My Fat Dog Makes Me Look Bad

fat dog 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which Real Housewife, who says she adores her dog, just sent him to » Continued

This Pooch Is Screwed

[BlindGossip] A visitor to a film set brought their dog with them. One of the lead actors (who is very well-known) chatted briefly with the dog owner, whom he had previously met. The actor told the visitor that he actually owned a similar dog years ago, and that he really missed her.

When the dog owner received a phone call requiring them to leave the set, our actor volunteered to watch the dog. The » Continued

Actress Faces A Huge Cleaning Bill

[CDAN] This former B+ list television actress from a very hit teen drama type show and now pretty much always unemployed but still pap worthy when spotted actress faced a $10,000 cleaning bill when she recently left her apartment in the middle of a lease. She could not afford to pay the lease and owed the cleaning bill because apparently she could not be bothered to ever take her dog outside and was very bad at cleaning the messes up.

Two Girls One Pup

BuzzFoto – Two girls, one pup. These sisters are famous, for different things in the industry. They both share ownership of a very noisy dog. When » Continued

This Celebrity Left His Dog in the Car

dog-pantingBuzzFoto – Which D-list Celebrity male left their dog in the hot car for 20 minutes while getting groceries? Shame on him! Not K-Fed.

Rapper Tweets About Surprising Dog Treats

dog-surprisedStyleList – Which unsavory former model turned actor-rapper has been Tweeting about feeding drugs to his dog?

Actress in the Doghouse with Director

Which young actress should have left her sick dog and bad manners at home? At a recent party attended by Hollywood bigwigs, she brought along her adorable puppy, claiming that she couldn’t leave him at home because he was sick. She passed the dog around to lots of people to snuggle with, most of whom did not know that the dog was not in good health. Unfortunately, he wound up getting very sick on the very expensive outfit of the very unhappy wife of a very famous director. The unapologetic actress simply grabbed the pup and walked away, thus ensuring that she will never appear in one of the director’s films. bg