North and South Unite On Tape

Bossip – This New York rapper “Gets Money” and has been reportedly linked to several other celebrity women: a black cougar, a white cougar, and the two-steppin’ Atlanta “singer” that he allegedly has a s*x tape with. He’s been known to stir up trouble with other MCs from time to time, but is also known to be as charming as he is callous. With his interest now in movies, he » Continued

Action Star Cried About His Face

Which A list action star had a chin implant when he was a  struggling nobody? At the time, he was married to a movie actress who is now on a TV series. He would cry on his wife’s shoulder that he would never be a leading man because of his weak jawline.

Breaking Up and Smoking Up

CDAN – So, it appears there is big trouble on the homefront. Not surprising that a Hollywood couple would be breaking up, but they have tried really hard to make it seem like they are a loving couple. The wife, a B list actress who can be difficult and has graduated from television to movies but with not much success. The husband, a celebrity in his own right but gets way overshadowed by his more famous wife. She is not seeing anyone, but he is sleeping with a female singer. She has started smoking again too. Tsk tsk.

You Won’t Want to Kiss This Face

BlindGossip – This slim and very beautiful actress starred in a television series and a dozen films in the 1990’s. Although she still works, she has definitely retreated from the limelight. Tongues will be wagging, though, once the public soon gets a look at her again (which will happen very soon because she needs to promote a new project). » Continued

Used By A Movie Star

CDANThis B list television actress on a hit network show has entered the movie world. She was also recently entered by this A list movie star. The two had a quick fling while filming their movie, but he dumped her. She has not lost feelings for him though and had sex with him when they saw each other earlier this week. When she asked when they would see each other again, he replied, “the next press event. If you are lucky we can hook up again then.”

Shaky at The Premiere

CDANThis C+/B- movie actress is starting to make it big. She has a movie opening which should be big for her career. So, it was surprising that she was so whacked out on m*th that her hands were shaking and her breath reeked at the premiere of the new movie.

The Result of Mommy’s Affair

BuzzFoto – A year ago after a movie premiere this A List star and B list star had a hookup that resulted in a short lived affair, even though both are married. Now, a year later the actress has a new baby and the actor is wondering if it’s his. 516

Actress Gives Homeless a Hand Up

CDANThis B list television actress on a hit network show has gone from one hit show to another. Both of them are still on the air. She also does movies, but they are not usually box office hits. Anyway, with her very nice weekly paycheck instead of spending it on p*rn stars and blow, she uses one paycheck each month to » Continued

She Really Gets Along With His Mom

Which A-list film actress, who recently split from her handsome actor-beau, is rumored to be having a lesbian affair with a much older woman? The kicker is that the alleged woman is the ex’s mother.

Nip Number Three

BuzzFoto – Nothing to be ashamed about, just a fun and silly fact about this B/C List television and film actress. If she ever does a n*de scene, will » Continued

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