Boycott The Mexican

[National Enquirer] Which Latina actress has gone so Hollywood that she claims she’s forgotten how to be Mexican? The sexy star – she still has a heavy accent – has infuriated so many people in Latin America that there’s rumblings about boycotting her films!

Quitting Made Him More Angry

[National Enquirer] Which handsome Oscar winner – also known for his profanity-laden outbursts – quit smoking cigarettes and has become even MORE impossible to be around? The actor/director made a grand entrance at a Malibu party by screaming: “I want to tear someone’s face off!” He then explained he’d been nicotine-free for two weeks and was just joking, but guests still kept their distance.

Movie Star Is Too Exhausted To Fire Anyone

[National Enquirer] This 50-something former A-lister has been partying way too much, dating much younger guys and canceling gigs at the last minute – and now her team is so concerned that they’re making a list of r*hab facilities for her to check out. The blonde movie star has been very vocal about her willingness to fire anyone who suggests she has a problem, but she’s finally agreed to get some help for her “exhaustion” issues.

Actor Is Fixated On This One Feature


[Blind Gossip] This one is just weird. This handsome actor has at least two films coming out in the next year. He has dated several famous beautiful women, including a famous model and a famous actress.

Here’s something interesting though: When he dates a non-famous woman, he has a specific physical type. Of course they are usually tall, leggy, and blonde… but there is one physical feature on which he is completely fixated… » Continued

The Price Of Trying To Help A Star


[Blind Gossip] This is a story that you have heard before, but it’s about an actor that you didn’t know was in trouble. He has a successful career, but he has fallen prey to the partying lifestyle.

It’s now interfering with his work. He shows up late or not at all. He is unprepared at work. He is constantly drunk or hungover. He comes to work unwashed, wearing the same clothes from the night before, reeking of booze and smoke.

When » Continued

She Screamed At The Pretend Brother

[National Enquirer] Which single, aging blonde actress – the baby-mama to a respected Oscar-winner – bumped into her baby-daddy’s famous co-star from a classic ’70s film trilogy and read him the riot act? The has-been party girl was so delusional she began screaming about » Continued

Why This Actor Has Four Bodyguards

[Blind Gossip] This actor is over the age of 30 and has been starring in films for many years. Although he has become more in demand over the past year, we were really surprised to discover that this big, athletic guy he has recently been traveling with FOUR bodyguards. Even Katie Holmes – who is a female needing protection from » Continued

Franchise Star Was ThisClose

[National Enquirer] Which handsome, married star of a successful movie franchise was thisclose to sleeping with his sexy, engaged co-star? At times, the chemistry between the two A-listers was so intense during filming that they actually told producers that they shouldn’t be left alone together!



Film Franchise:

Spin Struggle

[NationalEnquirer] What weight challenged Oscar nominee is taking spin classes in order to cycle his weight down for an upcoming film role? The funnyman struggled so much during a 60-minute class at a trendy West Hollywood spinning studio recently that the instructor thought he was having a heart attack!


Treat Me Like A Screen Legend

[Star Magazine] What celebrity mom has been driving her friends crazy by inviting them over for screenings of her old ‘90s hit flicks? “Behind her back, her pals are all laughing at her out-of-control ego,” a source confides. “She’s barely a full-time actress these days, but she still wants to be treated like a screen legend.”

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