What Bears and Pop Stars Have in Common

HolyMoly – Do bears s* in the woods? Yes, but other animal-surnamed pop stars s* on stage. In their pants.

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Reality Star Ruins a Three-Piece Suit

DailyMirror – Which reality TV star got overly-amorous with her smartly dressed suitor recently and drunkenly threw up on him midsex act… and all over his three-piece suit.

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Married Actor Loves Women's Lingerie

CDAN – This aging, former B list television actor who used to be on a very hit show, is now a C despite working almost constantly since that hit show went off the air. Or is it? Our actor is in the middle of a » Continued

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Actor Has a Secret in His Suitcase

BlindGossip – Personal Assistants to celebrities are the biggest secret keepers in Hollywood. They typically sign confidentiality agreements which legally prohibit them from divulging anything about their employer during or after their tenure. The PA to one big actor, however, got a little loose-lipped after a couple of drinks on a recent night out. While the PA was » Continued

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Her Teen Boy Needs Some Manners

teen boy 3NYPost – Which etiquette expert needs to teach her own kids some manners? Her 13-year-old son crashed the bar mitzvah of his prep school classmate—in jeans and a T-shirt, no less—and rented a room at the hotel where the event was held for an unsupervised after-party.

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We Wonder if It Ends with a Clockwise Swirl

fusilli jerryBuzzFoto – This hip-hop ‘rapper’ is so confident of his moves in bed, he is currently in the process of having one trademarked. We kid you not, the man is trying to put a copyright on a » Continued

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This PETA Spokesperson Wears Fur

man fur coatDeceiver – This anti-fur PETA spokesperson owns several fur-trimmed leather coats. A Los Angeles publicist who supports animal rights groups instructed this celeb, who appears on television more than a dozen times each year, to participate in a 2009 anti-fur promotion with PETA. The spouse was recently overheard telling one friend over the phone: “It’s no big deal. They just told us we couldn’t wear our coats this year.” For the past six years, both celeb and spouse have actively courted a prominent fur retailer, seeking support for a children’s charity for which this celebrity serves as Honorary Chairman. The charity’s top sponsor is a pharmaceutical company that tests its products on lab animals, a fact that also doesn’t appear to bother PETA.


» Continued

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He’ll Bring the Banana Hammock

speedoBlindGossip – Some grownups enjoy a game of dress up now and then. This popular actor, though, takes it to a whole new level. When you spend the night with him, you’d better have some serious wardrobe changes available. » Continued

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We'll Bet His Favorite Ballet is The Nutcracker

nutcracker 1BlindGossip – He is the lead actor of a current television series. He comes across as such a nice normal guy that it is hard to believe he is really odd behind closed doors. » Continued

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Hunky Guy is Actually Wearing a Mirdle

man girdleSOLVED!

[BlindGossip] This good-looking and award-winning male actor has always been known as being rather vain. That’s why it should come as no surprise that he asked the director to help him mask his weight gain (he is a good 25-35 pounds heavier than when he first landed the role). He is especially self-conscious about how he appears when filmed from the side. We don’t think he looks that bad with the extra weight (he has always been built like a tank), but the wardrobe person has fitted him with a men’s compression girdle to help smooth him out. Just don’t expect to see him unbuttoning his suit any time soon. » Continued

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