How Wrecker Seduces Your Man

BlindGossip – Just in time for Christmas, we proudly introduce the next generation version of Pillow. Wrecker is an actress, and she is only interested in men who are good-looking, famous… and who are already in relationships with other women. While she is working with your man, she goes to work on him.  She’s clever about it too. She will » Continued

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Coco Does Pizza and Beer and Bathroom

EOnline – If anyone’s been wondering why the very funny Coco Crack-Head, who used to have a most natural figure, has recently become bone-thin, we have a pretty good clue as to why: » Continued

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How Plastic Girl Stays Thin

StarMagazine – Which plastic surgery-loving actress stays thin by purging after every meal? During a recent dinner party in the Hollywood Hills, she kept excusing herself to go to the powder room. Everyone at the party knew.

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Idiot Spikes the Punch Bowl

CDAN – This idiot star of this almost networks few hit shows decided that he wanted to liven up a recent cast party. He spiked the punch they were using in a beer bong with roofies. Yeah. Fortunately he told everyone after only one person had done a bong and that person was fine. Nothing happened to our actor because he is the lead male on the show.


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She Delivered Thanksgiving and Christmas

CDAN – Many, but not enough celebrities help out on Thanksgiving by feeding the homeless or doing some other kind of good deed. This C+ list actress, who has made her first television show a hit network show decided to take her good deed a step further. Not only did she deliver meals to people’s homes all day Wednesday and Thursday, but she did so without drawing any attention to herself at all. It was only after people kept recognizing her when she was making deliveries that anyone had any idea she was on a show. The higher-ups in the organization told her she could do something more glamorous or photo op worthy but she refused and just kept delivering meals. She ended up delivering meals to over 100 homes during the two days and also dropped off Christmas presents to the homes she visited who had children.

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Tuna Fish and a Bucket

BlindGossip – Everybody loves this actress with the famous name. That’s why we’re sorry to report that she has a really big problem. Although she has been through rehab, she thinks she is mature enough now to drink in moderation. Wrong. According to some folks on the set of her new film, she has been getting falling-down drunk every night for the past few weeks. One especially bizarre episode last week started out with her » Continued

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TV Star is a Classy Eater

CDAN – This former A list co-star of a long-running NBC drama from the 90s was always known for being sexy and classy. Recently she was at a trendy L.A. eatery shoveling down not one, not two, but three huge cheese and fixing-laden salads as though she were eating for two. » Continued

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Singer Will Toss Your Salad

BuzzFoto – This foreign singer who recently found fame might be America’s new sweetheart, but she’s reportedly a total b* behind the scenes. After returning to her hotel room after a recent event, room service brought her the wrong kind of salad dressing with her food  and she was so angry she threw the tray at a hotel employee, broke two lamps and a mirror and threw the food all over the floor. The hotel agreed to not press charges if the singer covered the mess and agreed not to stay there ever again.

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Stalling the Baby Announcement


BlindGossip – This celebrity is pregnant, but her SO wants to hold off on the announcement. Why? Because, while he really, really wants this baby (even more than she does), he is very concerned that she is obsessing about her weight. She is not eating enough, and she is on the scale several times a day fretting about her weight gain. If she can’t stick to a healthy eating plan, it will be difficult for her to sustain a healthy pregnancy. He doesn’t want them to make a public announcement only to have to retract it a few weeks later.


» Continued

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Oded Needs Jujubes and Magnums

EOnline – Oded Good-Head is quite the good media pot stirrer. He knows how to stay relevant considering he hasn’t done much career wise in forever, like tw*t away on Twitter to get himself press. But on that rare occasion the multifaceted hottie does book his bulky self a gig, he makes sure he has three things waiting for him in his dressing room: » Continued

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