Let’s Talk About Viagra

viagraCDAN – Short, but sweet. What former A list talk show host just had his doctor give him his first prescription for Viagra?

Her Former Boyfriend Says She’s Nuts

nutsStyleList – Which bi coastal businessman who used to date that internationally famous model-actress (who’s now engaged to someone else) says that she’s completely nuts? That might be because of her largely-unreported-on fondness for the booger-sugar.

He Aimed for the Girl in the Red Dress

woman-red-dress-11EOnline – Man-Slut McNugget Returns! Crawley McNugget is back, but don’t worry, his sleaziness hasn’t gone anywhere. Remember Crawley? The little TV star that could? He racks up bedroom conquests about as fast as he » Continued

Starlet is Relaxing with Hippie Mom and Dad

hippie-parentsNYDailyNews – Which grungy young starlet’s idea of a good time is getting stoned with her ex-hippie parents?

Nose Problem Results in Hair Problem

hair-extensions1BuzzFoto – This Actress, because of all her bad living, is losing her hair like crazy. Not only has she lost tons of weight, but now she is trying to cover up her bald patches with bad hair dyes and extensions. Those around her are afraid to tell her how terrible she looks, but we hope she turns things around soon, so she can restore her beauty. Cocaine doesn’t do a body good. Not Tori Spelling.

Comic Actor Out of Control on Movie Set

clapboardCDAN – What B- list movie and television comedy actor is currently having to reshoot many scenes from a recent movie. He has been doing so many drugs on his film that he has wildly different looks from one scene to the next depending on when it was shot. It has become so bad that more scenes are being written into the movie for other actors in an attempt to create a story without using many of our comic actor’s scenes and story line.

Glastonbury Guy Has a Four Cs Contract Rider

glastonbury-logo1HolyMoly – Which Glastonbury performing male solo artist has the following rider wherever he performs – staff call it the four C’s?





Glasto Gal Put Padlock on Powder Room

glastonbury-logoDailyMirror – Which rocker put a padlock on her portaloo, dubbing it the ‘Glastonbury powder room’?

She gave only her pals the code so they could use the cabin to chop-up and inhale several grams of marching powder.

She Was Taking in the Fresh Air in Atlantic City

atlantic-city-postcardNYDailyNews – Which ditsy blond didn’t seem to care when a crowd of ladies caught her sniffing Colombia’s finest – right out in the open – in Atlantic City?

Editor’s Note: While we have published the item exactly as it appears in the NYDN, we’re not thrilled with their choice of words. See thread for more details.

Rapper Tweets About Surprising Dog Treats

dog-surprisedStyleList – Which unsavory former model turned actor-rapper has been Tweeting about feeding drugs to his dog?

A Movie for Her and Makeup for Him

woman-makeup-1CDAN – Some good news for this formerly B+ movie actress and now a C. It appears she is off the drugs and even her husband appears clean. The bad news is he can’t get a job and so has been hired by the producers as her personal makeup artist for the movie she is filming right now. I can’t believe she got another movie.

Actress Enjoys Driving Her Co-Star’s SUV

suv-1CDAN – This former B list television actress was on a hit initial show and now has said goodbye to that and has dropped to a quick C. Anyway, she is known for her love of » Continued

Her Comeback is Hampered by False Friends

christina-aguilera-1EOnline – Princess Powder-Puff has had quite the rocky existence for the past couple of years. Besides being a sizeable tabloid target, Princess P. has had some career setbacks, too. Maybe that’s because everyone around P uses her for something. And whatever goodies those fake pals are » Continued

Mom of The Year Wants Another Baby

women-pregnant-2CDAN – I hate giving out pet names to people in the blind items because the next thing you know I will be writing like Ted Casablanca and getting my four remaining hairs bleached. However, since this is a third appearance for » Continued

Biggie Says Bye Bye to Big Bucks and Baseball Boy

money-2NYPost – Which embattled hedge-fund biggie is suffering more now because his son is misbehaving in school? The boy was disciplined and suspended from the private school’s baseball team after he was caught smoking pot.

New York Model Busted for Baking Soda

baking-sodaStyleList – Which skinny NYC model busted on a night out with a bag of white powder in her purse, who claimed it was baking soda, was actually telling the truth? The bulimic girls believe that rinsing with it after vomiting neutralizes the effects of the stomach acid on their teeth.

Gwyneth is Sad When She Can’t Control You

gwyneth-paltrow-2Sydney Morning Herald – “When I was much younger I was involved with somebody where they weren’t married but were into drugs and alcohol … I was obsessed with why this person wasn’t showing up.

I was raised by people … who made me feel really good about myself. I still got caught up in this thing of, What’s wrong with me? Why isn’t this turning out the way I want?”

Raid Girl is a Paid Girl

women-three-2CDAN – I hope you read the post from yesterday because today involves the very same actress. Our actress is involved with a much older man who likes to have a variety from which to choose each night. At the present time he has two women he pays for and our actress. The two women are both considerably older than our actress and are much more experienced. One of the two women who is bought enjoys pain but our actress does not get involved in anything but watching it be administered. In addition to taking care of her benefactor, our actress is also expected to spend some, umm alone time with the other bought woman. It is amazing what a drug habit will do to once very strong morals. I smell rehab very, very soon.

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Actor Enjoys Relaxing by Candlelight

candles-red-1N Daily News – Which SAG Award-winning actor has pals ship him marijuana in hollowed-out candles when he’s working out of town?

He’s Not Producing Anything Worthy of an Oscar

oscar-trophy-redCDAN – This producer has had at least one Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. The thing is, he has been the producer of many, many movies, but has never done any actual producing. He takes the producer credit in exchange for a reduced fee in the drugs he supplies to the set.

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