Funnyman is Both Engaged and Married

CDAN – This out of control funny man B list movie actor is engaged to be married to a celebrity. What his fiance [sic] doesn’t know though is that our funnyman actor got married about two years ago when he was drunk in Vegas. He kept meaning to get it annulled but never did. Meanwhile since it happened he has lost track of the woman he married that night. His people are searching frantically for her so they can get the marriage annulled before his fiance [sic] finds out about it and before he gets married to her.

She’ll Fake Christmas Reunion for a Reality Show

christmas tree 1NYPost – Which lady who recently filed for divorce is trying to lure her husband to a Christmas reunion? Friends suspect she hopes to generate footage for a reality show.

His Wife is Talking Divorce Behind His Back

woman whisperingUPDATED!

BlindGossip – This Hollywood bad boy had supposedly cleaned up his act. However, his wife has been consulting very quietly with a prominent divorce attorney, and has also been asking a lot of questions around town about their stock portfolio and bank accounts. We’ve heard it’s because her husband’s former bouts with both substance abuse and the kind of sex that requires a fat bank account  have made comeback. While he is working and he still has the fat bank account, he has lost his grip on both fidelity and sobriety. His wife has had enough, and has her foot halfway out the door.  Dude, you’d better get your act together before she takes you to the cleaners, because your PR people are going to have a tough time spinning you out of this one. The girl may be pretty, but – in case it hasn’t dawned on you yet – she sure isn’t dumb.


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Two Couples Breaking Up Over One Affair

tom cruise katie holmes 2EOnline – Enough with the skanky, closeted “straight” movie stars out getting photographed with their pretend girlfriends while doing guys on the side.

This week we’re goin’ back to those sneaky heterosexuals who » Continued

Manly Mogul is Actually Gay

man money 2NYDailyNews – The gorgeous wife of that manly mogul is telling friends the real reason they’re divorcing is that he’s into guys. She claims they haven’t had sex in four years.

A Surprising Final Straw in This Actress’ Marriage

catherine zeta jonesBuzzFoto – This married/aging actress has put up with a lot throughout her celebrity marriage. She’s practically raised the kids on her own, dealt with scandals and cheating and still managed to put on a happy face on the red carpet. Within this next year, she plans to finally leave her husband and make the divorce public. The current final straw? » Continued

He's Getting a Very Special Birthday Present

steve carell 3BuzzFoto – This famous celebrity husband (mostly known for comedy) with a non-famous wife has convinced his spouse that every couple in Hollywood has  thr*esomes. His wife was incredibly reluctant and refused for years, but he’s threatened divorced and told her that bringing in another partner into their marriage just comes with the territory when you marry someone famous. Our source says the wife seems really insecure about the marriage and worried that she is going to lose the star, has finally decided to hire a pr*stitute for his upcoming birthday. Not Steve Carell.


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Why She Hasn't Dated a Man in Months

woman alone 1StarMagazine – Which divorcée hasn’t had a date with a man in months, because she digs the ladies? The housewife introduced her girl as ‘a friend,’ but now that things are over, she’s on the prowl for a new gal to keep her company.

Stop Questioning My Religion Or Else

katie holmes 2BuzzFoto – We hear this Celeb Couple’s relationship is on the rocks due to religion. Apparently, both were of the same faith, but now one is » Continued

He Ordered Up a Hit on His Gay Ex-Wife

hit manPanacheReport – Under the influence of » Continued

Wave Goodbye to Daddy and The House

waving goodbyeCDAN – This should be a very interesting divorce. This B list actor on a hit cable show recently separated from his wife. The wife who is also mother to one of his kids. Instead of letting them stay in his huge home, he decided to stay in the house himself so he could entertain and kicked the wife and kid down the road to an apartment.


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Singer Rebounds with Special Assistant

couple bed 2StarMagazine – Which singer has rebounded after splitting from his wife by secretly » Continued

Aussie Athlete Gets Cheap with Alimony

30 dollars – Fresh from a broken marriage, one wealthy international Aussie sportsman has challenged the $80 a week his estranged wife demanded for visits to restaurants plus $40 for entertainment and $50 a week towards holidays. » Continued

Hot-Tempered Hubby Doesn’t Know About Affair

angry-man-3NYPost – Which wife in the middle of a nasty divorce is secretly dating a successful businessman? The affair, if it went public, would complicate the litigation, and her hot-tempered husband can be scary.

BG12345: Duck Duck Truth 3

angry-1BlindGossip – Boy is he angry that she beat him to the punch in filing for divorce! The divorce was his idea more than a year ago. He wanted out, but she convinced him to keep » Continued

BG12345: Duck Duck Truth 1

earrings-1BlindGossip – Her look has changed considerably over the past few years, including her hair and more than one plastic surgery. However, she had her husband convinced that if he changed his appearance, he wouldn’t project the wholesome family image the producers wanted. A key turning point in their relationship was the day he got the piercings. Once that happened, she knew she couldn’t control him anymore. Oh, you thought we were talking about ears? Think lower. Ouch.

BG12345: Duck Duck Truth

duck-1BlindGossip – What’s really going on with this famous couple? Plenty that we’ve been holding back! Anybody want a BG12345 with the behind-the-scenes about this couple who are trying to duck duck the truth?

“Honk” if your answer is Yes! If we get 100 Honks before 1:00 pm EDT, we’ll do it!

UPDATE: Well done, you honking maniacs! You’ve certainly earned your BG12345. Here we go!

They Will be Dragging Out the Divorce

divorce-3BlindGossip – When most couples divorce, they want it over with as quickly as possible so that they can move on with their lives, or for the sake of the children, or because lengthy divorces cost more money. Not this couple! They are currently negotiating to stretch out the divorce as long as possible. Even though they can’t stand each other – and have lived separately for a while now – as long as the family is somewhat intact, they both make a lot more money than they could with a regular job. Right now they are negotiating for two plus years of continued steady income. Yes, that’s right. He is just as motivated by the money as she.

Huge Bill from Bed Bath and Beyond Explained

bed-linensCDAN – What we have here is a marriage that didn’t last long, but oh what a wedding it was. Everyone was there to see this couple getting married. The divorce was just as spectacular. The husband is a celebrity both in North America and in Europe. The wife is a permanent A list entertainer. » Continued

She Liked to Pick Up Hispanic Boys in Her Limo

menudo-1CDAN – We are just going back to those carefree days of the late 80’s and early 90’s. This A list female entertainer has had an amazing life. She has done just about everything possible in the entertainment world and is one of the most » Continued

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