Freaky Actor Likes More than Your Blue Jeans

blue-jeans-1NYDailyNews – Which freaky actor – who currently has a girlfriend – hit on a wardrobe consultant on the set of his latest film with the line, ‘I like those jeans. Can I have your number?’

Married Actor is on The Down and The Low

man-bed-1CDAN – What barely hanging onto A list married movie actor who is always Mr. Macho was seen, umm, how can I put this, getting serviced by a male assistant director on his latest movie. The trailer for the actor was unlocked and a production assistant walked in and now everyone knows. I was shocked when I heard it because I had never heard a peep that he leaned that way. Ever.

This Rumor Nearly Destroyed Their Marriage

man-woman-arguing-3CDAN – This B-/C+ movie actor is married to a B-/B+ television actress. Over the past few months there have been some rumors swirling that their marriage is in trouble. The husband even had to spend several nights away from the family home when his wife » Continued

Don’t Make Comments about Movie Star’s Body

woman-angry-1CDAN – I guess she would be considered an A list actress. So few actresses are given the opportunity to open movies, but she has. Almost always movies. Rarely television. It needs to be special. Anyway, over the weekend she had a little bit to drink and there was a guy at the party who had a little bit to drink and he made a comment about her anatomy. She didn’t hit the guy, but only because two people stepped in between them when she lunged at him.

Actor Falls Out with Jealous Actress Girlfriend

jake-gyllenhaal-1EOnline – Nevis Devine, that crafty, good-looking charmer of a stud, is at it again. He had a falling-out with one of his former costars (because he, well, just can’t help from engaging in a certain amount of ungentlemanly behavior, once in a while), and obviously, nobody warned N.D.’s latest costar that Neddy boy likes to play. A lot.

First, let’s get something straight: Miss Costar, a sexy-enough thing who’s becoming » Continued

Hollywood Legend’s Bling Bling Goes Bye Bye

necklace-2BlindGossip – This Hollywood legend had a very successful career as an actress. She also treated herself well by buying only the best: gorgeous homes, cool cars, expensive jewelry. However, her finances must be a little shaky as of late. Her assistant has been going around to pawn shops looking for loans against some of the star’s jewelry. The homes and the cars will stay for now, but we don’t know how many pieces of jewelry she has left to keep up the pretense that all is well.

This Actor Was Getting Some Extra Attention

couple-bed-2BlindGossip – These two over-30 actors always appeared to be pretty happy together. As far as we know, both have worked steadily throughout their careers, neither has ever been to rehab, and they seem like good parents. Why are they suddenly having problems? Seems that our actor got a little » Continued

Comic Actor Out of Control on Movie Set

clapboardCDAN – What B- list movie and television comedy actor is currently having to reshoot many scenes from a recent movie. He has been doing so many drugs on his film that he has wildly different looks from one scene to the next depending on when it was shot. It has become so bad that more scenes are being written into the movie for other actors in an attempt to create a story without using many of our comic actor’s scenes and story line.

Actor Gets Punched Out Over Rude Remarks

man-angry-2CDAN – This foreign born C+/B- list mostly movie actor with one very famous television role loves using the “N” word because he thinks it makes him look cool. This lasted about ten minutes on the set of of one of his very recent movies. Upon hearing it, his co-star and fellow C+/B- list mostly movie actor punched our foreign born actor and knocked him out cold. He didn’t use the term again the entire movie.

Co-Star Actors Surprise a Group of Golfers

golfer-happyCDAN – These two actors were once co-stars in television and at least one movie. One is now A list and only does movies, while the other has dropped from an A list movie star to a B- list will take anything actor. Anyway, the two were at a » Continued

Movie Actress Acts Like Her Marriage is Perfect

barbie-kenCDAN – This former A list and now a B- always movie actress always likes to pretend she has the perfect marriage. Whenever she does press for a new movie like she is now she always talks about how she and her husband do everything together and seems to forget they spend about two months a year together and those are the most miserable two months of the year. Oh, her husband is an A list writer.

Actress Refused to Get Horizontal for Director

woman-lying-downNYDailyNews – Which sultry screen siren slept with several of the leading men in her new big-budget flick, but refused to get horizontal with the director? He’s so peeved, he’s threatening to ban the gal from his future films.

Movie Star Brings His Flame to The Set

fire-1HolyMoly – Which young movie star is not only a flaming homosexual but also has his latest boyfriend on set with him and is under such a spell he canoodles with him between takes?

Actress Pretends She Can’t See or Hear Fans

woman-fingers-earsCDAN – While shooting on the set of their latest movie, these two stars have a completely different way of interacting with their fans. Well, I should say one interacts with fans, and one pretends » Continued

Boy Toy Shops Screenplay About Hollywood Guy

boys-toysNWMagazine – Which one-time kept boy of a powerful male Hollywood exec is hell-bent on revenge after his keeper gave him the flick in favour of a younger flavour? Having picked up a few tips during his time in the house, he is now shopping around a thinly disguised screenplay about their life together.

Actress Cries About Her Face

monster-1BlindGossip – This actress peaked in the 1990s. Everyone knew her name, and her beautiful face was on the cover of every magazine. Looking to make a comeback, she has approached several directors and producers about roles that are really » Continued

Film Star is Not as Carefree as She Appears

woman-ocdNWMagazine – Which fun-loving film star may play the part of the carefree chick on the surface, but is hiding a debilitating case of OCD behind closed doors? One of her high-profile relationships recently went caput because her man could no longer hack her obsessive ways.

Nice Girl is Actually a Super Freak

lauren-conrad-1EOnline – Remember meeting Dommy-Do-Rightly a couple of weeks ago? The Hollywood wannabe princess who definitely thinks her sh-t don’t stank?

Well, Dommy dearest just doesn’t know how to keep her indiscretions all that quiet. Which, of course, we love.

The TV, and attempted big-screen, queen has been in » Continued

Little Girl’s Last Wish Was to Meet This Actor

make-a-wish-1CDAN – This Academy Award nominated/winner A+ list actor doesn’t get much publicity for all of the good he does, and so I thought I would share one of the things about him which he did for no reason other than being a great guy. While shooting a film our actor was introduced to » Continued

We Have Non-Stop Hetero Sex with Each Other

bedroom-2BlindGossip – This famous couple has been together for a long time. They are beards for each other. Perhaps a little too vocally. Even when interviewers don’t mention it, they bring up their fantastic, creative, and very active sex life, and how much they love and support each other. Why? It’s because her career sucks. It has stalled out over the past few years because she has no credibility with producers or directors as a romantic lead. The two best film roles she’s landed this century were solely due to her husband and family friend landing the leads. So now you know that whatever excuse¬† she gives for doing a small screen, non-network show is bogus, and that she will continue to talk, talk, talk about romance until she can sell herself to the movie world as a viable big screen lead.

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