She Went On A Sci Rant

sci south park

[CDAN] This B list comedienne who has been in television and movies recently went off on a rant about Sci* in front of a group of people, not realizing that two belonged to the organization. When they started to challenge her on something, the comedienne had a light go off and [More...]

Barry Prefers Balls to Babes

seth rogen green hornet

[EOnline] Barry Wanger-Banger is a muy funny fella. 'Tho, must fess, the tabloids haven't been talking about Bart for any of his silly shenanigans lately. In fact, they've been talking about the crap he does that could kill him, which is a damn shame. But B-man is getting his [More...]

One Actor and 100 Animals

man hugging dog

CDAN - I would call this actor C list, although if you saw him, you would immediately recognize him. He was previously on a hit network comedy, disappeared for a few years, and is now back on a different network in a middling successful comedy. Anyway, he is a huge animal lover [More...]