Actress Takes Care of Her Housekeeper

housekeeperCDAN – This married B list primarily television actress was on one of the most popular television shows of all time. Although she doesn’t always seem like it from the outside, she actually has a very warm heart. When she found out her long time housekeeper was working two jobs in order to be able to provide for four nieces and nephews that had recently moved in with her, our actress not only gave her housekeeper a huge raise, but bought her a new mini-van to drive everyone around and paid for the rent on a new place to live for an entire year.

Actress Caught Kissing in the Car

kissing-1NY Daily News – What married ingenue covertly jumped into a waiting car after a recent NYC fete? The man she was caught kissing in the car definitely wasn’t her musically inclined hubby.

Actress Left Something Behind in Car

car-crash-1CDAN – It’s amazing to me what people will do when they are whacked out on drugs. In our latest contribution to the idiot drug users hall of fame we have a C list actress on a middling ensemble drama. I say middling because it does so-so in the ratings, but nothing that people are dying to see. Anyway, our actress got into a fender bender. » Continued

Actress Really Had Junk in the Trunk

car-trunkBuzzFoto – This is a good one and we only wish we would have heard about it sooner. It also might involve some details you might not want to know, so be forewarned. It comes from a source at a car rental shop in Idaho, but we won’t say anymore for fear of getting anyone in trouble. Both of the Celebrities involved in this have A list recognition and » Continued

This Star Will Tweet for a Date

twitterBuzzFoto -Which Twitter-happy star uses the social site to find his next hook-up? You could be next, he has no preference as long as you live within driving distance and seem somewhat discreet. It’s not Ashton Kutcher.

Drinker Didn’t Learn His Lesson

alcohol-drinksNY Daily News – Which rehabbed D-lister doesn’t learn? The bad boy was spotted driving while drinking beers recently.

Rich Boy Enjoys Hammer Time

richie-richCDAN – There was a party at this celebrity’s house about six months ago. At the time he was kind of on a tryout with his wealthy parents who had decided to give him another chance. All of you know this celebutard. You don’t want to know him and would never want to meet him, but you know who he is. Anyway, jacked up on enough stuff to kill a rhino our celebutard decided to do his own feats of strength. How so? He took a sledgehammer and totaled the brand new car of one of his guests. The guest was not amused and absolutely beat the living c* out of the celebutard.

Actor Offers Valet a Special Tip

This B+ list film actor who has been in a very hit movie didn’t even wait until he was in his car last night to tap a line of coke out on his wrist. He just went ahead and did it while waiting for his car to be brought around. He was kind enough to ask if anyone else wanted to join him. Everyone declined to join him then, but he did manage to snag this B- list award nominated film actress to take a ride with him.

Source: CDAN

Drunk Actor Steals Car

Which good-looking young actor took a car that didn’t belong to him? After dining at a restaurant favored by Hollywood hot shots – and consuming as much alcohol as food –  he pointed out his car to the valet. The valet grabbed the keys without checking to see if the numbered valet parking tickets matched, and handed off the vehicle to the actor. It wasn’t until the actor got a parking ticket on the car an hour later that he realized that it wasn’t even his car. He drove straight back to the restaurant, where a very relieved valet quickly and quietly exchanged keys. The actor didn’t pay the parking ticket, nor did he tip the valet. The first car’s owner is in for quite the surprise when they get the late notice in the mail.

Betrayed by a Cell Phone

This actor’s wife, who is an actress herself, thought her husband owned two identical cell phones. One for businesss calls and the other for personal calls. One morning, the wife found a cell phone in their home. Thinking that it was the business phone and that her husband would be frantic at work without it that day, she hopped into the car to bring it to him at work. On the way, she tried to use the phone to call and let him know she was on her way. Imagine her surprise when she found that it was actually a third identical phone that held only one phone number, a revealing photo of the woman he was cheating with, and some raunchy text messages. We hope that the husband has really good health insurance as well as the number of a Los Angeles divorce attorney. bg

He Parks His Car Wherever He Wants

This A list comedian with A+ name recognition apparently can’t be bothered with parking meters or valets or parking garages. Instead he seems to get some kind of perverse thrill of accumulating as many parking tickets as he can. He always pays his tickets, but just hates looking around for a parking spot or finding change for meters. Thus he parks his car where he wants for as long as he wants. Total amount of money spent on parking tickets last year? About $40,000. That total includes his auto being towed on average of about once a month when he parked in a fire zone. It also averages out to about one parking ticket per day for an entire year.

Beauty is Now Just a Hot Mess

She’s gone from sweet as pie to a hot mess! This former American beauty gets “so drunk and out of control it’s disgusting,” a security guard says. “Two years ago, I got a limo from a friend’s company to take her to an event, and she threw up all over the car. I ended up on my knees scrubbing up. It was the last time I will ever work for her – period!” sm

Actor Will Valet Park Your Car

B-list film actor. He has tried his hand at television and was on one hit, but everything else has been pretty much a loser. Well, our actor lives on a street with some people who enjoy having parties at their house. Our actor decided to earn some extra money for himself so about two years ago he started valet parking cars for his neighbors when they have a party. He apparently got a thrill with the looks on the faces of people when they saw who was parking their car. He can’t make it to every party, and so has actually started a company that valets for people having parties. But, whenever he can he still loves doing it.

Running Away from His Roots

Which celebrity is running away to avoid questions about his family? After having his family connections exposed in a blind item, he has decided to stop working and leave the country for a year. He claims that he wants to travel to gain international inspiration for his next project. He’s already booked airlines, hotels, and rental cars, so it looks like he’s not bluffing. bg

Mistress Kept Her Head Down

CDAN – It has been awhile since I last posted about this couple, but that is because there has not really been any new information. That has changed though. The couple to which I am referring is the one that spent some time together in a foreign country while he was filming. He of course is a B list actor who still has that desire to return to A list status. She has never been more than a B-, but has special talents which our actor finds he really needs to keep him, ummm, interested so to speak. Our actor has been spending time apart from his special someone, and while she has been away, he has had at least one encounter at his home with the actress and her special talents. Their liaisons would have probably gone unnoticed, except for something unusual that happened on her last exit from our actor’s home. Apparently she had been beneath the view of the car windows, and the lenses of the paps. But then, for some reason, something caused to her to move up to viewing level, if even for just a brief instant. Now, of course it could be said that she was merely visiting or reading scripts, but then why the hiding, and why does she only turn up when our actor is alone.

Limo Lust

CDAN – I don’t know if this B+/A- heart throb actor is dating this B- list film actress with A+ name recognition, but it didn’t stop them from having sex in a limo on the way to a film. Just wondering if the driver got photos.

Cranky at the Car Wash

CDAN – I guess this actor would be considered A list because he does have a franchise. I would call him more B+ list. He has really begun to change from the funny, sweet guy he was always portrayed in the media to be. For example, at a car wash last week our actor stayed with the car wash staff every second and made them do everything three or sometimes four times. The lines of cars backed up because of the actor was about 20 deep. Finally, someone in management noticed the line of cars and ordered the actor out of the area. When he refused, they moved his car out, and told him to leave and never come back.

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