Behind the Scenes with a Child Star

BuzzFoto – This Blind comes to us from a former child star who is having trouble now making it in the real world. He says he was done a disservice by his on-set tutor from his days on this famous network 80′s sitcom. » Continued

A Sticky Situation Between Friends

BuzzFoto – These two comedian costars who are known to be friends off stage but bitter enemies in their popular movie, are no longer buddy-buddy in real life either. It happened on the set of their latest movie when one of the stars decided to play a trick on the other » Continued

Pay Me to Go To a Hospital

CDAN – This C list actor from one of the top network comedies this season visited a hospital a few weeks ago to talk to patients. As he walked in the door he turned to his publicist and said, “I’m getting paid for this right?”

Cast and Crew Save a House

CDAN – Recently while shooting a movie, this B- list mostly television actress who had one big career role for a network and is on a current hit show, discovered that her makeup artist was having her home foreclosed. The makeup artist has four kids and her husband had died about 18 months earlier. Anyway, our actress could have written a check to cover the amount, but when other members of the cast and crew heard what had happened they decided to make the movie shoot also one big fundraiser. With the help of this B list actor/comedian and this B list Academy Award nominee/winner actress, they organized bake sales, dunking booths, bowling tournaments and anything else they could think of doing. It made the set fun and everyone participated and the woman received enough money to save her house.
#1 – B- list actress:
#2 – B list actor/comedian:
#3 – Academy Award nominee/winner:
#4 – The name of the movie:

She Wants Her Husband to See Red

BlindGossip – To help her prepare for an upcoming awards presentation, this actress has solicited the help of someone her husband absolutely despises. The comedy star will be writing jokes about the actor husband and an organization with which he is affiliated. Our actress has made it clear to the comedy star that she is giving her permission to be as vicious as possible. Why so harsh? The sooner the actress can get the husband to see red, the sooner she can get far away from him.

Daddy Took My Toys Away

BuzzFoto – Which D List star who used to be B/C list because of his network sitcom has been selling his children’s toys on ebay to get drug money? 379

Pants on the Ground Not Funny

BuzzFoto – This B list comedian/actor didn’t leave patrons laughing when he left a restaurant  several nights ago. The poor guy who has been struggling with sobriety showed up to dinner already half plastered and continued to drink throughout the night. He was escorted out before dessert for pulling down his pants and rubbing up against a waiter. 374

This Actor Can Help Your Career

CDAN – This former B list comedy actor and now a C on a good day was at a party with some actresses from a foreign country. He went up to one and started giving her a line about how he » Continued

Comedian’s Money Won’t Sway Mary Poppins

NYPost – Which comedian’s wife can’t keep a nanny? Word on the street about how abusive she is as a boss has would-be employees turning down major bucks from her.

He Thinks That The 12 Steps Are Funny

StarMagazine – Which eccentric comic had ‘em rolling in the aisles — at an AA meeting in NYC? He stepped up to the mic to talk about his recovery and ended up doing a standup routine.

Actress Admits to Affair with Pop Star

BlindGossip – While filming a TV pilot a few months ago, this actor and actress chatted between takes. He is openly gay and is best known for his work on Broadway. She is a comedic actress and a closeted lesbian. She asked him if he knew of any lesbian bars in the local area. A nearby staffer overheard them talking and chimed in. “Hey, I didn’t know you were gay! Did you bed [name of pop diva]?”. The actress shot him a threatening look and replied “Yes, but that information better stay right here or you’re fired.”

Name the TV Pilot, the actor, the actress, and the pop diva.

Annoying Guy's Free Ride is Over

CDAN – What B-/C+ list TV/movie comedian/”actor” on a long-running network show got away with showing up late, never learning any of his lines, and generally driving the crew crazy with his arrogance…for as long as he was romancing the show’s A list star. Once that was over, so was his free ride.


» Continued

Rob Lowe's Love on Parks and Recreation

EntertainmentWeekly – The exiting Brothers & Sisters actor joins the NBC comedy next month as one of two state employees (the other being Party Down‘s Adam Scott) brought in to fix Pawnee’s budgetary crisis. Executive producer Michael Schur likens it to “an action movie where the FBI shows up and the local cops say, ‘This is our jurisdiction! And the FBI says, ‘Not anymore!’” But Lowe’s character, Chris Traeger, wins everyone over with his “very optimistic, positive, forward-thinking” attitude, explains Schur, who hints that he “very quickly falls into a romantic entanglement” with one of the locals. “I don’t want to spoil who it is because it’s kind of a surprise.”

With whom will Rob Lowe’s character have a romantic relationship? Is there any chance they would make Rob Lowe’s character gay?

Meal for One at The Chateau Marmont

CDAN – This former almost A list television funny man and stand up comedian had his own show for awhile. Since then he has bounced around from project to project. At one point not in the too distant past he could not go anywhere without being asked for photos and autographs. How times have changed. Over the weekend he was at Chateau Marmont eating lunch all by himself for over an hour and no one stopped by his table or even seemed to recognize him despite him making eye contact with everyone who walked by.

That Kid on the Corner Looks Familiar

BlindGossip – This funny guy has been very successful as both a comedian and an actor. Off the record, though, he’s not very nice. One of his kids » Continued

Call Me By My Female Name

CDAN – I guess this comic actor is A list. Primarily movies now. When I say he is A list, he is by definition in the sense he is top billed in movies, but I never think of him as more than a B or C. He has always come across as a guy’s guy, but when he was in Europe a few weeks ago doing publicity for an old project, he made everyone call him by his female name and stayed at his hotel for four nights as a woman.

He’s Camping Because of Casper

CDAN – This troubled C list, mostly television actor/comedian with A list name recognition sleeps in a tent in his backyard because he thinks he has a ghost in his house.

A Comedian and A Model and A Coat Room

HolyMoly – Guess the comedian-type and socialite-type: “I was at a house party last year and was leaving, so nipped into the room where everyone had dumped their coats. I thought the room was empty, so just steamed in only to see BLANK giving BLANK a good old BJ!” Clues: wet comedian/actor/shagger with ohpleasegoaway scenester/writer/model.

The Thousand Dollar Phone Bill

StarMagazine – Which comic and former TV star gets his kicks by calling » Continued

His Affair with a Comedienne Isn’t So Funny

CDAN – This right on the cusp of A list television and movie actor on a very hit network show is supposedly happily married. Why then did he spend the night with this A list comedienne.

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