He Forces Female Comics To Watch


[Gawker] Male comedians are weird. They j*rk off all the time, and then go on stage and talk about j*rking off all the time, for money and laughs. But our nation’s most hilarious stand-up comic and critically cherished sitcom auteur adds a thrilling twist to his onanistic escapades: He traps unsuspecting women in his hotel room and makes them stick around until he’s done.

We’ve heard from several sources that this shameless funnyman » Continued

TV Funnyman Likes Asian Coeds

[Gawker] Which TV Funnyman Likes to Bed Asian College Girls Whenever He Can?  Are Asian co-eds the real reason this network comedian likes to tour colleges? We’ve heard multiple accounts of this TV funnyman romping with girls he picks up on college campuses—and getting a little raunchy with the play-by-play. According to a source, his » Continued

Comedy Guy Gets Kicked Out Of Hotel

[BuzzFoto] Which C list comedian recently was escorted from his hotel room in the middle of the night after guests complained about loud farm animal noises coming from his room? 618

High As A Kite

[National Enquirer] Which former sitcom star SAYS he’s clean and s*ber, but is actually back on dr*gs and doing worse than ever? The actor, who is trying to stage a career comeback, is showing up to interviews high as a kite, but Hollywood seems to finally be over his outlandish antics.

SNL Star Says Goodbye To His Little Girl

[NationalEnquirer] What former sitcom and “SNL” star – he’s part of a successful comedy dynasty – has just admitted his wannabe actress daughter to reh*b? The comic gathered the whole clan together to say goodbye to his boozing little girl!

Comic Actor Goes Crazy At Hollywood Club

[BuzzFoto] This B list comedian and film actor has a membership to an exclusive Hollywood club which he almost lost over the last month after going on a dr*g binge and str*pping off all of his clothing, trying to assault a waitress. 693

Making Out After The Golden Globes

[Gawker] This not-so-funny funny lady spent the night at the HBO afterparty for the Golden Globes making out in the corner with a rather sexy male model. There’s nothing nerdy about that.

Sitcom Star Has Turned Into Howard Hughes

[NationalEnquirer] Which beloved ’90s sitcom star has turned into a Howard Hughes-type recluse and germaphobe? The tall actor has plenty of money from his long-running series, but his eccentric behavior has left him lonely and paranoid! Who is he?

Shut The Windows

[VillageVoice] Which mouthy funny lady loves sex so ferociously that when she » Continued

He Knew What Happened To Natalie Wood

[NationalEnquirer] What late ’70s, early ’80s sitcom star went to his grave with a huge secret surrounding the mystery of Natalie Wood’s de*th? The legendary character actor didn’t want to get involved in the case, but he wasn’t shy about sharing what he knew about » Continued

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