Uncle Warns Funny Brothers About Women

[Hollywood Street King] Band Of Brothers?

He’s a colorful comedian who reigned in the 90′s – boasting the words “you can do what you wanna do”. But, according to our blind item, doing what you wanna do shouldn’t include marrying wh*res. Don’t believe me… Just ask his two nephews, who seem to be keeping true to their uncle’s teachings. » Continued

Courtside Fit


[Bossip] Which attention sloring celebrity seed had a fit when she wasn’t seated courtside at last night’s Brooklyn Nets game?  SMH.

Somebody was salty they couldn’t Instagram from floor seats. Last night » Continued

These Celeb Neighbors Hate Each Other

[Blind Gossip] We’ve told you before that this young actor has been throwing a lot of house parties to distract from some recent troubles.

Well, one of his neighbors has had enough, and it’s getting ugly! His house is next door to the young star’s house, and » Continued

Funny Guy’s Marriage Is In Trouble

[Blind Gossip] This funny guy – who is the star of a television show – is not laughing about the state of his relationship. He and his wife have been struggling to add to their family, there have been many fights along the way, and their marriage is currently in trouble.

The first fight occurred when they both went through a series of fertility tests. One of the tests he took came back positive… for » Continued

Young Star Is In Danger

[Blind Gossip] This young star is in danger. There is a huge gap between what is publicly being reported about him, and what is really going on in his private life.

Public: He is a clean-cut guy.

Private: He parties every day, and consumes copious amounts of » Continued

Randy In The Loo

[The Morton Report] This item concerns a famous woman who used to be a bit of a player but is now married to a less famous but notorious man.

She’s keen to stress the romantic nature of their marriage, but the truth is that » Continued

Her Sister In Law Sold Her Out

[Mouth To Ears] This [woman] was not even cold in the ground and her family was spending her money

They say that blood is thicker than water but not for this diva. As soon as she lost her battle » Continued

Family Dump

[Downfront 2] This once tight-knit TV family has not been the same since of one of its members was ousted. Will the family be able to pull back together or will they have to dump » Continued

Troubled Son

[Hollywood Street King] Today’s Blind Item is the troubled 32-year-old son of a popular Detroit female singer/preacher from the legendary » Continued

Sibling Role Reversal

[Hollywood Street King] Sibling Role Reversal?

She may only be 26-years-old, but our blind item has long faced big girl problems — becoming a mother at 17, and a divorcee at 21. That’s why – even though she’s younger- she can now lend her life experience to her elder sister.

Five-years is the age difference between » Continued

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