How She Really Went From Thick To Thin

weight loss 8SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] This celebrity inherited the looks gene from one celebrity parent and the lying gene from the other celebrity parent. Her latest whopper is about her weight » Continued

Her Slim Little Helper

woman weighing herself[Blind Gossip] This girl has been in the public eye for a long time and is very used to being watched and photographed. While she can handle criticism about her talent, she is not very good about handling criticism about her body! » Continued

Driver Dishes On Dieting Diva’s Deafness

soul cycle 2[The Wrap] I can’t tell you how many times I had seen her on TV singing the National Anthem or stepping onto a red carpet » Continued

The Real Reason She Is So Thin

girl thin 4[Blind Gossip] This Girl is young. She cannot even legally buy beer in many states. She has a big and busy career, though! She has it all: a TV series, a singing career, and a new movie coming out this year.

But… something has been happening with her body. She used to be of normal weight, but she has gotten thinner and thinner » Continued

Comeback Kid’s Exes And Wives

family 6UPDATED!

[Lainey Gossip] Just some personality and colour I thought you might enjoy…

Comeback Kid only dates famous girls. When he and Golden were together, he stepped out on her twice that she knows of: once with » Continued

Bragging Manly Man Gets Lost

[BuzzFoto] A “manly-man” actor who comes off as very macho both on film and off went on a hike with some friends last week in the LA mountains. Although he bragged to friends about his expertise in the wilderness, he had to be guided out by his wife as she gave him GPS instructions via cell phone. He was only a half-mile from his car. 678

His Ex Wants Two Favors


[BlindGossip] His ex is personally ringing up various members of the media to ask a couple of favors. First of all, whatever you do, please don’t call it “cr*ck”. It’s OK to say that he is smoking c*caine, but don’t call it cr*ck, because she doesn’t want their child/ren to hear Daddy being called a cr*ckhead.

Secondly, if you’re going to comment on his scary 20+ pound weight loss, don’t say it’s because of the dr*gs. Say it’s because he loves working out and that he is actually healthier and in better shape than ever before. Right. » Continued

Thin and Exhausted Girl is Cracking

BlindGossip – This actress, who is the star of a very successful television show, has become completely obsessive about her weight. » Continued

Less Weight and More Energy

BlindGossip – This television star claims that she lost those annoying pounds so quickly because she was so completely committed to being healthy. Really? Committed to an addictive substance is more like it. Sure, she exercised and ate healthier. She also ingested enough white powder to cause rapid weight loss, a sudden burst of energy, and a future commitment to a rehab facility.

He Drinks to Your Health An Awful Lot

bottles 2BlindGossip – This actor always seemed like such a healthy guy. We’ve seen plenty of photos of him engaging in various forms of exercise and chowing down on wholesome foods. He’s been in shape for every one of his roles thus far, and isn’t one of those guys who has to go into training before making a film. That’s why it came as quite a shock to us to find out » Continued

Bikini Girl Held Her Own Private Parade

yoga bikiniBlindGossip – This over-30 TV actress spent the weekend in a popular beach town. While it is unknown if she spent much time in the water, she did spend plenty of time walking up and down the sandy shores in her bikini. She wasn’t really walking at a speed that would be considered exercise. She would just stroll approximately 100 feet, stop, stretch in yoga-type pose, and then continue walking. When she hit a certain point on the shoreline, she would turn around and repeat. Very odd. It was as if she desperately wanted to make sure that every person on that specific stretch of beach to know she was there. Perhaps she was trying to get the attention of one certain guy on the beach. Yes, her ex was there… with someone else. And he never even looked at her. Or perhaps she wanted someone in the business to notice her and offer her a job?

Talented Actress Adopts An Extreme Diet

woman-eating-fruitBlindGossip – Which actress has resorted to extreme dieting to drop some extra weight? She may have gotten a little depressed after her last film didn’t do well, because she stopped exercising and started eating » Continued

TV Girl Can Huff and Puff Simultaneously

woman-smoking-3BlindGossip – We were out hiking on a remote section of popular hiking trail last week when we turned a corner and ran into the female star of a well-known TV drama. Having had some business dealings in the past, we stopped to exchange a few words. While we were standing there chatting, » Continued

Pilates at Three in the Morning

This celebrity is obsessed with exercise. So much so that she has a Pilates instructor on 24-hour call. If she feels fat after drinking a glass of wine, she will call the instructor in for an emergency session in the middle of the night.