Funnyman’s Girlfriend Is A Pro

BlindGossip – Don’t believe anything this funny actor says about his latest girlfriend. She’s just the latest in a long line of paid-for str*ppers that he tries to pass off as girlfriends. The only thing that sets her apart from previous girlfriends is that all of her body parts are real. And  she plans on keeping them.

How Comedian Gets His Material

BuzzFoto – We just got word that this C List comedian, actor, and writer goes » Continued

Inside The Writing Room

BlindGossip – A showrunner is the person who is ultimately responsible for a television series. It may be the creator of the series,  a producer, or the head writer. Emmy-winning comedy writer (and Major League Baseball announcer) Ken Levine shares this story about a showrunner with whom he once worked: » Continued

How She Met Her Future Husband

CDANOld Hollywood Blind Item: This Golden Globe winning actress was A+++ list. She was primarily known for television and comedy and for a very distinctive voice. Prior to hitting it big though, our actress made ends meet not in the odd jobs she always claimed in her authorized biographies, but turning tr*cks. Supposedly it is also how she met her future husband.

Funnyman’s Marriage is a Joke

StarMagazineWhich funnyman’s recent marriage may be one big joke? An insider says he goes on weekly date nights with his boy toy at a trendy NYC bistro. And his man on the side isn’t even a secret — he’s met the family! Guess the new wifey doesn’t care.

Andy Dick on Howard Stern

BlindGossip – Andy Dick phoned in to the Howard Stern show today. » Continued

Chubby Funnyman is A Bottom

PopBitchWhich chubby funnyman got his wires crossed when a prospective business partner emailed him? He replied saying he was » Continued

Quiet in Public but Cheering in Private


BlindGossipWhen some bold paparazzi asked this acting couple about a joke a comedian had recently made about the male half of their team, neither of them could muster a grin. Just icy, cold silence.

However, away from the cameras, he was quite furious about the whole thing. Unfortunately for him, there’s no legal way to fight a blind joke.

On the other hand, the wife actually thought that the joke was hilarious, and had a difficult time not reacting in her husband’s presence when she first heard it. While she’s glad that she’s held up her end of the deal, she can’t be held responsible for other people chipping away at her husband’s reputation. Their relationship has been over for months now, and she is just counting the days left on her contract, at which point she can cash out and move on. » Continued

Crumpets and Lesbians at The Wolseley

PopBitchWhich recently single comedian is experimenting with a new lesbian lifestyle? It’s less racy than it sounds. The two ladies generally enjoy breakfast dates at The Wolseley.

BG Note: The Wolseley is a cafe/ restaurant in London, located next to The Ritz Hotel.

No More Brazilian Waxes for CBS Actress

CDAN – This B- list actress from a CBS comedy had to stop getting a Brazilian wax done professionally because » Continued

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