They Have Been Having An Affair For Six Months

couple bed 6SOLVED!

[Lainey Gossip] Big Super Secret Hookup: There’s a reason she recently decided to flaunt her brand new relationship so publicly.

Suddenly she’d found true love behind the scenes? And they were telling magazines about it? And getting papped on holiday in Europe? It was because she was sending a message. » Continued

Terrified That His Past Will Be Revealed

man stri[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which male TV host is terrified that his str*pper past might come back to haunt him?

Now in » Continued

Pop Star May Be A Daddy

child 1SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] She was a regular girl who met a very famous pop star at a casual dining restaurant in Miami a few years ago. Their two tables hit it off, and – long story short – she wound up spending the night at his hotel room.

She found out that she was pregnant soon after. » Continued

Their Upcoming Elopement

wedding sunsetSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] We read a lot of gossip reports. The most interesting one we read recently was that these two actors are planning to elope.

Allow us to fill you in on all of the details… » Continued

Prince Rumoured To Be Gay

[The Morton Report] The Actor, The Father, The Prince, and The Palace Maid

This blind item is short and intriguing.

A famous actor had a gossipy father. He was well-versed in the secrets of high society and of diplomatic and royal circles. (This is the father, not the actor, you understand.)

One of his favourite stories, which he gladly recounted at top dinner parties, concerned a prince » Continued

Actor Hooked Up With Two Of His Sisters


[CDAN] Back in the day when the franchise first started filming, this actor was hooking up with this actress who played his sister. Well, what was not known at the time by that actress was that he was also hooking up with » Continued

Titled European Men Are So Classy

[CDAN] This married for now, permanent B list movie actress with a famous dad was at an event the other night and was being polite and making conversation with a man who was probably in his 80’s. He also had a young 20 something on his arm. The man holds one of those vague European titles which no one understands. Anyway, our actress asked how » Continued

This Actress Is So Tilda Swinton

[CDAN] This foreign born actress is probably a B-/C+ here although she did star in one of the highest grossing movies ever. Mostly though her work has been done in her native country so most of us would need subtitles. Anyway, she is married. She also has a boyfriend. This sounds so Tilda Swinton. I wonder if this is more common in Europe. Anyway, she » Continued

She Had A Secret Baby

[Buzzfoto] This B/C list film actress from a series spent a summer as a young girl in Europe and allegedly had a baby from a fling there. She gave the baby to the father’s family. Ever since making her money in Hollywood, she has sent financial assistance to the family, under the strict instruction that child not know who the money was from. 606

The Fall of a Former Fantasy Girl

CDAN – This former B list movie and television actress has seen her career stall since leaving a franchise. While she has been dabbling in c*ke quite frequently lately, this past week it got out of hand. She basically » Continued

Staggering Down The Red Carpet

CDANWhat A list movie actor managed to walk the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival despite drinking for 36 hours straight. People got drunk from his fumes it was so bad.

Junior Financier Pretends to Be A Partner

NewYorkPost – What presumptuous, preening, junior financier at a European investment bank believes he’s such a big shot that he asked for his business card back after handing it over at Travertine the other night? When we responded he wasn’t a big enough player to be a boldfaced name in this column, he then tripped over himself to hand his information back to us. Here’s a tip: People who say, ‘I can’t be in your column,’ are usually not interesting enough to be on Page Six in the first place. His card, which didn’t back up his claim to be a partner in the bank, would do a tremendous job lining our waste-paper basket.

He’s Not Gay in Europe

NewYorkPostWhich barely closeted gay male movie actor recently had a passionate affair with a woman while spending time in Europe?

Premier League Star Goes Wild in Vegas

DailyMail – A Premier League footballer is caught up in a bl*ackmail plot after an *rgy with three Swedish blondes in a Las Vegas hotel room was filmed on a mobile phone.

Police are investigating the report that film and and photographs were made and that they form the centre of an attempt to bl*ckmail the star.

The player, who is in his 20s and enjoys a clean-cut image, is » Continued

Ashamed of Her Skin Color

BuzzFoto – This pretty, 30-something actress may profess to be proud of her heritage in the press but we know this: several years ago she » Continued

Trainer Out and Pretty Boy In

PopBitch – Word from a certain lake in Italy is that this heavily closeted Tinseltown actor has ditched the personal trainer/hairdresser/assistant he’s been having a relationship with for years in favour of a very pretty 17-year-old. He’s said to be besotted but even his regular entourage are worried the lad
in question may not have the purest motives. Sorry, no more clues.

A Royal Tennis Match

CDAN – In honor of the US Open, I will offer up this tennis blind. This Top 25 foreign born men’s player is currently having an affair with a married Princess of a Northern European country.

Singer Forces Mom to Clean House

DailyMirror – Which pampered money-obsessed singer has fired her eastern European housekeeper – insisting her mother take over the duties instead and saving her a measly $80 a week?

Music Legend Is a Meany to Little Boy

PopBitch – This R&B legend had a Russian nanny to look after his small children. When he toured eastern Europe, the nanny’s own son, who had been left at home while she tried to make the family money in the US, traveled over to Poland to see her again. The R&B ended up telling her no. The nine year old boy arrived at the concert but was told that his mother couldn’t take time off to meet him.

Actress Starts Partying Before Check In

TheGossipBoy – What A-List actress arrived at Cannes and began drinking before she even checked into her room?  She was so wasted by the end of the night that a C-Lister managed to get her to go back to his room with him?  For him, it’s an accomplishment.  For her, it’s just another notch in her downward spiral.

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