His Face Is Plastic And His Pants Are On Fire

[BlindGossip]  In the late 00’s, his face was starting to sag and lose its elasticity. His face pretty much fluttered in the breeze as he ran. He had lines around his eyes and bags under them.

Now, frankly, this is not a big deal. All faces age. Really! But this ego maniacal liar wants you to believe that he is no mere mortal, and that his looks are all natural because he lives such an extraordinary life. That’s right, People! He’s not like you! He works hard to stay young! He has never had plastic surgery and never will! Or so he claims.

Here’s the truth: » Continued

No Nipping Or Tucking Allowed

[NationalEnquirer] Which perky All-American actress has had so much cosmetic surgery that producers on her comeback film added a clause in her contract that she can’t get nipped or tucked until after the movie’s release? She’s desperate to make her way back to the A-list, but movie execs fear when the film comes out no one will recognize her on the big screen.

Rapunzel Gets a Lot of Help

BlindGossip – This movie actress is known for her beauty: piercing eyes, full lips, shapely legs, gorgeous hair. Oh, wait. Better scratch that last one off the list. She has been dieting so strictly that her hair has started falling out in clumps. She has a new project filming soon, so she’s been trying out hair extensions. We’re sure she’ll credit the extensions for the sudden increase in length, but when you see her, you’ll know that longer hair wasn’t the motivating factor for her new hairdo.

Pushing Baby Sister Into Plastic Surgery

StarMagazine – Which fading starlet is trying to force her younger sister into plastic surgery? She told the young wanna-be model that she’ll never make it in the biz unless she goes under the knife, so the little sib is set to get a nose job and breast implants, ASAP.

Too Young for Botox

DailyMirror – Which young celeb would shock her fans by revealing she has had Botox on her barely wrinkled face? Pals insist she has no lines to smooth away, but she is becoming obsessed.

This Action Star’s Crow’s Feet Are Gone

man plastic surgeryPageSix – Which action star was lying when he said recently he’d never have plastic surgery? The actor has obviously had his eyes done in the last year or two, judging by the way his crow’s feet magically disappeared?

TV Host Wants You to Meet His New Face

show host 1StarMagazine – Which former TV host shocked patrons at LA’s Voyeur night club on October 29 when he debuted his new face? Sources say he recently got a hush-hush eyelift that made him unrecognizable.

She Should Shut Up About What Goes into Her Orafices

taylor swift 1LaineyGossip – When do the drugs kick in?

Not that you need me to tell you that she’s not so innocent but this is the sh-t that goes on behind the glossy glitter, the packaging, and a billion dollar brand that must, at all costs, be protected. » Continued

More Plastic Surgery is Not Necessarily Better

plastic surgery 1BlindGossip – Whenever we look at this actress’ face, we think “she looks weird”. Are her cheeks higher? Did she get her eyes lifted? Are her boobs larger? Is it the frozen Botoxed forehead? The Restylane-pumped lips? Actually, it’s all but one of the above. Girl, where are your parents? Are they actually encouraging this? If you feel the necessity to get all this plastic work done while you are still young and pretty, we’re expecting that by the time you hit 40, you are going to look like a freak show act. We actually thought you earned jobs because you had talent, but who can focus on your acting when you are starting to look like an alien?

Actress Cries About Her Face

monster-1BlindGossip – This actress peaked in the 1990s. Everyone knew her name, and her beautiful face was on the cover of every magazine. Looking to make a comeback, she has approached several directors and producers about roles that are really » Continued

Movie Legend Rejects Girl on Girl Rumors

woman-surprisedNYPost – Which movie legend proclaims in her nightclub act, not once, but twice, “Although I love girls, I don’t sleep with them” — causing eyebrows in the room to hit the chandelier.