Rock Jock’s Girlfriend is Keeping His Secret

TheGossipBoy – Rock Jock is no stranger to this site and he is hiding something that I thought you might find interesting.  Rock Jock and Black Sheep have been all over town happy and in love.  Seems Rock Jock is all about the vadge this week.  Or maybe it’s because Black Sheep has been taking care of him and hiding yet another secret.

Rock seems to have played a little to unsafe and brought home something that he needs a prescription to get rid of.  Black Sheep » Continued

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Singer is a Two Timer

DailyMirror – Which singer is secretly two-timing her doting boyfriend with her ex? The girl in question is used to behaving very badly.

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Actor is Married and Flirting and Dating

CDAN – This doesn’t really surprise me considering how long it took for this B+/A- film actor to finally get married. Still though, to openly flirt with women at a party and then ask one out on a date and then go on a date while your wife is back home with your child/ren does not really seem like a good way to make that marriage survive. I wonder if he went with the whole open marriage line or the we have an understanding excuse.

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Venetia’s Girlfriend Dumped Her

EOnline – Cannes has been such trouble for stars this year: Naomi Campbell had younger, more attractive models thrown out of her fancy B-day bash. An errant dog ate Lindsay Lohan’s passport. And poor Venetia Vag-0-Matic  got dumped by her stunning girlfriend!

Only thing is, Venetia didn’t even know about this sad news until she got back stateside. How awful!

How could the GF, who blew off her more famous partner as soon as she returned to L.A., have been so cold? Well, turns out the gorgeous girlfriend saw a picture of Venetia in Cannes doing something she probably shouldn’t have been doing… » Continued

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TV Co-Stars Having a Secret Relationship

BuzzFoto – These costars from a popular network show are planning a side project together. In the course of their experience, the two have secretly fallen for each other. They don’t want the network to know their secret because of the dynamic of the show, but it can only be a matter of time before the cat’s out of the bag. Not Cory Monteith.

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Kissing Co-Stars Vacation Blowout

TheGossipBoy – Remember this blind item [below] about the co-stars accidentally caught kissing on film?  Last time I told you about them Gnarley Abstrong was happy that the tape had been found and could continue his career as a closeted gay actor.  His boyfriend White Stallion was not so happy.  Whitey wanted to come out if you remember, but Gnarley was loving the attention he got from his high profile romances.

When there show went on summer hiatus, Gnarley and Whitey secretly planed to go on this lavish vacation, away from all peering eyes.  But » Continued

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Oscar Girl Has a Secret Stash

StarMagazine – This goody two-shoes Oscar winner has a naughty secret — a stash of » Continued

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Christian Darko and His Handy Helper

TheGossipBoy – Christian Darko is a hot young guy who is very well known in town. Not only do the ladies love him, but the guys drool over him as well. Maybe not as much as other guys like him, but he has his gay following. CD loves his gay fans, a lot actually. He hangs out with them whenever he gets a chance and often gives them access to meet him. He has been tempted many a time, but has always had a girlfriend. Christian is a not the cheating kind, but he is not really a catch either. Christian was raised with religious morals and standards, one that probably have messed his pretty little head up. But » Continued

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Hail Mary is No Angel

TheGossipBoy – Hail Mary has long since been thought of as the sweet angelic girl. She has built her entire fan base on the fact and is constantly coming up with new ways to seem like a holy rolling girl. And in the daytime, she is. But when the sun goes down, Hail Mary lets her inner bad girl out. Hail Mary is not one for clubs and A-List bashes, she chooses to stay under the radar. This little wild child is best known for renting out residences and penthouse suites under her managers name for her no holds barred parties. » Continued

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These Sisters Share Everything

BuzzFoto – This celebrity sister duo share more than just the limelight. They seem to share everything. Including men. As of this weekend the sisters can now boast that they’ve slept with at least one of the same men. One of the sisters made her rounds with an old flame of the other sister this weekend at a club. Not the Hilton sisters.

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Her Body is a Raisin on Toothpicks

BuzzFoto – This C-Lister used to date a celebrity who is now on the A-List. He was drunk at the Chateau Marmont this weekend and was heard to describe her body as a “Raisin on Toothpicks.” We think he just has sour grapes over losing her. Not Jonny Lee Miller.

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Blow Blow Blow Your Friend

TheGossipBoy – This A-List name, but B-List actor , spent a whole evening trying to persuade a fellow actor that getting » Continued

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Job Available for PR Hungry Guy

BlindGossip – She’s a good actress but she really wants more publicity. Since actors in relationships with other stars tend to be higher profile, she and her public relations flack are looking to hook her up with a new man. Since it’s not a real love connection, it doesn’t matter if he’s » Continued

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TV Host Screwed Josh Hartnett

HolyMoly – Which American based British TV presenter may not be quite as loved up with her musician boyfriend as everyone thinks? Whilst they seem fine now, things can’t have been too rosy when she screwed Josh Hartnett a few years ago.

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MeMe Makes Out With A Miss

EOnline – Last we heard from Me-Me Dallas, she was makin’ that set trailer rock all over the place, thanks to the fun mattress action she had going on inside with her good dude friend, Tobey Yum-Yum. Mind you, this was all went down while outside the fancy dressing room; Me-Me kept telling everybody she was staying faithful to her boyfriend—and that they weren’t all that serious, anyway. Girl knows how to » Continued

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He is Leaving Wife for Film Co-Star

BuzzFoto – These two movie  costars are cheating with each other. One is an A List male with a wife and the other B List maybe. They fell in love on the set of the movie and although filming is wrapped and the movie will be out soon, the two are » Continued

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Sunshine and Thunder Get It On

TheGossipBoy – We all know Sunshine as the poor woman who had fallen in love with the gay, two-timing Rainbow Dark and blackmailed him into an engagement. They have yet to walk down the aisle, but Sunshine had been keeping a close watch on RD. Sunshine has been with R.D for a good bit and doesn’t seem like the kind of girl that would ever cheat, but we all have our weaknesses. And for Sunshine, that weakness comes in a hot body with a foreign accent. While she was off filming, Sunshine became » Continued

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She May Lose Role Over His Shortcomings

BlindGossip – This actress was delighted to finally land a lead on a television series. However, it may be over before it begins. Although she tested well, one of the show’s key execs just doesn’t like her. Scratch that. He can’t stand her. Turns out that a few years back she rejected him in a way that infuriated him. They had gone out on a couple of dates, but she soon discovered that his talk was bigger than his anatomy. Seems she told a couple of friends about his shortcomings and that information eventually got back to him. Since then, he has been waiting for payback. He thinks it would be the ultimate humiliation if they announced that she was being replaced on the show by someone younger or prettier or thinner or more talented. Since the actress thinks she’s got the role on lock, it should come as a pretty big shock to her if her role is recast.

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Pepaw Trades in One Chippie for Another

NewYorkPost – Which elderly industrialist — now divorcing his much younger sexy wife — has a 23-year-old girlfriend he brought into the U.S. illegally?

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Meet Confused Charlie

TheGossipBoy – Part 1 from March 6, 2010

Still Likes Boobies Blind

These two young stars have been secretly seeing each other for months.  Both males, one more tv star one in the movies.  They have had a relationship that included some drama, break-ups and make-ups.
It all started when » Continued

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