The Sundance Olympics

BuzzFotoAt a big Sundance party, opening night- this Male Olympian stayed at the club until six in the morning until the girls at his table were so drunk they were passed out. » Continued

He Works Out in a Leather Jacket

VillageVoiceWhich lanky and quirky middle-aged actor works out in jeans, a leather jacket, and dress shoes, as if his body is too precious for strangers to see?

Designer Carries These With Him

NewYorkPost – Which eccentric fashion designer carries tampons to be in touch with his feminine side while he designs women’s clothes?

Oscar Guy is a Leather Queen

VillageVoice – Which Oscar-nominated Brit with a large p*nis is basically a leather queen who cuts quite a swath in his head-to-toe biker drag?

Diva’s Carpets and Drapes

NewYorkPost – Which opera diva should be nicknamed ‘Cosi Fan Booty’ due to her reluctance to wear panties under her costume? Says an operagoer who got an eyeful from the front row, ‘Say what you will about the production, but the carpet always matches the drapes!’ Following comments from fellow cast members, the ‘commando soprano’ relented and now sports a thong.

Tantrum Over a Dress

BuzzFoto – While getting ready for an upcoming awards show, this B list, aging musician literally ripped her dress to shreds at a fitting when she tried it on. She was upset because it was too tight, but what she was really venting were her frustrations that she had gained weight. Two months prior, she had tried on the dress and it fit. When she tried it on later and it was too small, she got so angry she ripped it to pieces in front of the designer. 464

He Messed With Abercrombie

CDAN – This A list designer who really should be considered F list for his contributions to the horrible fashion he has produced in the past few years is not a very friendly customer. » Continued

Daddy Likes to Dress Up


StarMagazine – Which reality TV father likes to get dolled up as a woman — dress, lipstick, high heels and all — when the cameras are off. Even though his wife thinks her hubby’s cross-dressing is ‘cute,’ don’t expect to see his antics on their hit show anytime soon. » Continued

Priscilla’s Status is Shocking

EOnline – Turns out Blind Vice vixen Priscilla Desert isn’t as trampy as some of you think. Sure, she hasn’t exactly kept the best male company (much to the dismay and spin control of her team) but don’t you dare label her slutty by association! You wanna know why? Yes, Priscilla Desert is » Continued

TV Diva Demands More of Everything

StarMagazine – Which red-hot female star of an ensemble comedy has turned into quite the diva? An on-set source tells Star the actress believes she is the real draw of the show, and has been demanding more screen time and a better wardrobe — thus disrupting the cast’s family dynamic.

TV Star is a Classy Eater

CDAN – This former A list co-star of a long-running NBC drama from the 90s was always known for being sexy and classy. Recently she was at a trendy L.A. eatery shoveling down not one, not two, but three huge cheese and fixing-laden salads as though she were eating for two. » Continued

She Set Up Her Co-Star for an Accident

BuzzFotoThis Blind takes place on the set of a period piece made within the last couple of years. Two female characters, both well known names. After a long day of shooting, one of the stars (who had been drinking throughout the day) got careless with her cigarette and set fire to a very expensive dress. She managed to put out the flames and took the dress to her costar’s trailer (who is also a smoker). She set up the scene to look like the costar was the one who had burned the dress and the production company was very upset with the actress. To this day, the costar thinks she was responsible for the debacle, but we know better! 420

He Let His Lady Flag Fly

LaineyGossip – There was a party recently to celebrate the imminent arrival. So he took the opportunity to get dressed up, full lady costume, with his male friends, » Continued

Oscar Guy Had An Unusual Affair

CDAN – This actor who was an Academy Award nominee/winner has been married for quite some time. While on the set of a recent movie he started having an affair with » Continued

Designer Axes Staff Over Cheap Tunics

NewYorkPost – Which fashion designer fired a staffer at her Greenwich, Conn., store for selling off a whole rack of tunics for $25 a piece? No wonder shoppers lined up to buy every frock — they were supposed to be priced at $125.

Celebrity Daughter Took it All Off

CDAN – Fashion Week: This foreign born model and celebrity daughter had a little too much of the free booze at one show. OK, way more than a little and decided to remove her bra and panties in front of everyone.

The Contract Rider of an Oscar Girl

CDAN – Something a little different today. A copy of a rider. Of a B list movie actress although she did some television back in the day. Oh, and she is an Academy Award winner/nominee. » Continued

She Lied to The Wardrobe Mistress

CDAN – This B+ now movie actress used to be on a hit network drama. One day she was discussing the wardrobe she was supposed to wear and went on and on for 15 minutes about how it was just awful and the wardrobe person was awful and that if she were running the show the person would be fired. Then the wardrobe person walked in and our actress said, “You are an amazing woman. I love my clothes for this week.”

Actress is in Both Kinds of Relationships

CDAN – This B+ movie actress from a hit franchise series has always been rumored to be in a heterosexual relationship. True. She is. She is also involved with a female costume designer she met on the set of a different movie other than the franchise.

Singer Keeps Her Clothes On

CDAN – This B+ female singer is fairly attractive and has been in a fairly high profile relationship. Now she is in a new relationship but it still doesn’t change the fact that she does not get naked for him or any guy despite how she is perceived in the media. Good luck in convincing her to have sex too.

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