Birthday Party Fun

[BuzzFoto] This C list actress from film only recently, hosted a party for her boyfriend’s birthday. She invited several of her costars from her latest film that came out in late 2011. She and her costar (a B+ actor) both had a little too much to drink and ended up making out on the couch in front of everyone, including the boyfriend. 630

Why She Freezes Whenever She Sees This Actor

[CDAN] For those of you who have read the site for a long time, this one might be easier than those of you who don’t know about the connection I had to a certain hit television show that had a very long run and has spawned at least two very big names, but no so much my connection to the show. Nice guy, but not a huge star.

Anyway, on this show, everyone at first was really united and became kind of like family and it was at this time that one of the co-stars and now an A list television actress who has pretty much given up on ever doing a movie again. She confided that she had been » Continued

No Stranger To Strange Relationships

[BuzzFoto] We’ve written about this B/C list young actress before, and she’s no stranger to strange relationships and ab*se. However, we hear that her current relationship with an older man is extremely » Continued

Movie Stud Is Getting Some Young Male Tail

[CDAN] So, this very solid A list movie actor who has rocketed to almost A+ status in the past year has had a series of gorgeous girlfriends. Back to back to back they have been B+ or A list actresses. Anyway, it seems that our actor is not above getting a little » Continued

Trashy Tweener Catfight

[CDAN]  This could turn out to be a tweener catfight. You know even , when you are a tweener, there are apparently jealousies and lots and lots of s*xual backstabbing.

So, this former A list female tweener (No Love)has not said two words directly to this also former A list female tweener (Not So Innocent)since despite having to sometimes work together. It all goes back to when they both were on the same network. No Love used to hate how goody goody Not So Innocent was or at least pretended to be. Turns out that Not So Innocent was the queen of the quickie » Continued

Immature Actress Is Making Stupid Decisions

[Celebzter] There is much concern for this actress. She has always liked to “party”, but all of her friends which used to go on vacation with her and snort up that Colombian Marching Powder first thing in the morning, knocked back with a shot of tequila, have since grown up and moved on.

The problem is, she hasn’t. In fact, she’s desperately » Continued

The Devil She Knows

[CDAN] This former B list television actress who was on a really big hit network show just a couple of years ago now just seems to float mindlessly and flit between boyfriends. She comes from a broken home and » Continued

He Scored For His Girlfriend

[CDAN] What C list wannabe hip hop singer/and “actor” scored » Continued

Actor Is Beard Shopping

[Hollywood Dame] This actor has been immersing himself in work and flying under the radar lately. That will soon change. His reps have been beard shopping for him to start publicity just in time for a couple of films to hit theaters.

Boy Bander Had A Surprising One Night Stand

[BuzzFoto] This C list boy-bander who was once a much bigger star, is not only struggle with substance abuse. He’s struggling with fidelity. He is recently cheated on his girlfriend by having a one night stand with » Continued

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