Journalist Outs a Gay Congressman

aaron schock[Blind Gossip] If you write a blind item that doesn’t name names, but does includes pictures, is it still a blind item?

A journalist named » Continued

Two Publicity Stunts

publicity 3[Blind Gossip] You know how celebrities “accidentally” post things on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, and then pretend they are really embarrassed by it?

And you know how celebrities are always claiming they got “hacked” when a racy pic gets released?

Well, here are two celebs that we know are liars.

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Giant Jada Lectures Another Celebrity

jada pinkett smith 4[Blind Gossip] Actor and part-time psychologist Jada Pinkett Smith dishes out “words of wisdom” via an “open letter” to “A Friend” about blended families.

The letter – which appears on her Facebook page – is really a public smack down. » Continued

Her Friend Is Shopping Her Screencaps

[BuzzFoto] The internet is causing this B list actress all kinds of problems. First, photos of her leaked onto the world wide web, and now she’s been arguing with family on her private facebook account. Some pretty personal things were said and a mutual ‘friend’ took some screen caps of the conversation before it was deleted and is trying to shop out the story to the press. 622

Action Star Seeks Revenge For Defriending

[BuzzFoto] This B list celebrity from a recent action film is so offended that he was deleted from this C list actor’s facebook page he had his publicist contact the management of the C lister and ask what the deal was. The C Lister’s camp refused to comment and actually scoffed at the approach, further angering the B lister. He then » Continued

Former Child Star Will Pay You With Sex

[TheNationalEnquirer] Which former child star took to his Facebook page to beg friends and fans to help him move to a new apartment in exchange for sex?

He Mocked Her on Facebook

BuzzFoto – This celebrity couple who broke up recently (not the two singers, which are the subjects of another previous blind) did so because of Facebook. She found out he was repeatedly sending messages to his famous ex via Facebook. It wouldn’t be so bad if almost all of the messages didn’t contain rude jokes and comments at her expense. 491

Her Facebook Friend is Crushing on Her

BuzzFoto – This television/film actress who made it big on a show that is no longer on the air is still in contact with an old friend from High School. The two chat about once a month and stay in contact on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. She is now in a relationship, but has no idea that the friend from High School is madly in love with her and always has been. He of course, is married but can’t help his feelings and would probably act on them if given the chance. Not Katie Holmes.

Engaged But In Love With Another Guy


BuzzFoto – This super washed up starlet is partying and hanging out with a guy from out of state. Even though she’s engaged she’s found herself in love with the out-of-stater. One big problem, besides her engagement to someone else » Continued

Spying on Her Fiance's Old Girlfriend

BuzzFoto – This famous television actress, with a much less famous fiancé is gorgeous and has it all which is why you’d think she’d be more secure than she is. Her fiancé recently added an old girlfriend on facebook and was excited to reconnect. The actress allegedly hired a team to research this girl, (background checks, searches, etc.) and to find out everything she could about her. She is secretly monitoring their interaction online (although so far she’s come up with nothing scandalous). She has even sent the old flame text messages from her boyfriend’s phone to ‘test’ her and gauge her reaction. We hear she is becoming obsessed and blind with jealousy, even though it seems he is not interested in the ex other than in catching up. Not Kristen Bell.

This Actress Wants Her Lead Singer Back

charlize theron 1 buzzfotoBuzzFoto – This actress dated a lead singer in a band a while back. The two were very much in love and the singer’s music reflects this in some of his songs. We hear that the actress, although in a different relationship now is secretly hankering to get back together with her former lover. She keeps all of his music on her ipod and follows his twitter, facebook, and webpage religiously. Not Charlize Theron.
Photo Credit: BuzzFoto

Musician Still Carrying a Torch for Old Flame


BuzzFoto – Which Star Musician is still secretly holding a candle for his old flame? The couple were very popular in the eyes of the press, and their breakup was tragic. He refuses to talk to her, doesn’t respond to her on Facebook or any other social networking sites. (He secretly stalks her private page, and apparently she has a private blog too!) The pair had a severe mental connection and though he and she have both moved on, he’s still very much in love with her. He won’t admit it for the world and thinks that his silence, friendly or not, is a good disguise for his feelings.

It’s not: Marilyn Manson. » Continued