Bernadine Sexes Her Way Into Role

EOnline – It’s the oldest story in Hollywood: sex for hire. But unlike some other Blind Vice candidates we’ve covered over the sleazy years, Bernadine Couch-Butt’s Tinseltown rise didn’t involve any sex that was contractually required. Bernie snagged her big, successful horny director man the old-fashioned way: wearing a nightie. Yep, a see-through job just happened to be what Bernadine was wearing when they first met, lucky for Bernie.

Because she’s now well on her way to donning equally lusty outfits in… » Continued

More Embarrassing Than John Daly

PopBitch – John Daly has made a play to be this year’s most embarrassing golfer, with his release of a country and western album, I Only Know One Way. Not only does it have a cover of Knocking On Heaven’s Door but it was produced and co-written by one of Hootie’s Blowfish. But he’s a poor, distant second if the rumour going around St Andrews last week turns out to be true. And the rumour? That there are some photographs of a golfer » Continued

TV Actress Will Not Be Number Three

BuzzFoto – This not so bright starlet recently found the cell phone of the director of her television show. She cruised through the numbers in his contact list and when she discovered her name was listed third behind other actresses on the show, she threw a huge tantrum. She confronted the director and accused him of picking favorites, the proof being in his cell phone contact list. He calmly explained that the names were put in alphabetical order, not order of importance. Instead of apologizing for her behavior, she instead went back to her trailer and tried to clean up her wardrobe she had earlier ripped to shreds out of anger. Not Courteney Cox.

Photo Credit: BuzzFoto

Pregnant Star Goes Knickerless

DailyMirror – Which pregnant star brags about going out with no knickers? The vile creature thinks it’s attractive but even her fella thinks it’s an odd way to go.

Hot Couple Was Very Handy at Event

TheGossipBoy – Before the end of the evening, this hot couple looked like they were going to do it right in front of everyone.  Not only couldn’t they keep their hands off each other but he had one hand up her dress making her do the hippie hippie shake.

A Shaved Head and a Cat Suit

Downfront2 – This female Singer is trying too hard to be relevant. Her new album is being released soon. She has been showing up on promo appearances with her hair shaved and see through cat suits. She is the mother of two kids, and this look does not suit her.

TV Good Girl Goes Bad

CDAN – This very goody goody A list television actress has always claimed to be without fault. » Continued

He Gets Two Workouts at The Gym

BlindGossip – Most people go to the gym to work out. Some go to pick up. This film actor spends enough time exercising to keep his body buff, but he gets even more of a workout afterward. We thought they were just » Continued

Model Had a Secret Obsession

BuzzFoto – You know this star for mostly modeling, but she’s done other stuff as well. A little birdie told us that back in her heyday, she had an obsession that was kind of unusual. Although she struggled with body issues and drugs just like everyone else, she was » Continued

A Couple Goes to a Toy Store

BlindGossip – This celebrity couple has not been married that long, but it seems that they already need a little help in the romance department. In the past couple of weeks, they have not only » Continued

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