Chef Serves Old Bread

NewYorkPost – Which celebrity chef has had his reputation put at risk by the penny-pinching owners of an Upper West Side bar and restaurant who have left the kitchen so bereft of fresh bread that patrons have been served aging scraps?

Housewife Wouldn’t Let Her Assistant Eat

InTouchMagazine – Which reality housewife from east of the Mississippi made her assistant miss her own family’s Christmas dinner to cook one for her boss? And she wouldn’t let her eat a bite!

Bad Temper and a Sandwich

InTouchMagazineWhich boy-bander was so put out when his assistant brought him the wrong thing for lunch that he threw the sandwich at the wall? Apparently, hunger gives him a bad temper.

Dinner Seating at The Golden Globe Awards

BlindGossip – This actress certainly knows how to have it all! On one side of her was her Significant Other. On the other side of her was the guy with whom she is » Continued

Argumentive Actor May Get Fired

BuzzFotoThis B/B + actor has an authority problem. He’s in a big buzz movie that will be coming out next year but he is at risk for losing his job because he argues with everyone on the set, mainly the big-name director. He’s such a know it all, production is debating ripping up his contract and making him leave. The crew is secretly getting back at him by playing subtle pranks on him. His clothes are moved or missing, he ends up getting food he didn’t order, etc. 468

She is Sneaking Food On Set

Which host of a TV Weight loss show is struggling behind the scenes with her own food addiction issues? This woman is sneaking food on set and secretly munching away on high calorie treats while contestants battle the bulge.

The Female Chef and The Football Player

CDANThis married celebrity female chef who has been in this spot before, also spent some one on one time with this football player who was Nick Lachey’s man crush and may have slept with Paris Hilton too. I think he did, but I am too lazy to look it up.

SOLVED! » Continued

Thanks for the Cookies

CDAN – Is this the biggest kindness in the history of the world? Nope. Not by a long shot, but it is pretty big to show you what happens when people take time to do the little things. This initialed A++ list producer/writer/director and creator was filming in a local Los Angeles neighborhood recently. It is not a street that usually sees a lot of filming and took place on a quiet street. » Continued

How Wrecker Seduces Your Man

BlindGossip – Just in time for Christmas, we proudly introduce the next generation version of Pillow. Wrecker is an actress, and she is only interested in men who are good-looking, famous… and who are already in relationships with other women. While she is working with your man, she goes to work on him.  She’s clever about it too. She will » Continued

Coco Does Pizza and Beer and Bathroom

EOnline – If anyone’s been wondering why the very funny Coco Crack-Head, who used to have a most natural figure, has recently become bone-thin, we have a pretty good clue as to why: » Continued

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