Faithful and Devoted Countertops

k black white[Blind Gossip] There’s been lots of chatter about the divorce of this famous news guy, and speculation as to his involvement with a prominent female reporter.

Well, we have the inside story! » Continued

Lemonless Diva Throws Hissy Fit

[NationalEnquirer]  Which cooking/lifestyle star threw a major hissy fit when the first-class cabin ran out of fresh lemons for her hot tea? The decorating diva berated a flight attendant for handing her a packet of lemon juice and then complained how she would demand a refund on her ticket!

His Taste in Home Decor Isn't So Super

superman 2BlindGossip – This actor has strange taste in home décor. While all the houses in his neighborhood were painted in pretty pale pastel colors, he painted his house a dark, scary color. He received so much » Continued

Indie Starlet Loves Alice in Wonderland

miawasikowska-alice-1NYDailyNews – Which indie starlet secretly has a house decorated entirely with Alice in Wonderland paraphernalia?

Music Man will Take You on a Magic Carpet Ride

persian-carpetNYDailyNews – Which music man brings along three necessities on all his tours: men in tight shorts, muscular food servers and Persian rugs?

Huge Bill from Bed Bath and Beyond Explained

bed-linensCDAN – What we have here is a marriage that didn’t last long, but oh what a wedding it was. Everyone was there to see this couple getting married. The divorce was just as spectacular. The husband is a celebrity both in North America and in Europe. The wife is a permanent A list entertainer. » Continued

Welcome to My Hello Kitty Kitchen

hello-kittyBlindGossip – This over-30 actress is not known for having the greatest taste in men. Well, it turns out that her taste in home décor is even worse. Although she is working with professional interior design folks, she keeps derailing the agreed-upon plan by insisting that they incorporate some of her really ugly personal items. The decorators are grumbling behind the scenes that the actress has the taste of a ten year old, and “we wouldn’t be surprised if she asks for a Hello Kitty kitchen”. Just proves that money can’t buy you taste.

He’s Funny About Throw Pillows and Baggies

throw-pillowsNY Daily News – Which funnyman doesn’t even bother to hide his drug habit? When pals come to visit his pad, they’re just as likely to see baggies of cocaine lying around as they are to see throw pillows.