Loony With Costume Demands

[VillageVoice] Which actress in a musical made people loony behind the scenes with her costume demands, and the result is a way worse-looking ensemble than the one you see in photos outside the theater?

Her Entire Wardrobe Every Year

[BuzzFoto] Once a year, every year since her first spouse di*d, this actress remembers the day of his de*th by donating her entire wardrobe to charity (because he was dedicated to many good causes). After that, she spends the following few weeks buying herself new clothing. It helps give her something to do and to think about new beginnings. 669


Male Diva Holds Up Production

[Lainey Gossip] Would you still love him if you knew that he stomps around the set, holding up production, when his tea is brought to him at not the right temperature?  Would you still love him if you found out he delayed filming, and an entire crew, for several hours, because he had to have his » Continued

Comic Actor Wants BIL to Man Up

[NationalEnquirer] Which C-list actor – best-known for co-starring in a popular blockbuster comedy franchise and who now does mainly voice-over work – doesn’t accept his cross-dressing brother-in-law? The tiny funnyman wasn’t amused when » Continued

She Hired Black Friday Shoppers

[BuzzFoto] Our source emailed us this morning to tell us that this C list actress from a network television show, sent her assistant to hire some non-English speaking women to go and do her Black Friday shopping and to pick up clothing at Black Friday [sales] for her at several lower end department stores. She wanted ‘cheap shoppers’ to go and get their hands dirty and get her the things she wanted, but didn’t want to be seen shopping at lower end stores. 657

Macho On The Outside

 [BlindGossip] This actor is a macho-looking guy on the outside, but there’s something interesting going on underneath the surface. He’s not interested in wearing dresses or makeup or jewelry or heels like a woman, but there is one » Continued

Trying Hard And Looking Atrocious

[CDAN] Fashion Week: Which A+ fashion editor was overheard telling someone, “I have never seen someone try so hard for attention while looking so atrocious at the same time.” She was referring to a solid B list singer who is striving really hard to become an A.

Controlling Actor Expects Wife To Obey

[BuzzFoto] This A list actor is allegedly very controlling of his famous wife. He orders for her at restaurants, controls her finances and even picks out the clothing she wears. She tells friends she is happy to submit to him because it makes their marriage stronger. 610


Actor Goes Clubbing In Women’s Clothes

[BuzzFoto] This A list actor (mostly A list in the 90′s) loves dressing up in women’s clothing and having one night stands with men he meets at clubs, but he tells everyone he is most definitely not gay. 570

Starlet’s Vanity Tied To A Size Tag

[NewYorkPost] Which starlet’s team insists that size-6 tags be cut out of her dresses by designers and a size-2 tag sewn in its place to preserve her vanity and prevent a body image-inspired meltdown?

Harassment Isn’t Funny

[BuzzFoto] This C List actor on a network show thinks he’s really funny, when he’s not. Now his lawyers are grappling with a possible sexual harassment charge because one of his ‘jokes’ went awry. We thought it was common sense that putting your female costar’s underwear on the passed-out homeless man outside of the studio would be in bad taste. 556

Actor’s Wife Had to Dress as A Man

NationalEnquirer – What eccentric actor was obsessed with making his former wife dress up as a d*ceased male idol? The marriage was doomed when the little missus refused to don the iconic entertainer’s garb and imitate his signature swagger.

Oscar Guy In A Woman’s Dress

CDAN – Old Hollywood. This Academy Award winning actor who was nominated more than once, used to dress like a woman and would go to bars and hit on men. He loved nothing more than taking a guy home and revealing his “surprise” when they got there. He loved it most when they stayed after the reveal.

NBA Superstar Chooses Sneakers

MediaTakeOut - MediaTakeOut.com got this report, and while we’re PRETTY SURE its accurate, we’ll leave it as a BLIND item because of the EXTREME SCANDALOUS nature of the claim.

Word in the league is that this TOP NBA superstar got his girlfriend (and current babys mom) PREGNANT. » Continued

Sexy Starlet Goes Both Ways

Bossip – Some female entertainers sing about riding it, but others enjoy the glide. According to sources, one of our favorite stars isn’t just playing the field; she’s working for both teams. The famous face, who’s been linked in the past to » Continued

I Demand to Speak to Ralph Lauren

NewYorkPost – Which Hollywood actress went on a recent Ralph Lauren shopping spree in New York and flipped out when the store didn’t give her the discount she wanted? She even demanded the staff get Lauren himself on the phone, but ended up storming out in a huff without her dress.

Royal Keeps The Rags

NewYorkPost – Which royal has a reputation for calling in dresses from fashion houses and not bothering to return them?

Hold Her Up In The Shower

LaineyGossipShe’s long had a reputation for being absolute hell to work with. I mean like straight up crazy. Leaves her sh*t, sometimes literally, everywhere, specifies exact times when people can or cannot talk to her, is foaming at the mouth insane one minute » Continued

Paying The Rent with eBay

BuzzFotoWhich once C List, now D List “aspiring musician” and “actress” has resorted to selling her clothing on ebay to pay her rent? 495

She Doesn’t Like The Number 12

StarMagazineWhich triple threat diva is so vain, she won’t even look at a designer dress unless the label says it’s a size six — even though that’s not her size! An insider tells Star, ‘She’s more like a 10 or 12, but she has this thing where she denies she’s bigger.”

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