Two Days And Twenty Years

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SOLVED! UPDATED! [Lainey Gossip] She’s married and they have a child. And these days she’s much more visible -- all over -- than he is. There have been rumours, since they seem to be apart so often, that their relationship has been unstable. Though they’ve recently been seen [More...]

No Strings Attached

car with bow

[Blind Gossip] This high-profile female celebrity bought her boyfriend a beautiful new automobile this holiday season. She even told him that there were no strings attached so that he could feel more manly about it. He is so appreciative of her thoughtful gift that the first [More...]

Not Exactly Model Behavior

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[Blind Gossip] This actor is not exactly exhibiting model behavior. He likes to be accompanied by pretty women. They like him, too, even though he goes through them rather quickly. Right now, though, he has a big problem on his hands. A long time ago, he quietly dated [More...]

Let’s Dish On The Third Party

[Blind Gossip] These musicians have been dating on and off for a year or two. Both are very famous, both have been at the top of the charts multiple times, and both have a history of hooking up with some interesting partners. There have been some headlines lately that he has [More...]

The Deflowering Game

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[Celebzter] This starlet has had so many boyfriends, it is almost becoming impossible to keep track of her checkered love life. But amongst the sea of famous faces, one former lover is perhaps the most important because he deflowered her in a certain way. [More...]

Someone Else Was Jingling His Bells

jingle bells

SOLVED! [Blind Gossip] Here’s an early Christmas gift for you! This very popular young celeb got himself into some very hot water while hosting a holiday event recently. He didn’t take his hosting responsibilities very seriously. He smoked joints backstage, was fifteen [More...]