Sheryl Sandberg and The Sexists

sheryl sandberg[New York Magazine] Who Are the Anonymous Sexists in Sheryl Sandberg’s New Book?

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s new memoir/feminist manifesto, Lean In, is already destined to be the kind of book that everyone you know has read — the kind that is piled twenty-high on airport bookstore shelves and found on every subway car in New York.

Sandberg’s book is full of juicy anecdotes about her life in business, some of which involve insensitive, callous people who stood in her way during her rise to the top of the tech world. Generously, she gives most of these cads anonymity, refusing to name and shame the vast majority of the tools, doubters, and skeptics who said inappropriate things to her during her career.

Sandberg may be too polite to offer her tormenters up for a public shaming, but we’re not. So, let’s play a blind item guessing game! » Continued

Taxing Reality

[National Enquirer] Which huge reality star is scrambling to get her failing finances in check before cameras start rolling on her popular show? The usually bossy lady is pleading with producers to help her get out from under the $20,000 she owes in back taxes!

Junior Financier Pretends to Be A Partner

NewYorkPost – What presumptuous, preening, junior financier at a European investment bank believes he’s such a big shot that he asked for his business card back after handing it over at Travertine the other night? When we responded he wasn’t a big enough player to be a boldfaced name in this column, he then tripped over himself to hand his information back to us. Here’s a tip: People who say, ‘I can’t be in your column,’ are usually not interesting enough to be on Page Six in the first place. His card, which didn’t back up his claim to be a partner in the bank, would do a tremendous job lining our waste-paper basket.

CEO’s Boy Toy Brings in the Bucks

NewYorkPost – Which female CEO uses a younger male travel companion to hide expenses? He puts in for reimbursement, and no one in accounting questions them because they don’t want to be fired.

Actor Gets Big Moneyball From Athlete

CDAN – This former A+ list movie star and now a B+ and fading, recently borrowed several million dollars from this A list baseball player because he is having big big financial problems.

A Taxing Problem for a Stingy Celebrity

BlindGossip – Despite some sound advice from their accountant, this film actor is dodging some serious tax obligations. S/he is trying to categorize the housekeepers, nanny, personal assistant, etc. as independent contractors. It may not sound like a big deal, but the IRS has strict guidelines to define employees and independent contractors. These people all work for our actor full-time. In fact, some regularly work for our actor in excess of 60 hours a week, with no overtime pay. Plus they are expected to be available for weekends and holidays as well. The actor actually brags about » Continued