Sex on the Money Bed

Janet Charlton – This well-known and very established designer is coy about his sexual preference, but he really lets loose when he picks up street hustlers. He’s got a lot of money and loves to get the boys excited by throwing handfuls of bills on the bed. He gets very turned on by rolling around and having sex with his rentboy on the money. When the encounter is over, the boy peels the bills off their sticky bodies and usually goes home happy with at least $500 in his pocket.

A Hairy Situation

Which gorgeous actress almost lost a plum role recently because of her hair? And we’re not talking about the hair on the top of her head. In the weeks leading up to production, she stopped shaving her underarms, legs and nether regions, claiming that it helped her get into character. She then refused to shave for the duration of the shoot. A frustrated director and frantic wardrobe team found themselves scrambling to provide new outfits to cover all her hairy bits.

Bad-Tempered Balding Blockhead

This foreign born B list film star, who was shooting for A list before he started losing his hair and his box office mojo, is apparently extremely sensitive about his hair. How much? Well, he was buying a suit a few weeks ago and the salesperson suggested a hat because he thought it would go well the suit. Our actor took it the wrong way though and took a good five minutes to yell at the offending clothing salesperson before throwing the suit on the floor and kicking it around a little and then walking out the door.

No Bank for Bling

Panache Report – This female rapper continues… giving the impession she’s ballin big with money to waste.  In reality, she rents her designer bags and jewelry… she’s broke but she can’t seem to let the bling-bling lifestyle go.  She’s addicted to material wealth and will spend her last penny renting the finer things in life instead of buying food or paying rent. When she’s desperate for cash, she [services] rappers and industry men.

Skeleton Nixes Fat Suit

This celebrity has been out of the spotlight for a little while. You are in for a real shock when you see her. Bones and veins popping out everywhere. She has always been slim, but she now looks completely emaciated. Stylists are hard at work crafting wardrobe and hair and makeup to mask the problem for public appearances. They even discussed having her wear a slimmed down version of a fat suit – to make her look as if she was of normal weight – but the celeb nixed it.

Designer Daughter and Hubby Both Scary

Which clothing designer daughter and her husband are stirring the pot on both coasts? On the east coast, she had tongues wagging in Los Angeles over her plunging weight, while on the the west coast her other half was recently kicked out of a Hamptons New York hot spot for slugging another guy.

Don’t Pee on My Shoes and Tell Me it’s Raining

The Mirror – Which star was fuming when a drunk reveller peed on his shoes? He popped out for a cigarette during a London Fashion Week party when the man soiled his suede shoes.

Good Shoes and Bad Credit

StarMagazine – Which young diva was singing “S.O.S” at the register when her credit card was declined? She said she’d come back to pick up the Gucci shoes another time, but she never did.

The Ax Will Fall

BlindGossip – Which correspondent will be fired for sending out an email rant about his colleague? He wrote that economically-challenged viewers want to “barf” when they hear the show’s anchor complain on air about her obscenely-priced red carpet gowns. Since he was already demoted after his last outburst, this time it’s the ax.


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Fresh Panties

NYDN – Which socialite fashionista had to have her boyfriend’s assistant bring her a change of clothes at the Bryant Park tents this week after soiling her skivvies?

Swag Bag Grabber

This celebrity tried to throw her name around to score multiple swag bags during fashion week. She didn’t want just one bag – she wanted ten of them to give as gifts to others. She was denied by some event workers who were not impressed by her or her last name.

Open Relationship Shut Down

CDAN – This former B+ list actor from an acting family (not the Baldwins) who was once on a hit show. Sounds like he is old, but not even aging. Anyway, while his girlfriend (model, sometime actress, also a famous family) was backstage at a show, he spent the time working the front of the show collecting phone numbers. When he was asked by one woman about his girlfriend and he said they had an open relationship. So, when the girlfriend came out to the front, she was asked about the open relationship. The girlfriend said, “it is now,” and then walked out of the show.

Five Minute Paycheck

CDAN – Former B- and now a solid C lister. Primarily television. Oh, definite B+ name recognition. She was on big, big network shows. Hit network shows. Anyway, she was asked to do an opening for a new fashion line. The company thought she would be a good fit. The only thing she cared about was the paycheck. Scheduled to be there an hour, she stayed 5 minutes, and left.

When Front Row Celebs Go Missing

CDAN – One of the more noticeable absences from Fashion Week is former B list pop singer and now sometimes actress who used to be a mainstay at fashion shows around the world. Seems she has been missing, not because of money issues, but because she has been spending time in rehab. Yes, someone you never thought would be in rehab.

Two Kinds of Blow

CDAN – This always causing trouble A list singer was all over fashion week. He was also all over a model at one of the shows. Not wanting to waste more time with her than necessary, he tempted her with a little white powder, went behind a curtain in the backstage area, and allowed her to get her fill. Then he had her do something else for him if you know what I mean. When she was done, he gave her the rest of the little baggie.

Diva’s New Do Resulted from a Don’t

Whose new coif is not really the result of careful deliberation? It seems this diva accidentally burned a considerable chunk of her hair to a crisp with a new styling iron. In tears, she wrapped her head in a scarf, high tailed it to the salon, and ultimately resigned herself to the fact that most of her hair had to go. In true diva style, though, she’s flaunting it as a deliberate and bold style choice others are sure to imitate.

The New Coke Diet

CDAN – Apparently working out is not the only way this former A lister has for losing weight. During a Fashion Week event in the past two days, our actress, on her own for the first time in awhile decided to prove that she can snort more coke than even Elton John. Whatever was placed in front of her, she hoovered right up. She is not much for sharing though. When someone tried to bend over for a little bit, she told them to find their own.

Pregger Faker

CDAN – Which famous sister is stirring up some wild rumors because she craves the publicity? She is going around saying she is pregnant in the hopes that it lands her some magazine covers. She is taking the charade so far as to make sure that everyone knows that she is not smoking or drinking. Although her clothing choices have always been questionable, they are even baggier and more unfashionable than usual.


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Doing The GQ Shag

The Mirror – Which celeb pair snuck off to the toilets during the GQ awards do for a cheeky shag?

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