Night Grind


[Blind Gossip] She may be in a committed relationship, but this multi-hyphenate girl sure isn’t acting like it! She has been out partying practically every night. And although she isn’t drinking in public, she is certainly acting like she is under the influence of some substance.

On a recent night out at a bar in a hotel in New York, she spent a lot of bodyguard-protected time in the restroom. When she came out, she » Continued

Stocking Up At CVS

[NationalEnquirer] Which former boy-bander was recently spotted shopping for discounted holiday cards at the CVS Pharmacy in Hollywood? The blonde, out-of-work singer/ actor – who’s put on a few pounds since his “DWTS” stint – was complaining about the state of TinselTown’s unemployment.

Heartthrob Goes Grinding

[BlindGossip] This teen heartthrob recently spent the night hanging out at a club in Los Angeles. Not a big deal, since he broke up with his girlfriend months ago. While everyone wanted to dance with him, he quickly zeroed in on one particular tall willowy blond, and the two spent a good part of the evening dancing and grinding together. He wound up taking » Continued

Hooking Up With The Stars

[CDAN] Dancing With The Stars: This male pro and female pro are currently tied at four hookups with contestants each. I just want to know if they had any while__________________. Oh it is like a Mad Lib.

Cheating Guest Is Back

[CDAN] Dancing With The Stars: This guest of a contestant was back last night because the woman he was cheating on with while he was with the contestant dumped him. So, he ran back to the woman he dumped because he was dumped. The contestant had no idea. Well, maybe now she will if she reads this.

Reject Rats Out Other Contestants

[CDAN] Dancing With The Stars: This contestant made waves in the past week alleging that married pros were having affairs with married contestants. He said this after he hit on an attached pro and she turned him down.

She May Be Heading to Broadway

BlindGossip – This performer is getting her act together, but has not announced what she will be doing next. One possibility she is seriously considering is Broadway. Here’s the » Continued

He Let His Lady Flag Fly

LaineyGossip – There was a party recently to celebrate the imminent arrival. So he took the opportunity to get dressed up, full lady costume, with his male friends, » Continued

UK Prime Minister Candidate Dances Drunk

CDAN – Which candidate for UK Prime Minister once literally danced on the grave of Marx after getting drunk?