A Big Announcement In Two Weeks

lucky 13

SOLVED! UPDATED! [Blind Gossip] We knew that this pretty female pop singer had taken a quick trip to Los Angeles a couple of months ago. However, we just found out her trip was not all business. It turns out that she met up with her ex-boyfriend while she was there! [More...]

The Towel Threat

woman sauna

[DNA] You will be excused for thinking this is a story of two teenagers but in fact involves two top actors of B-Town, who were in a relationship a few years ago. So this is how the story begins: This actor had clicked a sexy picture of his smoking hot [More...]

The Instructor

teacher 1

[Blind Gossip] You may have some questions about this TV guy.  He seems to date lots of celebrities - models and actresses and singers - several levels above his own level of celebrity. Yet he's not rich or very famous. So, what's going on here? [More...]