Why This Actor Has Four Bodyguards

[Blind Gossip] This actor is over the age of 30 and has been starring in films for many years. Although he has become more in demand over the past year, we were really surprised to discover that this big, athletic guy he has recently been traveling with FOUR bodyguards. Even Katie Holmes – who is a female needing protection from » Continued

Franchise Star Was ThisClose

[National Enquirer] Which handsome, married star of a successful movie franchise was thisclose to sleeping with his sexy, engaged co-star? At times, the chemistry between the two A-listers was so intense during filming that they actually told producers that they shouldn’t be left alone together!



Film Franchise:

Spin Struggle

[NationalEnquirer] What weight challenged Oscar nominee is taking spin classes in order to cycle his weight down for an upcoming film role? The funnyman struggled so much during a 60-minute class at a trendy West Hollywood spinning studio recently that the instructor thought he was having a heart attack!


Treat Me Like A Screen Legend

[Star Magazine] What celebrity mom has been driving her friends crazy by inviting them over for screenings of her old ‘90s hit flicks? “Behind her back, her pals are all laughing at her out-of-control ego,” a source confides. “She’s barely a full-time actress these days, but she still wants to be treated like a screen legend.”

Rubbers Booze Camera


[NationalEnquirer]  Which super-famous young star was recently spotted making a late-night drugstore run for condoms, booze and a disposable camera? The 22-year-old actress is supposedly dating her equally famous film co-star, but he was nowhere in sight. » Continued

Stop Looking At Me

[Village Voice] Which Best Actress Oscar winner was known to yell at her assistant, when the gal was innocently taking dictation: “Why are you looking at me? Look at the wall! Look elsewhere! Stop looking at me!”? (Funny, that lady usually loves people looking at her.)

Maybe They’re Forming The New Village People

[Village Voice] Which married movie star works out with a gay cop in the West Village and has been seen with the guy quite a bit elsewhere, too?

He’s Throwing Big Fat Tantrums

[Star Magazine] Which weight-challenged funnyman is throwing his heft around on the set of his recent film – terrorizing cast and crew members? “Ever since his stock has gone up, he’s become a real tyrant on the set, throwing tantrums and making women cry,” an insider says.

Blowhard Outraged By Film Reviews

[Village Voice] Which Oscar-nominated blowhard bristled when his lowbrow movie comedy was called “silly” by a reporter and became downright outraged when the same writer compared it to an Eddie Murphy film? (In actuality, even Norbit looked like Downton Abbey compared to parts of this flick.)

Movie Star Literally Loves His Costars

[HollywoodDame] This A-lister is very fond of his co-stars. He has left a slew of one night stands and hook-ups in the wake of his many films. While he was in a committed relationship, he managed to have repeated booty calls with one of his lesser known co-stars in a money-making franchise. That ended once filming wrapped, but he moved on » Continued

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