A Fake Boyfriend and a Real Crush

BuzzFoto – It should come as no surprise that this actress is helping spread rumors of a fake relationship with her male costar to promote her movie and to stir up fans. However, it might come as a surprise that she really is interested in her costar, just not the male one everyone thinks she’s with. Not Kirsten Dunst.

She is Bedding Two Vampires

EOnline – Vampire Blind Vice: Biting Her Way to the Top! Poor Valyrie Tress-Trap, she didn’t think anybody was onto her. Isn’t it always the way with Hollywood’s most ambition, most conniving? They like to convince themselves they’re so stealth with their naughty, master plans. Nobody will ever find out! Well, more and more folks are discovering exactly how Valyrie, a member of a highly successful fang franchise, works it off-camera—and that she’s been doing so for quite some time. At first, cast and crewmembers just thought it was a coincidence that Val was seen out and about with one or two of the show’s hottest stars. But that was before these on-set folks discovered a couple of things:

First, Val has actually » Continued

They are Secretly Singing Duets

CDAN – These two singers are B list although one of them probably has close to A list name recognition. Both male. Anyway, it turns out that when they worked on a project together they ended up falling for each other. So far, it is being covered up for the sake of one of them who is involved with a woman.

Cougar Lawyer Moves for Love

NYPost – Which divorced lawyer, a regular talking head, moved from New York to Los Angeles with her children because of her love for a much younger suitor?

Actor Finally Broke the Mold

TheGossipBoy – What actor has finally broken out of the mold that he thought would trap him forever only to learn that someone found out he likes boys.  Most people knew, but now he is running scared that this person will come forward with some very incriminating evidence that » Continued

Singer is Cheating with a Bartender

DailyMirror – Which sexy singer is cheating on her boyfriend with a bartender she met at party? She looks like the sweetest thing – but she is really a rather naughty minx.

Teen Star Experimenting with Same Sex

BuzzFoto – This former children’s network star plays it straight by all accounts except for one. Our source whispered that this teen heart throb is actually discovering his sexuality to be a bit confusing. Although he’s been dating women, he’s finding out he’s actually more into men. No one from Hannah Montana.

Movie Star has a Beard and a Hair Stylist

StarMagazine – This big screen leading man is dating one of the most beautiful women in the world — and having an affair with a male hairstylist at the same time. Insiders say the gorgeous gal knows all about it — she’s posing as his lover to advance his career.

Screwing and Unscrewing on the TV Set

CDAN – This C list television and movie actress who is currently on a middling success on a network is not winning friends among the cast. She is currently dating a married producer on the show which she seems to feel gives her carte blanche to be the biggest b*tch she can to » Continued

Power Couple Won’t Make It to the Altar

PopBitch – Which Hollywood couple are failing to convince people that they’re the new power couple in town? It’s been a long time since one of her films has scored, whereas her intended is on the way up. He was convinced into this PR made match but he’s having massive second thoughts. You can see the actress being dumped yet again – perhaps even before she gets to the altar this time.

Now here’s a blind item you don’t see every day: An hour drama is contemplating making one of its male leads HIV positive. If producers go for it, the story has the potential to be tremendously groundbreaking — a la General Hospital‘s long-infected and (knock wood) healthy lady doc, Robin. But… What? There’s always a “but,” right? There’s still a chance the powers that be will go with Plan B and give the guy a scare rather than a positive diagnosis. Plan C — scrapping the story entirely — is also a possibility. Regardless, we’ll find out around November, my source says, when the plot thickens — or doesn’t. One thing’s for sure, though: You will be watching. On an Aushole popularity scale, the show is about a 6.7. (Hint: I’m not talking about Saul on Brothers & Sisters.)

Real Fireworks in the Bedroom

BuzzFoto – Which C list star was so hopped up on dr*gs this weekend that he tried to include fireworks into his bedroom routine with his girlfriend? We’re not talking about the proverbial kind, we’re talking actual fireworks. His antics sent them both to the emergency room with a few minor burns. Perhaps this kind of behavior is exactly why he can’t get custody of his kids. Not Jeremy London.

Actress has a Long List of Sex Rules

CDAN – The celebrity ex-boyfriend of this former A list television actress and now unemployed B lister has been spreading tales about their sex life. #1. Only sex under the covers and in bed. #2. Only at night or with the lights out and curtains closed in the bedroom. #3. No sooner than » Continued

This Actress Really Loves Her Sister

CDAN – This B-/C+ list television actress has a B- list movie actor boyfriend. Everyone knows that. What they don’t know is that the sister of the actress joins the couple in bed every chance they get.

Hip Hop Star Seeks a Vert Discret Man

BlindGossip – Here is an ad from the Personals M4M section that was posted on Craigslist Los Angeles on Saturday. Yes, even hip hop stars need a little love.

I’m More Than Just An Option (Beverly Hills, Los Angeles)

I am in town for a few days on business looking to find someone to hangout with and just be myself with. We can have lunch, drive the cost, play games, or sit and talk. I don’t have pics because I gotta watch my back, cause I’m not just anybody. I will say that I’m in my early 20’s, 6’2″,bi-racial, decent body, nice smile. You must be ages 25-40, masculine, good head on his shoulder, vert discret. If you like what you hear, send me a Pic and Stats.

TV Actor Cheats on Pregnant Girlfriend

CDAN – This one becomes juicy because of who it involves. This soclose to A list television actor who has been in movies, but is only really known for ones that involved a television character he plays cheated on his D list actress girlfriend. While she was pregnant. More than once.

His New Girlfriend had an Old Profession

DailyMirror – Which sports star had to change the locks in his house after his new girlfriend turned out to be a pr*stitute? The fella in question had to send in the heavies to get her out.

Her iPhone Makes Us Grin


BlindGossip – A paparazzo from a website with high internet traffic was peering into this b-list TV and movie actress’s car a few days ago and snapped a photo of her iPhone. The front screen had the name of her ex-boyfriend and the rehab facility where he is currently staying. So, despite pretending that she is no longer in contact with the ex, her phone seems to tell a different story.

Of course, she doesn’t want her contact with the ex to get in the way of her divorce settlement with her husband – nor does the website want to find itself on the other side of a lawsuit with the very litigious husband – so it looks like everyone will simply keep quiet about this one for now. Just knowing that this relationship is coming to an end is enough to make us grin. » Continued

His Definition of Sex Backfired on Him

TheGossipBoy – This young teenage star held out sex from her boyfriend the entire time they dated, even though he oozes young sex appeal.  She had heard stories of him with his ex, but she was adamant on not sleeping together.  After a little bit longer, he finally convinced her that or*l was “not having sex.” Then next thing you know he walks in on her “not having sex” with his best friend. Not Joe Jonas.

Rock Star is Cheating on Celebutante

CDAN – This B list rock star might be rethinking his long term relationship with his A list celebutante girlfriend. It seems that our rock star has been spending some quality time with a wannabe model he met not too long ago. And when I say quality time, I mean what you think I mean.

Tobey Seduced Darla

EOnline – Me-Me Dallas starred in her own Blind Vice a few weeks ago, so it’s only right we dish on Tobey Yum-Yum’s deliciously scandalous escapades too, dontcha think?

Remember, M and T had a spicy romance there for a while, but like all Hollywood power couples, they parted ways and decided it was time to bed other good lookers in the Biz (in Me-Me’s case, that meant smooching on some ladies).

But don’t think Tobey’s trailer has been quiet since Me-Me fled the scene… » Continued

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