Soho Told Him No No

soho-grand-hotelStyleList – Which (straight) male designer had a major hissy fit with the security of New York’s SoHo Grand Hotel on Saturday night when he was denied access to a V.I.P. party happening in the penthouse?

Young Designer Tries to Save Label

kiefer-sutherland1StyleList – Which young designer from a struggling label is joking that he needs to get Kiefer Sutherland drunk and get a facial fracture as the only way to get enough publicity that his business might survive?

Walk of Shame in a Ball Gown

ball-gownNY Daily News – Which self-branded wanna-be celeb was caught doing the walk of shame at 11 a.m. – in her ball gown – after a recent gala in D.C.?

She Tried to Rip Off Marc Jacobs in London

winona-ryderPopBitch – Which fashion designer was caught doing a Winona at the London Marc Jacobs store? She had to be called up and ordered to return the stock to keep it all hush-hush.

Designer Wants to Stop the Presses

out-magazine1Stylelist – Which Asian immigrant designer tried to kill an interview he gladly gave to a gay magazine when he started to get known back home?

Reality Hits Hard for These Three Ladies

women-threeBlindGossip – Here’s the inside scoop on three women with floundering careers. Actually, the word “career” when used in connection with any of the three is debatable, because none of them has a job that requires anything remotely resembling skills. If you ask them, they like to say » Continued

Model Needs Two Jobs in This Economy

model-4StyleList – Which aspiring model had an awkward moment when she was introduced to a fashion editor by a trying-to-be-helpful friend? Turns out the editor had already met the young lady at a restaurant when she was on a paid date with an older male companion, and using a different name.

Vain Fashion Gal Wants a Better Image

woman-airbrushed-faceStyleList – Which senior fashion critic hates the profile illustration being used by the web site of her media outlet, and bombards the editors with a different, youthfully flattering image of herself every week?

Why This Bird Wears Sunglasses Indoors

bird-3NY Daily News – Which alcoholic songbird wears her sunglasses even inside her hair salon so no one can see how sauced she is?

His Tighty Whities Were a Little Too Tight

man-tighty-whities-1CDAN – As a guy, this one is extremely painful to write. This A list movie actor who was also a star on television has a scene in a recent movie where he strips down to his underwear. Because of the » Continued

BGBP: She’s Ranting About Her Size


BlindGossip – This celebrity claims to be a Size 2, and starts ranting whenever anyone even suggests that she might be a larger size. Frankly, we think it’s hard to keep up with which parts of her body are real, and which have been enhanced.

Whose body part is this? What size do you think she really is?

SOLVED! » Continued

He’s Trying to Make It Work on Facebook

tim-gunn-heidi-klum1StyleList – Which former Project Runway personality has some rather disturbing “art” pics of himself on his Facebook page, from when he was maybe a little too young to take his clothes off?

She Demanded Seventeen Free Handbags

louis-vuitton-bag-3NY Daily News – Which young starlet demanded 17 free handbags after forgetting she needed to buy gifts?

Asian Fashion Peeps Don’t All Look Alike

michelle-obama-dress1StyleList – Which Asian fashion editor is sick of being congratulated in NYC restaurants for his designs for Michelle Obama? Um, that would be Jason Wu.

Her Luxury Designer Items Fell Off a Truck

louis-vuitton-bag-2NY Post – Which singer/talk show hostess should be more careful where she shops? She was taken recently to a downtown storage facility where she bought $10,000 worth of luxury designer goods of dubious provenance — not fake, but fallen off the truck.

Fashion Designer May Regret Leather Night

leather-manStyleList – Which Euro fashion designer with an outrageous reputation and a recent contract with a major US retailer might yet regret that night out at a leather club many years ago? There’s a picture involving nipple clamps and a douche d’or that won’t play so well in Peoria.

Fashion Editor Nominates Himself for Award

designer-dress-2StyleList – Which swarthy NYC fashion editor is the first in history to ask the Council of Fashion Designers of America if he could nominate himself for their prestigious Eugenia Shepard journalism award? The answer was “yes” … but he still didn’t get it.

Designer is on a Man Hunt

rulerStyleList – Which partnered NYC designer has a profile on the gay sex site Manhunt seeking weekday assignations? Not only is there a headshot on the ad, but he’ll also send you his cell phone number if you ask nicely. However he’s not telling the whole truth when he claims to be 5’11”.

He Didn’t Really Cut His Face Shaving

man-shaving-2StyleList – Which NYC fashion editor tried to explain away curious wounds on his face as shaving cuts? In fact they were chemical burns left by amyl nitrate, a sex-enhancing drug, spilled during a drunken tryst.

Charity Gets Shorted by Fashion Magazine

makeup-1StyleList – Which fashion magazine tried to do the right thing by collecting cosmetics swag to send along to a women’s shelter? Pity they didn’t explain to the interns, who picked it clean, that the collection unit by the elevators wasn’t a give-away bin.

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