Good Dad Loses Control of His Little Boy

tom hanks colin hanksBuzzFoto – This Celebrity A/B list Dad, who is very loving and by all accounts a great father, has been dealing with a wayward child. The child, who has cost his family lots of time, money and energy because of his antics is now knee-deep into » Continued

He Loves Me and He Loves My Mom

mother and daughter 1CDAN – This B- list television (hit network drama) and movie (meh) actress is known for being adventurous sexually but her latest twist is something that goes into a whole new realm. Over the past few years she has been seeing one particular C list cable actor and in the past few months he has been seeing not only the actress but also her mom. The actress knows about it, encourages it and makes it a condition of their continued romance.

Your Fans Don't Know About Your Daughter

postsecret 1

BlindGossip – There is a blog  called PostSecret where people send in anonymous secrets and confessions in the form of a postcard. A current postcard reads ” The morning after you hit our 10-year-old daughter, we all stood there and watched as a fan asked you for your autograph.” The postcard is not embellished, and no other clues are given. Who could it be?

P.S. Thanks to reader SJ for the tip!

postsecret 2UPDATED!

Another postcard appeared on 11/22/09 on the same site. It read: “We all suspected. Take your 10-year-old and leave! We’ll help, I promise.”

Thanks to sharp readers N, Guessing, and Tiara for the update!

Daddy’s Little Princess is Behaving Badly

girl princessBlindGossip – You may already know that this family has one child in trouble. Perhaps it’s the result of his famous acting parents constant fighting. Will they ever go their separate ways? He’s not the only kid in his family acting out, though. Daddy’s little princess is also » Continued

She Should Shut Up About What Goes into Her Orafices

taylor swift 1LaineyGossip – When do the drugs kick in?

Not that you need me to tell you that she’s not so innocent but this is the sh-t that goes on behind the glossy glitter, the packaging, and a billion dollar brand that must, at all costs, be protected. » Continued

More Plastic Surgery is Not Necessarily Better

plastic surgery 1BlindGossip – Whenever we look at this actress’ face, we think “she looks weird”. Are her cheeks higher? Did she get her eyes lifted? Are her boobs larger? Is it the frozen Botoxed forehead? The Restylane-pumped lips? Actually, it’s all but one of the above. Girl, where are your parents? Are they actually encouraging this? If you feel the necessity to get all this plastic work done while you are still young and pretty, we’re expecting that by the time you hit 40, you are going to look like a freak show act. We actually thought you earned jobs because you had talent, but who can focus on your acting when you are starting to look like an alien?

Mom Draws the Line at Daughter's Activities

teri hatcher 2Which Celebrity mom and network TV star with a teenage daughter just walked in to find her underage little girl doing » Continued

Stop Questioning My Religion Or Else

katie holmes 2BuzzFoto – We hear this Celeb Couple’s relationship is on the rocks due to religion. Apparently, both were of the same faith, but now one is » Continued

How to Make Money Off of Your Daughter

man money happyCDAN – You won’t be able to get the name of the subject but you can get the name of his father. The subject is a teenager and and is the son of a singer. The singer » Continued

Celebrity Girlfriend Really Wants a Baby

woman and baby 1Downfront2 – This Football Player has a celebrity Girlfriend who is dying to have his baby. She comes from a celebrity family, and she is tired of being in their shadows. Look for her to » Continued

Famous Brother Behaves Badly at Party

prince harryHolyMoly – Speaking of Prince Harry, which lesser famous brother and son of a showbiz family turned up at a party with his mate dressed as a » Continued

Actress Won't Be Laughing Over This News

woman laughing 1BlindGossip – This fun-loving actress on a hit television comedy won’t be laughing over this item. Her husband, to whom she has been married for several years, has been » Continued

Rock Star’s Son Scores but doesn’t Show

tickets 1NYPost – Which son of a rock icon used his name to score six free tickets to a Broadway show, but then never showed up?

Don’t Call Me the B Word in Public

sisters 3CDAN –  This celebutante sister of another A list celebutante has broken off her long term relationship with her boyfriend. Reason? He called her the biggest b* on the planet and got a round of applause from the men and women next to him when he did it.

Athlete is Keeping it All in the Family

sports ballsDailyMirror – Which star is secretly sleeping with his brother’s girlfriend? The fella in question has a track record for scoring on and off the pitch. Your extra clue: Well, he’s never been the most loyal guy.

Why This R&B Legend is Always on the Road

earphones black and whiteDownfront2 – This R&B singing Legend is not happy with his life. Despite having worldwide fame and a great singing career, his family and hangers-on are wearing him out. He has to constantly stay on the road to support over 50 family members and leeches.

Just a Few More Pounds

scaleBuzzFoto – A source tells us that this certain star is getting super thin because of a increasingly bad eating disorder. Maybe the pressures of handling a career and family are getting to her. Her family is concerned, but word is, her handlers aren’t- they’re the ones that suggested she lose the weight to get the work. Not Katie Holmes.


» Continued

Psych Issues Not Being Treated

jennifer garner 2BuzzFoto – This celebrity is struggling with some serious » Continued

How These Celebrity Parents Raise Their Kids

girl sadCDAN – What upper list celebrity parents have only seen their child/children for a total of five days over the past two months. The parents feel like the child/children get in the way too much and our parents have way too much going on in their lives to be concerned with their child/children right now.

Diva Manages to Offend Everyone

reese witherspoon 2BuzzFoto – Last week, this diva got some press again, also due to her newest movie coming out. She did some interviews and played nice, but she’s making more and more » Continued

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