Don't Do The Boss' Daughter

TheGloss – Which sexy CW star was fired from his previous high-profile gig following an ill-fated liaison with a network honcho’s daughter?

He Sent His Brother Away to Avoid Scandal

BuzzFoto – This B list actor who is going to star in a movie that already has Oscar buzz is terrified that his brother’s penchant for underage play is going to come to light and ruin his own chances at success. He has sent his brother on a year-long “Eco” vacation to Central America in the hopes of keeping his bad behavior out of the way. Not Clive Owen.

Music Legend Is a Meany to Little Boy

PopBitch – This R&B legend had a Russian nanny to look after his small children. When he toured eastern Europe, the nanny’s own son, who had been left at home while she tried to make the family money in the US, traveled over to Poland to see her again. The R&B ended up telling her no. The nine year old boy arrived at the concert but was told that his mother couldn’t take time off to meet him.

Real Reason This Couple Split

BlindGossip – Which tabloid favorites have broken up over a discovery that will shock the ever-faithful gossip hounds across the pond? While the tabloids will report that their was no third party involved, there was. » Continued

Celebrity Kids Heading for Juvie

BuzzFoto – We’ve officially decided that celebrities should not set up play-dates between their children, no matter how old the kids are. Why? Maybe this blind will illustrate our point. The children from these two celebrity families seem to have egos that mirror their famous parents. The two families got together over the last week, two of the oldest decided it would be a good idea to » Continued

Stork Prevents Him From Flying The Coop

[BlindGossip] This couple is expecting. No secret there. What is a secret, however, is what was happening behind closed doors before the baby was announced.

Things had been rocky in this couple’s marriage for the past few years. The more she pushed her agenda on him, the more unhappy he became. After a particularly rough patch, Husband decided that he was going to do three things: » Continued

When You See Mom With Her Kids

CDAN – I know I have not written about C*ke Mom in awhile, but I may have found someone better. Well, not a better mom, but this person is a much bigger star. Much. Like A list movie actress big or very, very close to it. Anyway, our actress has always come across as » Continued

Christian Darko and His Handy Helper

TheGossipBoy – Christian Darko is a hot young guy who is very well known in town. Not only do the ladies love him, but the guys drool over him as well. Maybe not as much as other guys like him, but he has his gay following. CD loves his gay fans, a lot actually. He hangs out with them whenever he gets a chance and often gives them access to meet him. He has been tempted many a time, but has always had a girlfriend. Christian is a not the cheating kind, but he is not really a catch either. Christian was raised with religious morals and standards, one that probably have messed his pretty little head up. But » Continued

Cat Fight Between Mommy and Party

BlindGossip – It’s hard to believe that these two girls were ever friends. They started out with the same dreams and ambitions. However, one has continued down the path of single party girl, while the other is raising kids and starting businesses. Both have been making snippy comments behind the other one’s back. Party girl says she feels sorry for the Mommy spending her day up to her elbows in sh*t.  She swears that her friend ‘s upcoming marriage will never happen. Mommy says that Party is no longer a star and has no real friends and is heading for destruction with her continued association with the druggie crowd.

These Sisters Share Everything

BuzzFoto – This celebrity sister duo share more than just the limelight. They seem to share everything. Including men. As of this weekend the sisters can now boast that they’ve slept with at least one of the same men. One of the sisters made her rounds with an old flame of the other sister this weekend at a club. Not the Hilton sisters.

Their Little Girl Rode The Horse

CDAN – This C list actress daughter of a former male A list celebrity (now B) and a former B list actress (now a D) was found » Continued

The Real Reason She Is Moving

BlindGossip – This celebrity is moving to a place thousands of miles away from where she lives now. Her motives are rather suspicious. Is the new location closer to her workplace? No. Closer to her family? No. Better weather? No. She claims it is just because she found a locale that she and her husband like. The real reason, though, is to » Continued

TV Star is Doing Everyone on His Show

CDAN – This married A list television star on a very hit network show always has portrayed himself as the ideal family man. He always mentions his wife in interviews, and when they make one of their infrequent appearances together he always appears to be the loving husband. The reality is that he has slept with about 10 people from his show ranging from crew to extras to cast. Considering the other guys on this network you wouldn’t think he would be king of the cheats, but he is.

Pushing Baby Sister Into Plastic Surgery

StarMagazine – Which fading starlet is trying to force her younger sister into plastic surgery? She told the young wanna-be model that she’ll never make it in the biz unless she goes under the knife, so the little sib is set to get a nose job and breast implants, ASAP.

Meet Reformed Rita

TheGossipBoy – Reformed Rita has come a long way in her Hollywood career.  She came from a well known family and appeared to be friends with all the right people. Rita was the kind of girl that all party girls looked up to and everyone wanted to » Continued

Shopping at Walgreens at 3 am

BlindGossip – This well-known young actress went shopping at a drug store in the middle of the night, her friend or assistant by her side. The celeb was a little paranoid about their purchases, so she would point out something on the shelf and the assistant would put it in the basket she was carrying. As the clerk rang up the items, she casually said “You two girls look too young to be out this late” To which the actress replied, “My parents know that I’m out. This stuff is for them.” The clerk just smiled and kept checking them out. We’re sure lots of parents send their child out in the middle of the night to buy cold medicine and condoms and Mountain Dew.

She’d Rather Write Than Sing

BuzzFoto – Which famous singer is in the process of penning a children’s book? Although she’s made her money, her secret dream from childhood was to become an author. No word if it’s any good. Not Celine Dion.

How This Young Actress Scored The Role

BlindGossip – Lots of summer movies will be coming out soon. The leading lady choice for one of them was a surprise. She is so miscast that you will likely be puzzled as to how the heck she scored the role. It certainly wasn’t her talent. It was her relation to another actor. Her relative did some scoring of their own back in the day, and the young one is now reaping the benefits. Yes, little girl, there are dozens of people who know that you were not booked because of your talent. Eventually, though, you’re going to have to stand on your own two feet.

A Shaved Head and a Cat Suit

Downfront2 – This female Singer is trying too hard to be relevant. Her new album is being released soon. She has been showing up on promo appearances with her hair shaved and see through cat suits. She is the mother of two kids, and this look does not suit her.

Put Down the Baby and Pick Up Your Breasts

BlindGossip – In some relationships, having a baby brings the couple closer. That’s not the case with this celebrity family. While she always appears lovely and pleasant on camera, we hear that behind the scenes the two have been yelling and fighting over everything. Popular topics for their arguments include sleep deprivation and him trying to convince her to stop breast feeding so that she can get a breast lift.

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