Film Star Stinks Up His Trailer

pepe-lepewBuzzFoto – This action/comedy star has some serious odor issues. On the set of his film which just wrapped, the studio has had to complete redo his trailer – new paint, floors, etc. Apparently the smell of B.O. was strong enough to curl anyone’s nose, and no amount of scrubbing could eradicate it. It’s not Matt Damon…or his BFF Ben for that matter.


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Comedian Bids for Sex with Reality Host

money-3CDAN – This B list television comic actor(#1) was at a party very recently. At the party he was overheard offering a female reality tv host (#2) increasing amounts of money to sleep with him that night. At one point the offer was $20K. She declined everytime and said she was faithful to her very talented celebrity significant other (#3)

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He’s Funny About Throw Pillows and Baggies

throw-pillowsNY Daily News – Which funnyman doesn’t even bother to hide his drug habit? When pals come to visit his pad, they’re just as likely to see baggies of cocaine lying around as they are to see throw pillows.

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Actress Gets Overly Eggsited

easter-eggsBuzzFoto – This actress is known for her comedy chops, primarily playing the ditzy blonde role (even though she’s decidedly brunette). We were sad to hear from a former employee of hers that she is in fact a raving witch in real life. She once threw an omelet (yes, the kind with eggs) at her maid, who was terrified and spoke very little English. Yikes.

It’s not Sarah Silverman.

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Bookworm Worms His Way to Front of Line

bookwormCDAN – Have you ever waited in line at a bookstore? You know how they have designed a way to make you feel like a rat in a cage by winding you back and forth like you are in line at an amusement park? Well, last night » Continued

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Comedian Walks Backward to Avoid Actors

coronations-streetHolyMoly – Which comedian is such a p* that when he spotted members of the Coronation Street cast coming towards him in the corridors at Granada studios (Eileen, Becky and Steve, since you ask) he turned around and walked backwards past them so they couldn’t see his face? Once they had passed, he turned again and continued walking. It was possibly the rudest thing they’d ever seen someone do.

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Comedian Thinks Neighing is Funny

horse-2Daily Mirror – Which funnyman likes nothing more than scoffing the horse tranquiliser ketamine? He finds it hilarious to neigh before, during and after.

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Comic Actor Eats Lunch Again and Again

sandwich-2CDAN – This B list comic movie actor who got his start on television before moving on to some starring roles in some very forgettable movies has had the exact same lunch everyday since the day his movie hit #1 at the box office. He had it the day he heard the news and never, ever deviates from that lunch.

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Angry Comic Will Fire You

microphone2NY Daily News – Which angry comic had a few cast and crew members fired from his hit show — all because they overshadowed him?

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Actor Snaps at Oscar Rehearsal

snapping-fingersCDAN – This is actually from the day prior to the Academy Awards, but it happened in the theatre so I think that is close enough. So, this actor who is A list all the way but has never been nominated for anything that great had a part in the actual show telecast. Comic actor. Mostly movies. Apparently though on Saturday he decided that it was his role to p* everyone off with his behavior. He yelled at the writers of the show saying their work wasn’t good enough for him and made them change his lines three times. Surrounded by people who had been working almost 24 hours straight doing backbreaking work, our actor who spent a grand total of one hour at the theatre started snapping his fingers when it was time for him to rehearse and yelling that he had places to go and didn’t have time to sit around waiting. I really hate the whole snapping the fingers thing. He seems to like it though.

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