessert, but didn’t follow our actress to find out if she threw up dessert as well. Her male companion paid the bill, but I’m wondering why even bother to go out or buy our actress a meal if that is what she is going to do.

She Endorses One Cola but Drinks Another

coke-pepsiBuzzFoto – If you’re going to speak for one of the big Cola companies, it’s a good idea not to be caught drinking its rival. Just ask Britney. This little lady did just that, and we doubt that her company will be very happy about it when they see the photos…which surely exist.

It wasn’t Xtina!

Dinner at The Ivy and a Bonus

the-ivyHolyMoly – Which extremely annoying British actor is this? Heard a heart-warming story about him thanking someone who worked with him on some TV project a few years ago by taking her out to dinner at The Ivy and getting her drunk. He then went back to her place and treated the lucky lady to some teenage-style trouser grinding. That way he wasn’t officially cheating on his blindly loyal wife. If he doesn’t stick it in, it doesn’t count. Blessness!

Actor is a Thrifty Shopper

coupons1BuzzFoto – This is one of the Hollywood ham and eggers. You probably might know his name, and he works hard in B roles in film and television. Here’s a clue. He has been in a movie with Emile Hirsch. A comedic role. Anyway, our actor has been recently using coupons like mad. Oil changes, restaurants, and the word is that he makes his significant other use them when she does the grocery shopping. Not sure why our actor would need to save so much. He makes pretty good bank. He tells friends its a hobby, and maybe it is. But we still think it’s a little weird to see our tall & hot actor whip out a coupon for 10 bucks off his meal.

It ain’t Harland Williams.

Actress Eats Every Three Hours

woman-eating-1Daily Mirror – Which bulimic Hollywood star is worrying film bosses? She scoffs a three-course meal every three hours… then chucks it back up…

Comic Actor Eats Lunch Again and Again

sandwich-2CDAN – This B list comic movie actor who got his start on television before moving on to some starring roles in some very forgettable movies has had the exact same lunch everyday since the day his movie hit #1 at the box office. He had it the day he heard the news and never, ever deviates from that lunch.

Actress Volunteers for Whipped Cream Run

cool-whipBuzzFoto – This married B List Actress (Film and Television) had a very good Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’re only hearing about it now, because soon the snow is going to hit the fan so to speak, but the whole story started back last November. Our Actress was at Thanksgiving with the family when she » Continued

Actress Replaces One Bad Habit with Another

cigarettesBuzzfoto – Which actress has recently taken up smoking as a way to overcome her eating disorder? It’s not Eva Longoria.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Unappetizing Date

jennifer-love-hewittBlindGossip – Last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,  Jennifer Love Hewitt was the guest. Jay and Love  talked about actors dating each other. Jay told a story relayed to him by another actress. This beautiful actress was going on a date with an actor. The actor came to her front door to pick her up for the date, and said to her “I have to get up early for work tomorrow. Why don’t we just have sex now?” » Continued

Ich Bin Ein Casting Couch

sofa-1NY Post – Which movie producer is finding out bad habits die hard? Despite being married, he asked a gorgeous, dark-haired woman back to his hotel for a “late-night private audition” after a dinner at the Berlinal Film Festival. As the actress accepted, look for her to appear in his upcoming pictures.

Fashion Girl Says Goodbye to Food

anorexic-modelBlindGossip – These two well-known fashionable women were dining out together. Girl A makes her living directly from fashion, while Girl B has dabbled in the business but is more recognized for treating the world as her personal catwalk. Both have been under chronic body scrutiny, with the press noting every pound gained or lost. Girl A ate a normal meal. However, Girl B ate only a couple of bites, and then bolted from the table to go to the ladies’ room. Girl A followed her in there and was overheard trying to convince  Girl B not to purge her meal.  Girl B paid her no mind, ensuring once again that her ridiculous body would continue to be the antithesis of  the healthy lifestyle she pretended to lead last year.

He is Cooking Up Marital Troubles

chef-1BlindGossip – Which celeb chef’s wife mans his reservation stand while he secretly slips out the back door with his girlfriend?

Home of the Whopper of a Lie

whopperCDAN – This actress is B list. Movies all the way. Never done television. Academy Award nominated/winner. Makes a big production about being a vegetarian and animal rights but at the same time sends her assistant out for Burger King at least twice a week to bring her back a Double Whopper. I know. A double? She must puke it all back up right?

Married Actor Likes Them Young

old-man-young-womanEOnline – S Sleaze-Wad has been in the news on and off, and as with most of the tabloid targets—it ain’t good. S’s a somewhat happily taken hetero (too hetero) dude who just can’t keep it in his trousers. Lotsa folks in Tinseltown know it, including S’s wife.

And even though notorious S appears to be residing back on Domesticity Lane, something he’s been trying so-so hard to get everybody to believe » Continued

He’s Spilling the Kinky Beans

can-of-beansNYDN – Which disturbed loser is more of a cad than we thought? He’s spilling the beans about his former flame’s kinky sex habits to anyone who’ll listen.

Miss Manners Would Frown on Her Behavior

spaghetti-dinnerDaily Mirror – At the ELLE Style Awards 2009 in Association with H&M after party: Which wide-eyed actress was so wired on cocaine, she nearly vomited over her main course before a flunky removed her plate?

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