Bernadine Sexes Her Way Into Role

EOnline – It’s the oldest story in Hollywood: sex for hire. But unlike some other Blind Vice candidates we’ve covered over the sleazy years, Bernadine Couch-Butt’s Tinseltown rise didn’t involve any sex that was contractually required. Bernie snagged her big, successful horny director man the old-fashioned way: wearing a nightie. Yep, a see-through job just happened to be what Bernadine was wearing when they first met, lucky for Bernie.

Because she’s now well on her way to donning equally lusty outfits in… » Continued

Meet Buella and Kelly and Drew

EOnline – Here’s an Awful Truth first: This entire friggin’ cast is in on the Vice! But instead of focusing on the entire group, we decided to introduce you to the three biggest troublemakers, ’cause we know they’ll be making future appearances.

So let’s welcome Buella Bland, Kelly Guten-Shoes and Drew Smolder ‘n’ Such to our Vicey vault for some truly Teddy O’Bong-type behavior…

But before we get to the ganja goodness, let’s set the scene for this trio and their night out on the town. See, Buella, Kelly and Drew work extra hard to maintain their fame. Trust, it’s a full-time gig aside from their full-time jobs as, you know, actors. » Continued

From The List of The Director’s Wife

CDAN – The Director’s Wife is not really known to follow her marriage vows, so it should not be surprising that she does not also respect the vows of other marriages. OK, so the guys are equally to blame. Anyway, here are a few of the married people she has » Continued

Ungrateful Actress Seeks Revenge

BuzzFoto – This ungrateful actress is sabotaging her own movie career. She is starting to bad mouth the director and producer of her latest film as well as her costars to everyone who will listen. It will only be a matter of time before something is printed and the married director will see what she is saying about him. Apparently, he made her mad when he » Continued

Director Gave Her a Bad Gift

CDAN – This foreign born, very attractive, C list actress who has bounced between some great television shows and so so movies was overheard at a party discussing the fact that » Continued

Actress is Getting Harrassed on The Set

BlindGossip – A certain actress is feeling very uncomfortable on the set of her new television series. One of the actors has been behaving inappropriately around her. He has made comments about her appearance (e.g. the size and shape of her body) that she was able to ignore at first. However, the comments have escalated to the point that it is interfering with her ability to maintain composure on the set. What is she doing about this? Nothing. The actor is a friend of either the director or the producer, so she fears that if she was to complain that they would side with the man, and possibly replace her on the show.

Get An Acting Job The Old Fashioned Way

BuzzFoto – This model is hoping to cross careers and make it into the movie biz. She’s done some television  work, but reality stuff doesn’t really count. Her plan to get a role is to do it the old fashioned way, by sleeping with a married famous director. So far no roles, but we’ll see if her labors pay off in the future. Not Kelly Bensimon.

Director Names Some Bad Actors

HolyMoly – An esteemed movie director who shall remain nameless was talking about all the great actors he’s worked with throughout his career etc when he said: “The only truly terrible actor I’ve worked with is Val Kilmer – he is such a c*nt. And I’ve worked with Michael Douglas, for f*cks’ sake, so I know what I’m talking about.”

Venetia’s Girlfriend Dumped Her

EOnline – Cannes has been such trouble for stars this year: Naomi Campbell had younger, more attractive models thrown out of her fancy B-day bash. An errant dog ate Lindsay Lohan’s passport. And poor Venetia Vag-0-Matic  got dumped by her stunning girlfriend!

Only thing is, Venetia didn’t even know about this sad news until she got back stateside. How awful!

How could the GF, who blew off her more famous partner as soon as she returned to L.A., have been so cold? Well, turns out the gorgeous girlfriend saw a picture of Venetia in Cannes doing something she probably shouldn’t have been doing… » Continued

Music Producer Used Director’s Wife

CDAN – This one actually happened prior to our actress getting married, but for the sake of convenience we will still call her the director’s wife. Anyway, not too long before she met her husband, she was the rebound for this A list » Continued

Oscar Wife is Sleeping Around

CDAN – This Academy Award winner/nominee actress has always worried about her husband cheating. Her husband, a former A list movie actor though should worry about his wife. For all the worries about the husband cheating it is actually the wife who is sleeping with a current co-star and an assistant director from her last movie.

Director’s Wife will Indulge Your Fantasies

CDAN – Yesterday I introduced you to the married actress who was willing to do anything to help her husband. Well her affections are not just reserved to help her husband. She also looks out for herself. One of her regulars is an A list » Continued

TV Actress Will Not Be Number Three

BuzzFoto – This not so bright starlet recently found the cell phone of the director of her television show. She cruised through the numbers in his contact list and when she discovered her name was listed third behind other actresses on the show, she threw a huge tantrum. She confronted the director and accused him of picking favorites, the proof being in his cell phone contact list. He calmly explained that the names were put in alphabetical order, not order of importance. Instead of apologizing for her behavior, she instead went back to her trailer and tried to clean up her wardrobe she had earlier ripped to shreds out of anger. Not Courteney Cox.

Photo Credit: BuzzFoto

He Pimped Out His Wife for Directing Gig


CDAN – This married writer/producer/director wanted to direct this much anticipated movie. A movie for which there was a lot of competition. Well, one day the producer of the movie came over to the director’s house to interview him for the job. While he was there the director’s B- list movie and television actress wife showed up. She sat in on the interview and made it perfectly clear to the producer that she was perfectly willing » Continued

Actress Didn't Report the Assistant Director

CDAN – This now B list, but back when the movie was filmed a C list actress, is telling friends she was » Continued

A Hospital Instead of A Nap

StarMagazine – Which multi-tasking actress needs to take a break? With her acting, directing, spokesmodeling and more, it’s no wonder she’s exhausted. But her recent hush-hush hospital stay was a major sign to slow down.

Director Leaves the Windows Open

Defamer – Which epic movie director specializes in f*cking make-up artists in his trailer on set? “He leaves the windows open so everyone can hear him,” said one colleague. “It’s the most macho bullsh*t.” The stunt backfired on a recent movie set because his squeeze was married.

Oscar Nominee has Interesting Hobbies

PopBitch – Which nominee spent part of the ’90s as a smacked-out recluse, enjoying h*roin-fueled thr*esomes with a film director and actress?

Take His Promise with a Grain of Salt

BlindGossip – A certain famous married director has been filming more than feature films. He has used his own camera to record some of his very personal moments with his favorite actress. She hit the roof when she found out but can’t do very much about it. She knows that if she tries to take any sort of legal action, it would quickly become public knowledge, and she absolutely will not tolerate any hits to either her personal reputation or her current relationship. He has agreed to destroy the footage in exchange for her commitment to a future project of his. Frankly, we would take any promises made as a result of blackmail with a grain of salt.

Shaky Brain Ruins Shaking Hands

CDAN – This B- list movie actress with A- list name recognition who sometimes dabbles in television has always been a little goofy and has done c*ke pretty much her entire adult life. She might want to reconsider that doing coke thing before meeting directors though. Our actress went into a meeting with a director, reached out to shake his hand, and her vial dropped from her hand to the floor. She had forgot to put it away after taking a line in her car.

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