Botched Plastic Surgery

[NationalEnquirer] What popular star of a classic 1989 teen film – he’s since turned into a successful adult actor – had » Continued

Actor Has A New Beard

[Hollywood Dame] Remember when we mentioned that actor who has been immersing himself in work but his team has been busy beard shopping? Well, he has found a taker. She » Continued

Her Real Age

[BlindGossip] This pretty actress is suddenly everywhere, appearing in half a dozen films over the past couple of years. But while she played a 17-year-old in a stage play just a few years ago (just before her film career really started taking off), she is nowhere near 17. » Continued

Buffy Doesn’t Care Who Sees Her

[NationalEnquirer] Which Oscar-winning actress has infuriated her fiance because she skinny » Continued

Lots Of Action Downstairs

[Hollywood Dame] This action hero in a major franchise has a lot of action going on downstairs. » Continued

Thug Life

[NationalEnquirer] What married-with-kids A-list movie star has his faithful assistant help him find dates with men on » Continued

Grammy Guy Pretends To Be Cheap Movie Guy

[NationalEnquirer] This Grammy-winning musician gets such a kick out of impersonating a certain a-list star that he actually poses for photos with the actor’s fans and signs his autograph! The sleazy singer likes to be a bigger jerk than usual when people mistake him for “Mr. Movie Star” – and even undertips on restaurant and bar bills in the hope that the media will pick up the story!

Stunts To Market A Movie

[Hollywood Dame] The marketing for this blockbuster movie is struggling. Fans aren’t as rabid as they were for the first installments of the saga. The film will make box office history, but that studio is aiming to dethrone ‘The Avengers’ opening weekend sales. A new take on marketing will attempt an emotional association with the new installment. One planted stunt has already happened and there’s more to come.

Bond Girl Gets In A Screaming Match

[NationalEnquirer] Which still-gorgeous, 60-something star – a former Bond girl – got into a huge screaming match over the phone with her husband at a recent Washington, DC, political function? The actress, who’s on hubby no. 4, was so loud that other guests at the event stopped and stared before she stormed off!

The Restaurant Restroom

[BlindGossip] This actor has been in more than one big movie and received at least one major awards nomination in the past couple of years. While his professional life is on track with big roles and big awards, his personal life is not faring as well.
At a restaurant in Los Angeles last month with a group of hipster friends (all male), he suddenly excused himself and ran to the bathroom at the back of the restaurant. He pushed past a line of people into the small restroom, and had a large man block the doorway to keep other guests from entering. The man simply stated, “He’s going to be in there awhile.”
The line of people politely smiled at each other, thinking that the star had suddenly gotten sick to his stomach. The smiles turned to annoyance when they heard » Continued

Franchise Star Has A Late Night Secret

[EOnline] Oh, the luxurious lifestyles of those rich and famous franchise stars!

They basically run Hollywood these days, what with their movies making gajillions of dollars at the box office and all that. But it’s when they step out of that limelight that their perfect little facades fade away and their naughty little secrets come to light.

Like, say, Sammy Sniffles and a late night secret that’s yet to be exposed…

Until now.

Sammy recently appeared in a mucho-hyped big screen flick, Three Cheers for the Underdog. One of those million dollar popcorn flicks that comes with action figures, legions of devoted fans and instant A-list credit.

And Sam does not disappoint when it comes to living the franchise lifestyle.

For one, S2 is into that whole fakey romance thing » Continued

Wife Isn’t Happy About This Reunion

[NationalEnquirer] What hunky actor’s wife isn’t so happy that her hubby – who is long rumored to be gay or at least bisexual – has reunited “professionally” with a former longtime boyfriend? The multitalented star had cooled it for a while, but his ex begged the movie star to let him back into his life!



Actor’s Ex-Boyfriend:

Avengers Actor Is His Own Biggest Fan

[BuzzFoto] One of the main actors from the latest “Avengers” film is so in to his character right now, he’s been buying up fan art online. He doesn’t display it in house, but keeps it in a room and shows it to close friends. He seems to be proud of his growing collection, and we do mean growing! 764

Why The Director Fired The AD

[NationalEnquirer] Which famous high-budget action director had a major meltdown on the Miami set of his latest film? The single and never married playboy – he only dates gorgeous models and actresses – fired an assistant director for dating an extra he had his eye on!

Oscar Winner Is ThisClose To Losing His Home

[NationalEnquirer] Which Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy-winning star is thisclose to losing his multimillion-dollar Malibu home to foreclosure? The aging actor needs to go back to his roots and start picking roles that will put him back in demand!

Rom Com Queen Has Perfect Timing

[Hollywood Dame] This rom-com queen has been trying to find a suitable A-list mate to compliment her image, but had to settle for a C-lister. She was about to break up with him, but when her ex announced his engagement to a couple of mutual pals, she decided to fast track their relationship. Not only will they be getting married » Continued

The Worst Dinner Party Host

[BuzzFoto] This B list, film celebrity, who is a bit on the larger side, who also enjoys cooking, hosts lavish dinner parties at his home. When guests ask what they can bring as a polite gesture, he has his assistant send them a complicated recipe. If the finished product isn’t up to par, he mocks it openly in front of them. Some guests have learned not to ask, and those are usually the guests that aren’t invited back. 759

Stay Away Or I’ll Spill Your Secrets

[Hollywood Dame] This B list actress, famous thanks to her franchise films, is craving another hookup with her co-star. During premieres, she and the film’s leading man have » Continued

Oscar Girl Is Pinching And Returning

[NationalEnquirer]  Which 50-something Oscar-nominated actress is a costume designer’s worst nightmare? » Continued

Brat Pack Sack Chat

[NationalEnquirer] This former ’80s brat-packer, whose life is now in shambles, has been making late-night calls to her former male castmates to reminisce about their past sexual trysts. She created a huge mess when she called one former hell-raiser – who’s been happily married with kids for more than 20 years – when his wife answered the phone! Who is she?

Brat Pack Girl:

Married Brat Pack Guy:

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