Oscar Girl is on The White Horse Diet

horse-whiteCDAN – This well respected Academy Award winner/nominee actress has had a dramatic weight loss recently thanks to » Continued

Food Guy Serves Up Bad Taste

man-holding-noseNewYorkPost – Which restaurateur held a disastrous tasting for friends and family at his new downtown eatery? After gagging on inedible dishes, the truthful tasters told the owner he shouldn’t even open.

Photographer is a Free Loader in St. Tropez

sttropezNewYorkPost – Which aging photographer used to evade taxes by having his clients write out checks to his favorite hangout in St. Tropez to cover his tab there? With business down, now he’s ordering half-portions and free-loading the booze — “There’s even a designated ‘surveillance’ person to keep check that his drinks are ultimately paid for,” says our spy.

The Chicken and Blueberry Diet

woman-dietBlindGossip – This TV actress put on a few pounds (six, to be exact) while her show was on hiatus, but now that they are back in production, she is desperate to lose weight quickly. She has begun a diet of 800 calories a day consisting only of the following foods: chicken, brown rice, non-fat yogurt, and blueberries. If you are assuming she eats the first two together, and the second two together, you’d be wrong.

Ice Cream Social Prize Winners

coldstone-ice-cream3BlindGossip – BG was in a generous mood and decided to award treats to more than one person!

BG is going to send MaggieMay a $20 gift card to Coldstone Creamery! Maggie, you did a really nice job with your analysis in the “Defame” thread. Although your answer wasn’t entirely correct, you did pick out four of the six key words to solve it. If you had found the other two, we’re confident you would have figured out the answer!

ghirardelli-ice-cream-sundaeBG is also going to send MauraV gift certificates for two ice cream sundaes at Ghirardelli! Maura, we loved your description in the “Ice Cream” thread about what you were willing to go through to get just one of their hot fudge sundaes. Now you’ve got two!

Maggie and Maura: Please contact BG with your home address, and we’ll have Coldstone and Ghirardelli send out your prizes to you today!

Congratulations to MaggieMay and MauraV and thanks to everyone for your comments!

Love, BG

BG12345: Thursday Ice Cream Social

hot-fudge-sundaeDear BlindGossipers,

You have been so patient during our upgrade! To say thank you, we’ve got TWO rewards for you!

First of all, would you like a BG12345 on Thursday? To vote YES, answer this question: If you could go to Cold Stone Creamery, Baskin Robbins, or Ghirardelli, 1) Which one would you go to AND 2) What would you order?

Second, we’re going to pick our favorite comment of the day on Thursday, and send that person a $20 gift certificate/ gift card for ICE CREAM! You’ll have your choice of Cold Stone Creamery, Baskin Robbins, or Ghirardelli. (BTW, although it’s still OK to be Anonymous for comments, please make sure you use a REAL email address so that we can notify you of your win!)

Gossip and Ice cream. Mmmmmm! Love, BG

UPDATE: It’s a go! We’ll be reading all comments submitted for any of today’s posts to determine a winner.  Our “favorite” post might be funny, insightful, controversial or creative. We’ll announce the winner on Friday. Go for it!

The Peas Can’t Touch The Meatloaf

man-smelling-foodBlindGossip – This quirky curly-haired actor has some odd eating habits when he goes out to a restaurant. He will only drink bottled water from which he can personally removed the cap. He also picks up his plate of food and » Continued

She Thinks She’s Being Crafty About Food

snack-foodsBlindGossip – Although the budgets on quite a few television shows have been cut over the last year, the principal actors still usually earn many multiples the salary of the show’s staff. That’s why it’s rather curious that one actress on a popular ensemble show seems to be economizing by raiding the craft services table. She makes frequent trips to the table, always taking two or three times as much as she plans on consuming, and stuffs the extra items in a bag which she takes home at the end of the day. Perhaps she’s planning on having the munchies later.

Lunch is on this Hardworking TV Actress

teri-hatcherBuzzFoto – Which hardworking and talented mostly Television Actress often buys her whole cast and crew lunch, just to be nice? Not Teri Hatcher.

Housewife Can’t Hold On To Her Spaghetti

spaghetti-4StyleList – Which ema ciated Housewife might want to hold back on the cocktails if she’s going to be so skinny? The Bravette was so dr unk at a Hamptons restaurant last Friday she spilled her (hardly touched) bowl of pasta on herself.

The Dragon Lady is Their Meal Ticket

dragonDailyMirror – Which obnoxious celeb, who has a £5million fortune, is dubbed The Dragon by her “friends”? They see her as a meal ticket and nothing more…

Actress Tried to Do a Dine and Dash

food-truck1BlindGossip – This actress gets paid plenty for her current television gig. However she apparently doesn’t always carry cash with her. She stopped by a popular food truck for some lunch recently. When her food arrived, she discovered that they wouldn’t take her debit or credit card. She actually pulled the old “Don’t you know who I am?” routine in trying to get the proprieter to let her walk away with the food with a promise to bring the money the next day. The owner refused. The actress began pouting and whining. Finally a kind stranger stepped up and paid the owner. The actress offered her autograph as payment, but the good samaritan refused. The actress simply said “OK, well, thank you!”, grabbed her food, and left. We still don’t understand why she didn’t offer to send the stranger the money, which is probably worth more than her autograph anyway.

The Ultimate Hip Hop Dining Narcissist

man-mirror-4Downfront2 – This Hip Hop Mogul is so full of himself he doesn’t mind dining alone as long as he has a picture of himself to look at.

The Eating Disorders Kit for Beginners

eating-utensils1The Daily Mirror – Which skinny singer’s eating disorder has got so bad that she’s bought a butter knife which, she tells pals, she uses to make herself sick?

Hungry Actress Took Gift Certificates

woman-eating-4StyleList – Which T.V. actress and fashion spread regular used to feed herself before she made it by » Continued

This Movie Actress is Blaming the Food

woman-illCDAN – This C+ list movie actress set to launch herself into the big-time with an upcoming popcorn flick complained of food » Continued

What One Actress has to do for One Oreo

oreo-cookieBlindGossip – Some actresses battle with their weight. Not this one. For her, it’s an all-out war. Our actress is a svelte size 4, but she has a little black notebook into which she records every bite of food she eats. She calculates the portion size, calories, carbs, protein and fat. She also records every minute of exercise and how many calories she burned. If her net for the day is over 1200 calories, she cuts back the next day by that exact amount. If her net for the day is under, she allows herself one Oreo cookie as a reward. One. If you’re wondering why she is so tightly wound about food, it’s likely because her ex – also an actor – used to constantly tell her she was fat compared to other actresses, and then later rather cruelly dumped her.


» Continued

Singer has a Huge Fruit and Flowers Bill

fruit-1HolyMoly – Which singer from a huge pop/rock beat combo spends the majority of his interview time selling his religious, clean living, happily-married lifestyle. This is becoming quite amusing » Continued

When A Director Hands You Lemons

lemonsBlindGossip – She is a very famous movie actress who normally is very thin. To play a specific role, she was asked to put on approximately twenty pounds. Through a vigorous training program, including lots of food rich in carbohydrates, she managed to put on the twenty and then some. Now she is too fat for the role. Sigh. To take off a quick five, she is drinking lemonade made with organic lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.

TV Chef Needs to Start Cooking the Books

man-chef-2Holy Moly – Which TV chef had to nip round to a computer shop to bail out his daughter, who had just had her card declined after trying to buy a ton of equipment – only to find his card in the same situation? Seems Gordon Ramsey isn’t the ONLY foodie in a spot of bother.

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