Bank Of Actor Charges A High Interest Rate

[BlindGossip] This actor has developed an interesting side business. When someone within the entertainment industry runs into trouble and can’t pay off an expense through their regular accounts, this rich and powerful actor discreetly lends them the money at a very high interest rate.

Need to pay off your pregnant jump off? Need to keep your house » Continued

Director and Soap Stars Lose Homes To Foreclosure

[NewYorkTimes] The $26 billion foreclosure settlement deal announced this month arrived in the final throes of Hollywood’s annual awards season. It also arrived too late for my neighbor » Continued

How She Funded Her Lavish Lifestyle

BuzzFoto – This D List actress, only known for one movie, bragged to friends that she supplied her dr*g habit last year and lavish lifestyle by skimming people’s credit card numbers in a card scam. The ring was broken up, but it was never linked to her. 526

TV Actor Spends His Raise

CDAN – This B- list actor is on a hit network television show right now. He used to be on another hit show back in the day, but was not the star like he is right now. Anyway, he recently got a very large raise and decided to spend a portion of it doing good. » Continued

She Doesn’t Know About the Naughty Videos

BuzzFoto – This B/C television/film actress in the tabloids frequently, is in trouble with an online retailer and doesn’t know it. It seems her ex opened up an account on her card to purchase a subscription of naughty videos for couples. She hasn’t paid her bill and instead of legal action, the company is considering selling the info first because it’s so salacious.

TV Show Chef Shows Off His Meat

DailyMirror – Which TV chef is posing as a bit-part p*rn actor in his spare time? The hard-up cook has turned to blue movies to pay off his huge mortgage.

Parents Upset After $20K Binge

BuzzFoto – This very wealthy celeb that is really only famous for being famous, just blew twenty grand in one night of her parent’s money on drugs and partying. Her parents found out and were upset, so they’ve temporarily put a hold on her credit cards. Even though this behavior is outrageous, we think it’s even more crazy she’s still on mommy and daddy’s meal ticket. Not Nicky Hilton.

Movie Star Out of Money and Credit

BuzzFoto – This once hot film  star is so desperately low on funds she » Continued

She’s Got a Reputation for Sticky Fingers

StarMagazine – Which starlet’s rep for having sticky fingers precedes her? While hosting a recent bash at a hotel, she had to put down a credit card, although she was only using the room to get ready. No mini-bar is safe from this girl!

Why All His Money is in His Wife’s Name

CDAN – This member of a singing family has not always made as much money as he is making right now. He is probably the most famous of the remaining brothers. Anyway, since he has always tried to dodge creditors he has all his bank accounts and credit cards in his wife’s name. Apparently the whole asking for i.d when using a credit card doesn’t apply to this guy. Nothing has his name on it.

Dinged Five Times at the Hotel Counter

credit card cut upDailyMirror – Which over the top spender is so skint that all five of her credit cards were declined when she tried to pay her hotel bill? Your extra clue: We dread to think what’s she’s been buying.

Photographer is a Free Loader in St. Tropez

sttropezNewYorkPost – Which aging photographer used to evade taxes by having his clients write out checks to his favorite hangout in St. Tropez to cover his tab there? With business down, now he’s ordering half-portions and free-loading the booze — “There’s even a designated ‘surveillance’ person to keep check that his drinks are ultimately paid for,” says our spy.

Why the Singer Always Drives a Different Car

car-1BlindGossip – We thought that this former singing star made a small fortune during his/her time on the charts in the 1990s. After all, every time you see him/her out on the town, s/he is behind the wheel of a different late model luxury car. It turns out that » Continued

TV Chef Needs to Start Cooking the Books

man-chef-2Holy Moly – Which TV chef had to nip round to a computer shop to bail out his daughter, who had just had her card declined after trying to buy a ton of equipment – only to find his card in the same situation? Seems Gordon Ramsey isn’t the ONLY foodie in a spot of bother.

Actor Helps a Waitress With Her Debt

woman-money-5BuzzFoto – This B-ish list actor is dating a nobody – someone he met while she was waiting on him in one way or another. Looks like she must be something special, because they haven’t been dating all that long and he recently paid off a whole bunch of her debt – mostly pay day loans that were making her life a living hell. She is terribly grateful and we think that, whether or not he did it to be nice or to make her feel indebted or whatever, it was a very sweet thing to do.

It’s not Nicolas Cage!


» Continued

Rapper Gets Egotistical on His Credit Card

credit-cards-1BuzzFoto – This young-ish, semi-popular rapper has apparently been utilizing the customization options for his credit card. His artwork of choice? The cover of his latest album. Yes, the one with his face on it. He probably thought it was super cool, but even the bank workers were giggling at the arrogance.

It wasn’t Nelly.

Shopping Girl Experiences Credit Card Woes

credit-cards-1BuzzFoto – This idiot of a D-Lister may be more known for her drunken sidewalk antics than her “music” career, but the recent gossip we’ve heard about her is definitely hilarious. She went for a spot of shopping earlier this week, and when she got ready to pay, her card was declined. She tried another without batting her eyelashes. Also declined. Her shopping buddy graciously stepped in at that point and covered the purchases, but we were kind of hoping to see how many cards she could go through.

It’s not Daveigh Chase.

She has a Designer Purse and a New Credit Card

birkin-handbag-redDaily Mirror – Which British celeb has just signed up for a brand new “chopper” – a platinum credit card used to cut her cocaine? She proudly carries it in her designer purses.

Big Spender’s Creditors are Knocking

money-rollBlindGossip – This actor has been spending beyond his means forever. It’s finally catching up to him. He recently sold off a couple of big ticket items and told friends it was just because he felt like downsizing a bit. Not true. With all the creditors knocking at his door, he actually needed to raise some fast cash. If he is unable to land a cash-heavy role soon, he may be desperate enough to jump back into the genre that made him his fortune in the beginning of his career, which would actually be rather funny.

Boy Bander Needs the Bucks

no-moneyCDAN – This former boy bander has begging his former group to go out on tour again because he has no money. Some bad investments and spending a ridiculous amount on toys and gambling has left him with no money. He doesn’t want to have to declare bankruptcy because then everyone will find out about who is biggest creditors are and they are not a good list.

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