Weight and Harley

harley street[Pop Bitch] Which highly irritating Brit celeb has a pretty modern approach to healthcare? » Continued

The Mega Star Runny Nose

brad pitt 4[The Morton Report] The British press has a great knack at spotting irregular behaviour in Hollywood stars and this story concerns a very big name indeed.

These days he seems like Mr. Sensible, but go back over a decade and when this mega-star was in England, the word soon got around that he » Continued

At A Bar In Birmingham

[The People] Which reality TV star was spotted kissing several other men in a bar in Birmingham recently?

Uppity In Upper Class

[PopBitch] Which troubled young Brit actor met the friendly introductions of the Upper Class Virgin Atlantic flight attendant – offering to help with whatever he wanted during the journey – with the simple riposte, » Continued

She Hired Paparazzi To Look Important

[CDAN] This huge celebrity in England is visiting the US. When she heard that no one cared about her here or even knew who she was, she hired 10 paps to meet her at the airport and to cause a scene. She wants to be noticed and has the money to make it happen.

Kate Middleton Has A Vice

LaineyGossip – [Kate Middleton] seems relaxed, right? Well… she may have one vice to steady to her nerves. Something she’ll never, ever, ever, ever, ever allow herself to be seen doing publicly. It’s not a rumour. I have a slamdunk source who confirmed it, including the brand. But don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll quit once they’re in their cottage in Wales and trying to have babies.


» Continued

He Got a Gag Order on His Mistress

Which married British TV star with a cult following on this side of the Atlantic recently won a gag order in England to keep his cheating under wraps?  The love rat claimed it would be “very distressing” to his family if his extramarital affair was uncovered.  A judge agreed after a woman he’d cheated with tried to extort a bundle of money from him by threatening to go public with their dirty dalliance!

Oscar Guy is a Leather Queen

VillageVoice – Which Oscar-nominated Brit with a large p*nis is basically a leather queen who cuts quite a swath in his head-to-toe biker drag?

He Curses His Boss Behind His Back

PopBitch – Which England star told friends over dinner that Fabio Capello was “a f*cking wanker…can’t wait for him to get fired”?

Pop Princess Takes MEN Arena Literally

PopBitch – According to a security guard at Manchester Arena an old video has done the rounds there showing some dressing room shenanigans involving which pop princess and her two dancers? Which resulted in one onlooker saying, ‘I wonder how they manage to dance with c*cks THAT big!’

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