Bad Hairdo and Bad Temper

VillageVoice – Which ex-supermodel once threw a pair of scissors at her hairdresser because she didn’t like her ‘do? (She wisely handed him some settlement cash on the spot to avoid any judicial vengeance.)

He Parks His Car Wherever He Wants

This A list comedian with A+ name recognition apparently can’t be bothered with parking meters or valets or parking garages. Instead he seems to get some kind of perverse thrill of accumulating as many parking tickets as he can. He always pays his tickets, but just hates looking around for a parking spot or finding change for meters. Thus he parks his car where he wants for as long as he wants. Total amount of money spent on parking tickets last year? About $40,000. That total includes his auto being towed on average of about once a month when he parked in a fire zone. It also averages out to about one parking ticket per day for an entire year.

Actor Will Valet Park Your Car

B-list film actor. He has tried his hand at television and was on one hit, but everything else has been pretty much a loser. Well, our actor lives on a street with some people who enjoy having parties at their house. Our actor decided to earn some extra money for himself so about two years ago he started valet parking cars for his neighbors when they have a party. He apparently got a thrill with the looks on the faces of people when they saw who was parking their car. He can’t make it to every party, and so has actually started a company that valets for people having parties. But, whenever he can he still loves doing it.

Performer Steals Millions from Fans

Which music maker is being accused of ripping off millions of dollars from fans? Fans plunked down their cash and credit cards and purchased tens of thousands of tickets for this performer’s tour. The performer suspiciously canceled the concerts, making vague and changing claims about their health or family issues or some such nonsense. The fan’s money was refunded for the face value of the tickets. However, management kept the hefty non-refundable fee that fans paid to purchase tickets. Millions and millions of dollars worth of fees, without the performer ever having to step foot on stage. bg