Barely Legal Buff

[National Enquirer] This daughter of a superstar is considering taking it all off for a raunchy magazine. The barely legal wannabe actress has been posing » Continued

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Heavy Emotional Turmoil

[National Enquirer] This R&B diva is usually in control, but the 40-something star is going through some heavy emotional turmoil. She’s just learned a weight-loss company is about to drop her as a spokesperson and her family has all but turned their backs on her. Who is she?

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The Naughty Daughter

[The Morton Report] The Noisy One or the Quiet One: Which Was the Naughty Daughter?

Famous family. Two daughters — the Noisy One and the Quiet One. The Noisy One is well-known for headline activities but the Quiet One was really the bigger brat when they were growing up.

During the Quiet One’s teens, » Continued

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Dad’s New Life

[Downfront2] Are these Superstar siblings adjusting to their dad’s new life? A much younger woman is in the picture now. Will this spell more drama?

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Lose Dad Lose

[Blind Gossip] Which politician does not have the support of his family? While this Democrat is running for reelection, his wife and kid/s are nowhere to be seen during his campaign.

That’s because they miss their old home and old friends and old school/s. They are also very sensitive to people publicly criticizing their family member. They really want Dad to lose so they can get out of the public eye and resume their previous life.

However, don’t expect him to drop out of the race. He is committed to public service, thinks that his desire to be a career politician outweighs their desires and opinions, and his campaign is moving full steam ahead.

UPDATE: Not Barack Obama.

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Not Exactly Right To Life

[Blind Gossip] Which grey-haired politician is a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to right-to-life issues? He is very vocal about every baby being given the chance to be born, and has even tried to cut funding to women’s health clinics, but he’s not exactly practicing what he preaches. His » Continued

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Punk Ass Politician

[Blind Gossip] This high-ranking politician has had a very successful political career. His mother-in-law, however, doesn’t think so highly of him. She tells her friends that despite his power and money and success, he is » Continued

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Stumbling Block


[National Enquirer] He’s the son of Hollywood royalty and ambitiously wants to carry on his family’s acting legacy after emerging from a myriad of legal woes. But there’s one small stumbling block. He’s STILL » Continued

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Thirty Pounds Of Feelings

[Blind Gossip] This entire celebrity family is totally stressed over the fact that one of the parents is having an affair. You just don’t know it, though, because they all plaster on smiles for the cameras. The littlest one – who still lives at home – is the most stressed of all. To cope, he is eating his feelings. Thirty pounds of feelings in the last year, to be exact (but don’t tell anyone).

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Hot Homewrecker

[National Enquirer] What aging British rock star’s gorgeous daughter is getting a hotter reputation in Hollywood as a homewrecker than as a talented actress? The 20-something starlet is dating a married production assistant she met on her latest film.

Rock Star:


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