Director Shocked By Actress’ Surprise

director 6[Blind Gossip] This woman is a very famous but not necessarily well-loved celebrity. However, we have an interesting story about her that may change the way you think about her.
She was doing a smaller film a few years ago. It was » Continued

Her Wedding Dress Doesn’t Fit

[NationalEnquirer] Which TV personality is having HUGE issues with her designer wedding dress because she can barely squeeze into it? The desperate-to-be-thin bride-to-be has now resorted to crash-dieting for her big day.

Secret Obsession With Walmart

[NationalEnquirer] Which former “DWTS” finalist has a secret obsession with Walmart? The weight-challenged performer doesn’t want to get caught shopping for clothes at the discount chain, so she drives to the 24-hour stores far away from Hollywood!

Inside The Gym Locker

[LaineyGossip] You want to know how spoiled celebrities are? Every morning when he goes to the gym and opens up his locker, he expects to find inside a vacuum sealed package containing a set of clean workout clothes. He leaves the used clothes inside the locker after the training session. An employee is then required to come to the gym later and replace the dirty items with a fresh vacuum pack option for the next day. The clothes have to be vacuum packed. They can’t just be laundered and folded and placed gently on the shelf. And in LA, for the stars, a request like this is considered commonplace.

Her Mom Is Selling Her Out

CDAN – This B list television actress who does movie sometimes has an interesting family history. Anyway, her mom does whatever she can to make a buck off her daughter. Selling stories is easy money. Selling free swag on eBay, and now she has tried selling some half naked photos of her daughter that were taken when her daughter was trying on clothes for a fitting. She thinks she can blame it on one of the designer’s staff.

BFF Impersonates Her at Film Festival

BuzzFoto – This best friend of a famous Pop star told our source that when she and the star were at a Film Festival together overseas, the BFF dressed in the singer’s clothing and a wig, not once, but twice and got her picture taken as the star. 528

Racy Outfits and Potty Mouth

StarMagazine – This reality star’s love of racy outfits — not to mention her potty mouth — have stylists and producers in a tizzy as she gets ready to make her network TV debut.

Actor’s Head Is Up His Butt

CDAN - This former C list actor who had one big part in a movie and has tried to keep his fame going without much success has his head so far up his own butt it is unbelievable. This actor » Continued

Argumentive Actor May Get Fired

BuzzFotoThis B/B + actor has an authority problem. He’s in a big buzz movie that will be coming out next year but he is at risk for losing his job because he argues with everyone on the set, mainly the big-name director. He’s such a know it all, production is debating ripping up his contract and making him leave. The crew is secretly getting back at him by playing subtle pranks on him. His clothes are moved or missing, he ends up getting food he didn’t order, etc. 468

Why She Really Broke Off The Engagement

JanetCharlton – Last year this music oriented couple ended their engagement after YEARS together. “WHY?” everyone wanted to know. They blamed it on stress in the female’s personal life. It was stress, all right. She learned her fiance had been fooling around with » Continued

The Funnyman and The Shag Rug


CDAN – Usually with my Old Hollywood items the subjects are all dead. In this case, the star of the blind is very much alive. Our star is a former A++++ list actor. Never really any awards that counted but huge. Think something like Adam Sandler back in the day. And like Adam, our actor and funnyman was married and refused to cheat, but he loved to play. His favorite game was to find a willing woman and then he would have her come backstage and he would roll out a little shag rug » Continued

He Messed With Abercrombie

CDAN – This A list designer who really should be considered F list for his contributions to the horrible fashion he has produced in the past few years is not a very friendly customer. » Continued

The Black Dog Runs at Night

BuzzFoto – While having dinner with friends, this C list actress – who started out as a singer – got very drunk and tried to drive home. Her friends wouldn’t let her and ended up » Continued

How Wrecker Seduces Your Man

BlindGossip – Just in time for Christmas, we proudly introduce the next generation version of Pillow. Wrecker is an actress, and she is only interested in men who are good-looking, famous… and who are already in relationships with other women. While she is working with your man, she goes to work on him.  She’s clever about it too. She will » Continued

Pants on the Ground

CDAN – I guess this very attractive movie actress is B list but only because of the movies she has been in and not for any real acting talent. Kind of lucky. Actually really lucky. Anyway, she was at Fashion Week and told everyone she was going to hide in an office and » Continued

Designer Axes Staff Over Cheap Tunics

NewYorkPost – Which fashion designer fired a staffer at her Greenwich, Conn., store for selling off a whole rack of tunics for $25 a piece? No wonder shoppers lined up to buy every frock — they were supposed to be priced at $125.

News Girl Forgets Her Underwear

NewYorkPost – Which early-morning cable news anchorwoman is in such a rush to get to the studio some nights, she forgets to put on her undergarments? Co-workers say the oversight may explain why she’s able to charm her way out of speeding tickets.

She Lied to The Wardrobe Mistress

CDAN – This B+ now movie actress used to be on a hit network drama. One day she was discussing the wardrobe she was supposed to wear and went on and on for 15 minutes about how it was just awful and the wardrobe person was awful and that if she were running the show the person would be fired. Then the wardrobe person walked in and our actress said, “You are an amazing woman. I love my clothes for this week.”

How to Scare Away a Missionary

BuzzFoto – This Blind comes from the archives and happened about three years ago. This aging country singer, living on the East coast must have been feeling lonely when a group of male missionaries came to her door. She invited them in and let them share their message and then she left the room and » Continued

Pants on the Ground Not Funny

BuzzFoto – This B list comedian/actor didn’t leave patrons laughing when he left a restaurant  several nights ago. The poor guy who has been struggling with sobriety showed up to dinner already half plastered and continued to drink throughout the night. He was escorted out before dessert for pulling down his pants and rubbing up against a waiter. 374

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