Slagging Off Her Rivals

email 5[New York Post] Which smarmy journalist has been caught red-handed slagging off her rivals and some prominent New Yorkers on her work e-mail, making her public enemy No. 1?

Payback can be a bitch.


Hubby Puts Email On Lockdown

[The People] Which popstar’s hubby has banned her from reading her e-mails? He checks them first as he reckons she’s a love cheat.



Here’s My Business Card

[NewYorkPress] Which budding impresario gave a twentysomething girl his business card and told her via email that he’d buy her and all her friends drinks all night at his new hipster str*p joint?

Actor Turns Stalker

BuzzFoto – We have a D List Actor with add*ction problems that has a new obsession. He met a beautiful, young C List television actress at a recent Red Carpet event and maybe spoke two words to her. He was somehow able to obtain her personal information from a friend. He’s now » Continued

Chubby Funnyman is A Bottom

PopBitchWhich chubby funnyman got his wires crossed when a prospective business partner emailed him? He replied saying he was » Continued

The Talk Show Host and The Rapper

CDAN – This female talk show host called, texted, and e-mailed this A list male rap singer constantly everyday for weeks until he finally broke down and went on a date with her. And more.

Email Snooping Turns Up A Cheater

TheGossipBoy – Jennifer Love Hewitt visited ‘The View’ Wednesday and proved that she is not the girl to cheat on. She revealed that an ex had cheated on her for a year and a half. Though didn’t reveal which of her exes was the dirty cheater, said she found out when she checked his email.

“I’m really happy I did it and I would do it again,” she said. “I was really curious, I knew in my gut that something was going on. I checked, and I found that out of the almost two year relationship, for a year and a half, he had been having relationships not just with one woman, but a few.”

Jennifer said that after suspecting that something wasn’t right she got a little nosy.

“He was caring more about his appearance, [he started] to work out more… where is that coming from?”

Candidates are Ross McCall, Carson Daly, Will Friedle, Joey Lawrence and Rich Cronin.

Meet Big Mouth Billy

TheGossipBoy – Big Mouth Billy has been around for a long time, making a name for himself in a world that he longs to be in.  Billy capitalizes on celebrities with secrets to hide and has no problem stirring up rumors to make his name more relevant.

People look up to Billy and love him through and through.  But what would people do if they found out he was conning everyone?  Turns out that » Continued

Tough Guy Actor Can’t Bear Life Without You

teddy-bear-2BlindGossip – There’s a tough guy actor in Hollywood whose name is well known. He has a sequence of moves that he makes on a woman. If he is interested in you, he’ll first send you » Continued

Secretly Talking Again After Painful Break Up


BuzzFoto – These two exes who recently started talking again secretly after about 6-7 years of silence, are still playing emotional games with one another.

They both have others in their lives, and their successes mirror one another’s, but because the male was hurt by the breakup, he purposely waits weeks in between responding back to her emails and phone calls. Our source says he is either scared or trying to see how much power he has over her. We think it’s just a little silly and immature.

We’re not sure what the recent contact is all about for the two, but we hope it means teaming up professionally again. The two could be unstoppable!

No one from the Jennifer Aniston situation.

SOLVED! » Continued