Actress and Athlete Are Not Exclusive

CDAN – Apparently this relationship between a C+/B- list movie and television actress and her A list athlete boyfriend is not as serious as the world has been led to believe. Both of them have been seen out with other people in the past few weeks and they weren’t exactly platonic dates.

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Musician’s Manager is Arranging New Girlfriend

BuzzFoto – This musician who recently had a breakup is eyeing a new, younger and more beautiful celeb than his last girlfriend. He’s already talked to his manager and they have set up a meeting. He’s hoping to have at least a hook-up, but in the next couple of months, if all goes well, look for him to have a new beauty on his arm to help his image. Again, not John Mayer.

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Actor Wants Bedroom Entourage

NewYorkPost – Which actor wants an entourage in his bedroom? He’s been asking his various girlfriends to suggest guys who could join them in the sack.

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Action Star is Very Vocal in Bed

BlindGossip – When you are an action star, people naturally assume that you are as macho and confident in bed as you are on the screen. That’s why it comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that not only is this actor terrible in bed, he’s also very vocal about it. His former bedmate reports that in order for him to become fully engaged, she needs to shout his name over and over again while they are having sex. Even funnier is the revelation that if she stops doing it, our action star will begin shouting his own name over and over again.

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Tween Faces Public Relations Nightmare

CDAN – This A list male tween singer has some big issues to face. » Continued

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Party Girl No Longer Star Material

PopBitch – This Hollywood actress was big news thanks to her starring role in a TV show over the past couple of years. And yet she somehow managed to get herself bad press. She put in some heroic partying performances and has a habit of dating guys way older. Anyway, studio execs who had pencilled her in for stardom have pulled back. She’s still in the same role that made her famous and getting annoyed about it.

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She is Obsessed with Her Musician Ex

BuzzFoto – She broke up with this musician a while ago, and pretends that it is friendly. However, our jilted actress is still very hurt over how things turned out. Whenever she hears or reads about the musician in the news and his latest relationship or fling, she is infuriated. She has demanded that her agent start arranging more events where the two will be able to meet up or run into one another. She is said to be slowly developing an obsession with keeping tabs on her ex and wants to sabotage any new love he might have. If she can’t be happy, no one will! Not Cameron Diaz.

SOLVED! » Continued

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Hot Young Actor Betrayed by Roommates

BlindGossip – This is the story of three young actors living together in Hollywood. Actor A is a very popular, hot, young actor and the star of a popular franchise. With his parent’s encouragement, Actor B, a fledgling actor, moved into Actor A’s home as a roommate. Actor A worked his contacts behind the scenes to successfully get Actor B a gig in the same franchise. » Continued

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Sweetheart Breaks Out The Scissors

StarMagazine – Which actress isn’t really such a sweetheart? She recently shredded a pile of clothes her off-again boyfriend had left at her house and sent him a box filled with the scraps.

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She Puts on a Smile Although She’s Still Hurt

BlindGossip – The folks who create the seating chart for the Golden Globes received a request from the team of this previous Golden Globes Award nominee/winner that she be seated as far away from another celebrity as possible at Sunday’s ceremony. Although their breakup wasn’t recent, it had been ugly, and they still typically avoid each other whenever possible. You see, although their original relationship was a setup, she thought that their relationship had gone from fake to real over time and that she was The One. She wasn’t, and she was genuinely hurt when he moved on to another fake relationship. It’s always a little funny and sad to see the fake smile she puts on whenever his name is mentioned. Then again, her entire face was oddly tight at the awards show. Snip, snip!

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She Offers an Encore at Sundance

BuzzFoto – Since the Sundance Film Festival is coming up, we’re sure we’ll have some great blinds coming from our Salt Lake source. We got a fun call from him last night. He has told us about the antics of several celebs from years passed and hooking up with a few himself. Apparently he got a text message from this celebrity (who is currently in a relationship) whom he has partied with in the past (and reportedly got an STD from). She said she’ll be in town this upcoming weekend and she wants to know if he wants to get together for a ‘wild night’ and an ‘encore’ as she calls it. We expect this star to be at Sundance so we’ll keep you posted. We wonder if her boyfriend will accompany her? Not Lindsay Lohan.

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Singer and Boyfriend Have Open Relationship

CDAN – This female former A list singer who will permanently be a B because of her name came home the other day to find her celebrity boyfriend in bed (technically on a sofa, but what they were doing is usually found in the bedroom) with another guy. She didn’t care though because our singer had a girl for herself who she had brought home.

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She is Pulling a Britney With a Paparazzo

BuzzFoto – This B/C star who is regularly followed by the paparazzi, has apparently been pulling “a Britney” and hooking up with one of the street photographers. The two met when he snapped her picture and have been flirting ever since. We know with the case of Britney that Adnan was allegedly looking for financial gain, but it is said this pap is sincerely head over heels for the star. He’s absolutely smitten but we’re not sure about her, since she has the reputation of being a man-eater. Not Kim Kardashian.

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Disney Star is on Her Way to Trouble

BuzzFoto – We overheard some chatter yesterday that kept us updated on some good blind item material! Friends of this Disney star gossiped that although she is young and cute with a clean image, she’s well on her way to trouble. The star they were gabbing about is underage, but is very talented in taking » Continued

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Football Guy Has Enough Kids

NYPost – Which famous football figure doesn’t want to marry his much younger girlfriend of several years because she wants to have kids? He has grown children.

Which famous football figure doesn’t want to marry his much younger girlfriend of several years because she wants to have kids? He has grown children.
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She is Expecting a Valentine's Day Proposal

engagement ring valentines dayBlindGossip – While it may be a bit early, this young star is already predicting what will happen on Valentine’s Day. She is telling friends that she is sure that her boyfriend is going to propose, and she has already started picking out her wedding gown. The only person who doesn’t know about this is » Continued

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Her Boyfriend is Dating Her Girl Friend

golden globes trophyCDAN – This foreign born B list actress who is a Golden Globe nominee/winner has been seeing a former B list movie actor and now a middling C with almost A list name recognition. No big deal right? Well the thing is that the actor is dating our Golden Globe nominee/winner’s best friend who is also a C+/B- movie actress. Oh, and the guy is a tool. There is one other name I could have thrown out there who connects, but that would have made it too easy. A note: When I say nominee/winner I do that like I do child/ren. It is an either/or situation.

#1 – GG nominee/winner
#2 – Former B list movie actor
#3 – C+/B- movie actress


» Continued

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Her Boyfriend is Tweeting Her Girl Friend

twitterBuzzFoto – This celebrity girlfriend has a less famous, but still well-known “boyfriend.” The two have been together for a little while now, and not without their troubles. They’ve recently been hanging out with another celebrity couple whom the girlfriend met through one of her movies. After meeting the other couple, her current boyfriend is now » Continued

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This Star Takes Manscaping to an Extreme

man hairy backDailyMirror – Which portly star shocked his girlfriend on a recent holiday by unpacking a » Continued

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This Actress Wants Her Lead Singer Back

charlize theron 1 buzzfotoBuzzFoto – This actress dated a lead singer in a band a while back. The two were very much in love and the singer’s music reflects this in some of his songs. We hear that the actress, although in a different relationship now is secretly hankering to get back together with her former lover. She keeps all of his music on her ipod and follows his twitter, facebook, and webpage religiously. Not Charlize Theron.
Photo Credit: BuzzFoto
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