Oscar’s Mr. Wadd Has a Wild Hotel Stay

EOnlineAs we discovered yesterday, the Oscar-winning Vice crowd is gearing up not just for the Academy Awards, but for their not-so-private, scandalous crescendos, as well! Jeez, do these folks deal with the strain of competition by resorting to their bad habits even more than usual?

Kinda the same way Charlie Sheen copes with the rigors of being the world’s highest paid television star by engaging in habits that cause his teeth, cars and sobriety to disappear?

Yep. And you’re about to read about the gay equivalent of sordid Mr. Sheen: » Continued

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Macho Actor is Afraid of Everything

BlindGossip – This actor seems fairly macho on screen, but is actually pretty much of a wuss in real life. He was being courted for a plum role in a upcoming action adventure. He was interested in the part, but after some consideration, thought it would be too physically and mentally demanding for him and turned it down. No matter how much money you offer this guy, he just won’t take a roles in which he might be a little too hot or cold, a little too dry or wet, or a little too high or low.

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He’s Trying to Intercept Affair Gossip

LaineyGossipA riddle for your troubles? How about this? He strayed with an actress on the set of his recent film, and is now desperate to keep it from his wife, » Continued

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Movie Stars and Bathroom Stalls

BuzzFotoAt a recent awards show, these two co-stars in a nominated film were absent from their chairs because they were doing lines of c*ke in a nearby bathroom stall.

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He is a Celebrity Hoarder

CDAN – This former A list movie actor. I mean he was A+ not that far back in the day is in talks to be the first celebrity on Hoarders. You cannot even get into his house despite the fact even Camille would think it was large.

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Acting Couple Getting a Divorce

CDANThis B list television actress with a very popular show, who has been married for a very long time to this B+ list movie actor is filing for divorce. Apparently the drinking of our actor has got completely out of hand.

SOLVED! » Continued

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The Sundance Walk of Shame

BlindGossip – An interesting little hook up took place at Sundance. This married actor and pretty actress were each featured in their respective films at the film festival. » Continued

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Actor Sobbed at Sundance

BuzzFotoOne last Sundance blind for you from the festival this year. Which up and coming C-list actor with promise, excused himself after the Q & A of the film he was in to » Continued

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Movie Star Has Charlie Sheen Syndrome

CDANSorry this is late, but how about I tell you Charlie Sheen has the herp. That should make up for it a little. Anyway there is a former A list movie star who is still a solid B and beloved by a blogger to the north. Anyway it turns out our actor recently caught the same disease. Wonder if that played a part in his most recent breakup.

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Three in Paris for Fashion Week

CDAN – What former very high B list movie actress who is now the answer to one messed up career via booze and dr*gs is at Fashion Week in Paris where she » Continued

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