Emmy Is A Regifter

[National Enquirer] Which three-time Emmy winner brags about regifting the free swag she gets during awards season? The millionaire funnygal – who was overheard saying she barely has to Christmas shop – picked up extra freebies with pricey eye creams to gift to her equally rich girlfriends!

Count Me Out

[National Enquirer] Can you name the Emmy-winning funnygal who’s telling her series’ producers to count her OUT for next season because she can no longer endure the constant sniping and back-stabbing of her petty, green-eyed-monster co-star?


Strict On The Set

[National Enquirer] What Emmy-winning TV star has implemented a strict “no booze or drugs” policy on the set of his new sitcom? The actor is constantly reminding everyone on the set what’s NOT appropriate in the workplace – and he’s offering counseling to any co-stars or crew members who may be in need of a little 12-step work!

Oscar Winner Is ThisClose To Losing His Home

[NationalEnquirer] Which Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy-winning star is thisclose to losing his multimillion-dollar Malibu home to foreclosure? The aging actor needs to go back to his roots and start picking roles that will put him back in demand!

Smarmy Emmy Winner Whiner

[NationalEnquirer] His long-running, critically acclaimed series has ended, but this Emmy winner is still whining to anyone who will listen about it being over. The smarmy star feels it was his best role ever, and he’s a nervous wreck, fearing his career is all downhill from here! Who is he?

She’s Taken Off Her Wedding Ring

 [NationalEnquirer] This 40-something actress is half of one of Hollywood’s longest-married and well-liked couples, but she’s been seen out and about with her male pals – and without her wedding ring. Like her better half, the talented Emmy winner got her start on a daytime soap. Can you name her?

Actress Tells Interviewer To F Off


[BlindGossip] This actress on an acclaimed television show had a pre-Emmy photo shoot and interview scheduled with a magazine last week. In general, when a journalist conducts an interview for a magazine, it’s a puff piece, and things go pretty smoothly. If the actress doesn’t like a question, the publicist usually intervenes, the matter is settled amicably, and the interview continues. Not in this case.

The journalist began to probe some areas of the actress’ life outside of her current project. More specifically, she asked the actress to address a Blind Gossip item that implied that the actress may have been awarded some roles for talents having to do with something other than acting. Uh-oh. » Continued

Emmy Girl Embraces No On H8

[NationalEnquirer] Which ’70s Emmy winner from a classic TV comedy who is now in her 80s has embraced California’s anti-Prop Eight movement? Turns out the actress jumped on the marriage-equality bandwagon after her adult daughter came out of the closet recently?!